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Don't worry I'm not trying to be a Legitimate time for it and no money in it, just have fun.
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  1. Pepe Lepew says:

    Yes, I was going to do something on Bill O’Reilly. I want to photoshop a cowboy hat and mustache on his face.

  2. Well my thanks to major for making me a Birthday banner— of course Copper has been here for years and never made anything just saying 😛

  3. Hobette says:

    I’m trying to adjust to rising with the sun, so happy, peaceful dreams, Realmsters!

  4. bastalready says:

    Who says you can’t go home? Thanks,Jack and dear friends…you always make me feel so welcome! Buona notte..abbracci e baci a tutti!!!

  5. thedood says:

    Well…trying to be “good” so I’m trying to get to bed at a decent time when I gotta work…Happy Anniversary Jack…always love to be here! So many cool people! BBL!

  6. BassFace says:

    Cycling Update time…

    Big races coming up in the next few days, all in eastern Belgium and the Netherlands: First up (on Easter Sunday) is the annual UCI Men’s World Tour romp through the Dutch countryside in the Amstel Gold Race. The women also have the Ronde van Gelderland. Then on Wednesday (Apr. 23) is La Flèche Wallone in eastern Belgium (which traditionally ends on top of one of the steepest climbs in all of Belgium, the Muur de Huy) – both men’s and women’s race (the women’s being the next round of the UCI World Cup, and marking the return of World & Olympic Champion Marianne Vos, who has won this race 5 times & is training for it as we speak in Spain). Finally, on Apr. 27 is Liege-Bastogne-Liege, the Monument race through the Ardennes (won last year by Joaquim Rodriguez).

    Here in the USA, we have the Winston-Salem (NC) Cycling Classic! Today were the road races, the women’s race having a strong international field and was won in a group-sprint by one of the best sprinters in then women’s peloton, Shelley Olds (Alé Cipollini).

  7. FOUR EYES says:

    Happy Anniversary, JH!!..Always sumpin’ goin’ on in The Realm!!..Lotsa ❤ ..I got a biz call in 15, so gettin' ready for that….8-)

  8. Ingrid Lee says:

    Blossoming cherry trees in Bonn – about 2 or 3 weeks earlier than normal (Northern Europe got all the warm weather this winter, while the USA was an ice-box – better luck to you all next year):
    Kirschblüten in der Bonner Heerstrasse - Cherry Blossom Avenue Bonn

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