Delphic Hymn to Apollo

In the long realm tradition of fracking the English language I say Hymns can be anything that expresses our mood set to music.

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  1. forpeace says:

    Talking about hymn!

    I have to admit there are few religious songs that are really nice, just listen to those songs without even thinking about religion.

  2. forpeace says:

    Any sign of my lovely Bebe?

    Is Grandma okay?

    Where are ClassicG, Bass, Caller, and all other posters?

  3. nebdem says:

    Lepidoptera (Butterfly)

    A fluttering soul across a lawn at dawn
    Rising and falling to its own lovely song
    Long and true it flutters towards you
    To follow you along and accompany you
    With nothing better to do
    With nothing better than to be
    A soul in colored wings
    That once crawled as an infant
    Which now has took to flight
    Beauty it mimics
    Blending perfectly in
    Then to flutter away
    Our journeying friend.

  4. nebdem says:

    To supplement the page:

    First Delphic Hymn to Apollo
    http://youtu.be/5mIXEBxW89s 🙂

  5. forpeace says:

    My time is up, and I have to go now.

    Have fun , and enjoy the evening.

    Bebe, get well soon ……… Bass’s dad hurry up, get well fast.

    Since this is about songs related to religion, then, here you go, enjoy it:

    Last Christmas – GEORGE MICHAEL

  6. nebdem says:


  7. Here It Tis Right Here – El Pauling & Royal Abbit:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F9s_vl_C5xU

  8. Hey, where’d everyone go?

  9. wolfsden6lynn got first on the ‘test’ page. I’m a witness.
    Marvin Gaye- ‘Can I Get a Witness’:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G1WWHwBn4x8

  10. Lizard says:

    Jan Brewer announces she won’t run for reelection in Arizona. Hey, Sqwirl ! You can move back now!

  11. Jackhole says:

    everyone is on the testicular page—for now.

  12. beatlex says:

    A song to go with your background Mr J. Lucy in the Sky(http://youtu.be/ZqXmBy1_qOQ)

  13. Wow, what just happened!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. beatlex says:

    How come you get a star next to your name Mr. Hole?? LOL

  15. Damn, look at the time…………..
    Sweet Dreams, y’all

  16. beatlex says:

    I like this format Jack! Keep it,and goodnight all!

  17. It looks all different!

    • Lizard says:

      Hi, Ricki.

      • Ricki Lee says:

        Hiya, Orcas! How’ve you been doing? Still in Cali?

        • Lizard says:

          Prolly split for the Northlands on April 4th is da’ plan! Have so much to do there, look for a crabbing and fishing boat, start a drip irrigation system for the garden and greenhouse and build a new sundeck railing.

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