Blue Clouds, St Jumpers, Artsy St crap,Snow, Bad xiao long bao and the tourist trap

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  1. boyinboycott says:

    My nephew and his wife are excited they finalize the adoption on my great niece this week.
    She’s adorable…if i say so myself

  2. Hobette says:

    I just talked to Kathy at the shelter. She said there’s a small park in Sparta, and she’ll show me where it is. That’s about 20 miles from me. She also said she’s sometimes at the shelter when the other dogs are kenneled, so I could bring her then. We’ll be meeting up Monday or Tuesday so she can show me where that park is. HOORAY!!!!!

    • thedood says:

      That’s great!! 😀

      • Hobette says:

        Yes, it is! Finally I have a place for her to burn off some energy. I just can’t physically walk her as much as you do.

    • boyinboycott says:

      good news, Gina likes being out in the garden with me…she is a big baby when she sees me put on my shoes and begins to cry. She won’t let Beau or the room mate walk her, which is silly, she sleeps between Beau and I ,and the room matre makes her fat with chicken pieces.

    • FOUR EYES says:

      Yay for you and Cocoa Nutso!.. 🐻 ….8-)

    • bebe says:

      Best news for today..Gramma….Yaa…go and practice that happy dance while Nutso Cocoa Puff runs…..I just cam back from my tai chi class…catch you soon and smooches from both of us here.. ❤ ❤

      • Hobette says:

        Gypsy!! I was just going to look for your last post to give you the news. I’m so relieved–and Happy, happy, joy, joy!!

        • bebe says:

          I was here briefly in the morning…now I have to find CG…with her adorable kitty doing that happy dance, too much too funny. We have another wonderful day, and I will be doing this and that and go browsing the mall. So thrilled for both of you and much LOVE 🙂

      • Hobette says:

        ❤ ❤

  3. Ingrid Lee says:

    Trying to find some photos of the spring in my hometown, I found a photo of Wiesbaden’s carnival parade in 2008 instead, that the star wars lovers might enjoy:

  4. boyinboycott says:

    It’s odd how totally Gina became MY dog, maybe because I was mending from heart surgery, she got protective of me. When the room mate and I looked at her at the foster Mom’s house, she equally wanted our attention, and liked Beau too. But then the room mate left for a week, and she completely bonded to me, she barks at him on the porch, and just barely allows Beau to pick her up to look out the window at me returning.) goofy little sh*t.

    • boyinboycott says:

      btw she loves me sleeping with her in the recliner, she didn’t budge all night. She’s plastered against my thigh right now.

    • Hobette says:

      She’s one-man doggie! 😉

      • boyinboycott says:

        absolutely, she is a sweet rascal, and we couldn’t have found a better rescue dog.

        • Hobette says:

          Mine still needs some training, but she’s getting there. She is very loyal to me. I was starting to think I might have to surrender her for her sake 😦 , but the play yard should solve the problem. 😀

          • boyinboycott says:

            I was amazed how well Gina took to potty training, she was on the streets, then her foster Mom had a doggy door and fenced yard, she could use anytime. With me it has to be walked on a leash and let me know when she has to go. I do praise her and give her a little piece of beggin strip when we have a walk and she potties, and she will wait up to 12 hours without going on a puppy pad.

  5. I would like to say I’ll read the back threads but I would be lying, I have to get moving soon. I think I’ll be behind things until the middle of next weeK GRRRRR!

  6. Ingrid Lee says:

    I’ve had my shower, my coffee, and finally got dressed, and now I’m ready to go out for another day in sunny Montevideo. Another day in Paradise, Phil Collins:

    Have a beautiful day, everybody!

  7. boyinboycott says:

    maybe a fried rice would be good with Duck

    • Hobette says:

      That’s a great idea for a leftovers dish! But I do have my little heart set on stuffing for the main meal. I also plan on making soup with the carcass.

      • Ingrid Lee says:

        I checked on some German recipes, and the traditional filling for duck or goose is apples, dried plums and orange rind. The duck is then served with bread or potato dumplings. But that’s a Christmas dish, so maybe not so fitting for Easter.
        Enjoy your cooking, and last but not least: Bon appétit!
        And now I’m off to see the wizard….

  8. boyinboycott says:

    shave, shower….NOW====>
    later all

  9. thedood says:

    Okay…gotta go give a lecture and then try to teach some people something they will probably never do. Just how I want to spend a day “off”. 😦
    Oh well….vacation money!! BBL!

  10. bebe says:

    @ Hobette and Nutso Puff…practice…. ❤ ❤
    Lee Ann Womack – I Hope You Dance

  11. Hobette says:

    Well, I better get in the tub so I don’t offend everyone in Tomah! syl

  12. FOUR EYES says:

    Repositioning kittehs..shifting gears..moving..SYL Realmsters!….8-)

    • Ingrid Lee says:

      Hi Copp. Interesting. But that – IMHO – is the reason why sanctions don’t work. The 1% always find a way to make money, and profits are especially high where there are sanctions. In my youth, when I went to a lot of demonstrations, and generally was part of the political and hippie underground, we used to say “Legal – illegal – scheißegal”, the last word meaning “I don’t give a shit”.

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