A Zen Page: A Short Guide To Decluttering Your Mind

Think of your brain as a window based PC… perhaps, the ME edition.  things get cluttered and you need to focus so what do you do? regular Jack would find some kind of trouble to get into  but that would be a negative feedback loop, so much like your ME edition computer it’s time to defragment.

I have sat down and endure through a few chanoyu (茶の湯?) Japanese tea  ceremonies  to have somewhat of an understanding and even though  I have matcha, powdered green tea  I think I will make this in the way of the  realm that you can too  partake in the experience.

if you have any green tea, preferably loose,  use that if not any green tea or  herbal tea will do.

I am adding a teaspoon of white tea and a couple of  Tulsi  leaves (Holy Basil ) to hot water- not scalding.  I steep the tea leaves for 2 – 3 minutes, strain or sieve into an empty mug or cup.

enjoy, unmolested, surrounded by  your realm friends.


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  1. Have a client showing up in a few minutes. Just I’d peek into the Realm tent to see what the show was.

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