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  1. msolomon2 says:

    Just saw a commercial for a NEW season of The Boondocks!!!!! I can’t believe it, such wonderful news!!!! 4.21 10:30p on adultswim (should have been on the high-holy day of 4/20 surely, but who am I to question the will of GOD!

  2. Lizard says:

    Personal testimonial from someone who was saved by L. Ron Hubbard –
    “The techniques that I learned in this course have opened my eyes and jave given me the tools to fix and overcome many personal problems. Because of the enthusiasm that this course has given me, I want to fix everything that I had doubts about ” ~J.G.

    I think it is just wonderful that L. Ron Hubbard was instrumental in pointing out to this young woman many of her deficiencies and every aspect of her life that she should have had doubts about.

    • termgirl says:

      I think we should start the Realm Cult.
      We can make up a lovely brochure full of our collective pearls of wisdom, and take them door to door.
      (I will plagiarize Kahlil Gibran, if necessary.)
      I see a television show in our future.
      We can ask for “seed money,” and sell holy-water.

  3. nebdem says:

    Be back in a bit, Going to watch a movie.

  4. Lizard says:

    “Creating Ability” by L. Ron Hubbard

    Steady employment for the worker depends upon –
    1. Alertness and intelligence
    2. The ability to handle employees as well as supervisors
    3. A good grasp of his or her job
    4. Hope that things can be better

    I think I too could make a lot of money pointing out and illustrating in great detail the obvious to every person on the planet.

  5. Hobette says:

    So I’ve time to walk the dog, take a tumble, welcome and chat with a new neighbor, give a cookie, and pee. All that, and the Hobo hasn’t flipped the page yet? Geez! What’d he do, go back out for more coin or fall asleep on his laptop?

    • Lizard says:

      Hi again, Hobette. I miss walking my doggie but I’m kind of over it. Must resist urge to get two puppies…. the spirit is willing but…

      • Hobette says:

        Do it, Lizard!! C’mon, think about it–wet sloppy puppy kisses and 2 new friends! What could be finer? 😀

        • Lizard says:

          They could hide under the bed with me. Safest place in this world. Plus, if you bring us cookies we will proffer a wet nose.

  6. Coppernicus says:

    Learn to fix a flat with Lance Armstrong. You be the judge on how image repair is coming along…

    • Lizard says:

      Hi, Copper. I kind of feel sorry for him. I mean, even with the doping and his stupid denial he was probably an excellent athlete. Much better than myself for sure.

  7. termgirl says:


  8. Lizard says:

    So, I’m kind of missing Cobalt and hoping he is ok plus where is Sqwirl?

  9. Ingrid Lee says:

    There is a church whose bells I hear in my apartment here in Montevideo. I visited the cathedral today, and it really is imposing on the inside. The money the catholic church spent (and are spending) on their churches, wow! Here’s the cathedral at Plaza Matriz:

    When I hear the bells, I think of how different they sound from the bells I can hear in my apartment back home from protestant Bergkirche (= mountain church, because it’s on top of a hill) in Wiesbaden:

    What I never will forget is when I woke up in Kuwait in 1982, on my way to Iraq, where I worked for a German construction company building a highway from Baghdad to Kuwait (which Saddam later used to invade Kuwait), and I heard the muezzin calling the faithful to prayer!

    • Lizard says:

      Beautiful! I remember I was in London once. Standing under Big Ben and thinking to myself, “I wonder if the bonger still works?” . Then after a minute BONG!!!!!!! It was freakin’ loud.

      • Ingrid Lee says:

        What can I say – that’s Europe for you. Our “mega churches” are centuries old, and incredibly beautiful. And so much more “mega”, IMHO.

        • Lizard says:

          I have a friend, a VP salesman from Boston who travels to Europe a lot. He LOVES Dresden and would like to live there. I’ve only been to Vienna.

          • Ingrid Lee says:

            Vienna is super. I really like the Austrians and their way of talking and living. Dresden has been completely renovated in the last 20 years, it was quite ramshakle communist-style before the fall of the wall. My mother is from Radeberg near Dresden, she saw the city burning from afar when it was bombed into the ground; she fled to West Germany in 1949 – where she met my father. But that’s a story for another day 🙂
            Have a good night.

  10. Hokey broke his leg? 😥

  11. Ingrid Lee says:

    Folks, it’s time for me to go to bed. Tomorrow will be another irretrievable day in Montevideo – with good weather again. So I am saying good-bye, hasta luego, au revoir, ciao and auf Wiedersehen to you all with Andrea Boticelli and Sarah Brightman – Time to say goodbye:

    Nighty-night everybody 🙂

  12. classicalgastoo says:

    Last last!

  13. STUPID, FRAKKING, CRAPPY CRAP! Imovie crashed and I had to start over just as I was finished new page 10 minutes. So, what’s new/

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