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  1. bebe says:

    Rod Stewart – Have You Ever Seen The Rain..what a singer / entertainer ..humor me Jack it is a short thread.

  2. Coppernicus says:

    This will be an interesting SCOTUS case to follow, could have big ramifications.

  3. forpeace says:

    Good morning everyone!

    Finally ……….. Spring is here!! 🌷🌱🌸🌹🍃🌺🌻🌴🌾

    Anyone home?

  4. Coppernicus says:

    Germany can now crush the solar power race,
    Researchers at the National Physical Laboratory have announced they’ve created solar panels which are actually more efficient when the sun is less intense.

  5. Coppernicus says:

    What’s after Crimea? Wasn’t Alaska once part of Russia too?

  6. msolomon2 says:

    Just what Bill Maher was talking about last night. Pathetic Dems trying to out-luv reich-wingers on their gun-luv, afraid to FIGHT for this nominee…

    Sign the petition: NRA threatens nominee that has nothing to do with guns

    • waverly says:

      Sad to say but unfortunately it’s literally gonna take about another 10 years for the left to grow a pair and put an end to this insanity.

      • msolomon2 says:

        I’d say the “so-called” left as they aren’t that anymore. Left that is. Most the “so-called” (by the reich) Left, isn’t. Certainly not what I would call Liberal, or Progressive. All too corporate. Too many “blue dogs”, corporatists and wanna-be reich-wingers.

        • waverly says:

          That’s why it’s gonna take 10 years. They are going to need to reestablish and redefine themselves.

          • msolomon2 says:

            I don’t think there’ll be anything left after 10 more years of their neo-feudal corporate-fascism. karl roves nightmare “vision” or permanent reich-wing rule will be in place.

  7. fi says:

    Hello, dear Realm folk, how are things in the land of plenty today?

  8. Jackhole says:

    WAKE-UP YOU BUMS!!!!!!!!!

    • Caller no. 8 says:

      WOW 😯 I haven’t been following this.

    • FOUR EYES says:

      Not that there ever really was a “free” market, but:
      “That passage alone is a stunning example of not just flagrantly illegal practices—it also shows how few rights companies assume their employees are entitled to, rights that Americans take for granted—such as the right to free speech, the right to assembly, the right to ask one’s own co-worker if he or she would be interested in taking a better job somewhere else…”
      reinforces that many (especially larger) companies consider employees chattel….8-)

      • waverly says:

        Welcome to my life

      • waverly says:

        I mentioned here that I just saw my shrink on Thursday to get another 6mo script for my meds. While she had me in there, because she knows I’m an Aspie I’m assuming she felt obligated to go over with me “how not to be taken advantage of” (ie don’t lend or give away your money). She was also schooling me in the art of how to keep your head down, stay off the radar, and survive in the work place.

      • msolomon2 says:

        chattel! that’s exactly it, what they think of their workers! Also serfs, peasants, unwanted-expenditures…

    • msolomon2 says:

      the “free” market was always a LIE.

  9. waverly says:

    Where Is Our Meaningful Jobs Program Mr President ? Just Sayin’

    The economy has improved only slightly. Unemployment remains high, and the jobs that do exist are often low-wage and part-time. Since 2011, we’ve seen not only Occupy but the rise of a movement of Walmart and fast-food workers demanding better wages and, often, more hours, so they can take home a full-time paycheck. A shorter hours movement has not materialized,

    nor has a meaningful jobs program,

    despite the promises of a bipartisan clutch of politicians. The minimum wage has risen in some states and cities, but workers are still struggling, and the long-term unemployed have seen their benefits cut off by a Congress that continues to squabble about whether or not they deserve to be able to pay bills.

  10. Jackhole says:

    So what should we do for a new page?

  11. Jackhole says:

    I wonder who the stranger was.

  12. Coppernicus says:

    Never give up on dreams,

  13. This is interesting, Rush Limbaugh’s children’s book is a finalist for some Children’s Book Council award. The reason it’s a finalist is because of it’s sales volume.

    This article mentions this. Right-wingers are so lame and insecure that right-wing groups notoriously buy up right-wing books in bulk to push them to the top of bestseller lists, which is the real reason why you see a lot of books by Sarah Palin, Glenn Beck, and Ann Coulter at the top of bestseller lists. It’s not people actually buying these books, but right-wing groups, sometimes even PACs. The whole thing is so lame.

    It reminds me of some right-winger who was obviously writing glowing reviews of his own book on using a bunch of different accounts.

  14. Jackhole says:

    NEW PAGE BYE!!!!!!!!

  15. FOUR EYES says:

    “…Wal-Mart’s U.S. discount division recorded its fourth consecutive quarter of declines in revenue at stores opened at least a year, a critical yardstick for measuring a retailer’s health. The discounter also has seen a decline in the number of shoppers going to its stores.”..Well, it ain’t the everyday low prices, brickheads….8-)

  16. Anonymous says:

    New page?

    • waverly says:

      Click on “Home” lower left hand corner of the banner at the top of this page. Then click on “What Copper Said… “. Voila – New Page !

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