Life: Music

Life is a realm exploration ( here we go again ) into what makes life worth living.

Whether it comes from  a live orchestra playing on an acoustic hall or small dive club bands, subway/street buskers, vinyl, transistor radios, Ipods and yes even embedded videos or links on personal blogs music is not only an expression of our species desire to create beauty it is primordial calling from a distant past but always just under the surface.

Music marks our hallmark moments from our birthday, every culture seems to have their own version of  happy Birthday, to when we are dead as a door nail; and similarly there are countless musical arrangements to say goodbye when we move on.

Pick your groove, some will hate it some will like it.  Your taste can be contemporary or classical, loud or whisper soft. Eclectic or confined to a single genre, music is a fundamental part of being human-it can inspire us, make us happy or bring the blues vestiges of an unhappy time – Music is our COMPANION and it should be unbound. Rock on Beyotches!

About Fancy Jack

Don't worry I'm not trying to be a Legitimate time for it and no money in it, just have fun.
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