Happy Easter/Passover On 4/20


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  1. bebe says:

    MC Kabir – “ForEva” (featuring Sinclair Jennings)

  2. The tender goodbye.
    Warren Zevon – Keep Me In Your Heart:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RMTKb-pgxGI

  3. For Gramma and her wayward duck.
    Robert Johnson – Come on in my Kitchen:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4up4VP8zjyc

    • nebdem says:

      Happy Easter, Cobalt! Thanks for the songs!

      • Neb, my man!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was just in a Zevon kinda mood, always loved his songwriting.
        So, did you share in an Easter Feast? Was there ham involved?

        • nebdem says:

          Zevon is one of the greats! He wrote great songs, a great perspective in most of them. I really like “Excitable Boy”
          http://youtu.be/iYuRjUO1OcQ 🙂

          No ham today, hamburgers and steak, some potatoes and asparagus on the grill! Didn’t want to heat up the house, it is humid out there today! I sure hope it isn’t a taste of the weather to come, I can’t stand the humidity here in the summer. Hopefully it rains tonight and puts it in check for this next week.

          • We love, asparagus on the grill! We just call it grill candy,it a big favorite. Nothing wrong with burgers and steak, add to the ‘the noble potato’!
            ‘It’s not the heat, it’s the humidity’……………….. there’s a good reason for the stock phrase.
            It was a beautiful weekend here in the NorthEast, couldn’t have asked for better.
            Let’s do a little rain dance to help clear things up out your way.

            • nebdem says:

              A rain dance would be nice! I sure hope we don’t have drought like conditions this year. The more rain the better!

    • Hobette says:

      Now that’s original blues!! Thanks Uncle Sugar.
      BTW, I did get rained on today, too, but it was a nice soft Spring rain. I liked it!

  4. nebdem says:


  5. For some special people.
    Steve Earle – The Galway Girl:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h87Gc3XLR18

  6. Coppernicus says:

    With all the traffic one would think the stores are open. I found out the hard way they are not. Which leads to…only in America can the stores be open on every other religious holiday but Easter, nope.
    Clearly there is a war on me from the Christians, against me living my life, don’t know they know I need groceries for the week? (take that fox news).

    • nebdem says:

      Greetings, Coppernicus!! Sorry to hear the stores around you are closed 😦

      • CPAwADD says:

        Nebdem, I had an interesting idea for a story that hasn’t been told. Did you know that during WWII that the Grand Mosque of Paris helped to hide Jews from German troops. Tell me that isn’t a story that needs to be told?

        • nebdem says:

          Greetings, CPA!! I wasn’t aware of that, but that indeed is worthy of a story, movie. That people from both religions understood that there was a greater threat than their differences and that they helped each other out in that situation is inspiring!

          Great to see you! Did you now that the next Blood Moon falls on our Birthday?!

          • CPAwADD says:

            For me it is what true religion is about, and not the social control which religion is used for. The Grand Mosque was built for the many Tunisians who helped France during WWI.

            • nebdem says:

              Indeed. Leaving the religious bureaucracy out of it is always good when it highlights how people of faith take matters into their own hands and do what is right, not saying though that religious bureaucracy hasn’t been instrumental at points when taking a stand against evil, it has in a lot of cases. But the people on the ground are what is most important when the situation becomes so violent.

      • Coppernicus says:

        Hey. I did think ahead and buy Salmon and sweet potatoes and onion for the grill today last friday.

        • nebdem says:

          Good lookin’ ahead! That sounds like a great dinner! Do you cook your salmon on a cedar plank? I’ve never tried one of them but have always been interested in it.

    • Hobette says:

      The “christians” sold all their Easter wares yesterday. Just isn’t that big a call for last-minute chocolate rabbits & peeps & such. No $$$ in it.

    • waverly says:

      you obviously live in a very Christian neighborhood. Stores were always open on Easter when I lived in Aventura FL. Of course the population there is primarily Jewish.

  7. Hobette says:

    Nutso says “another walk, puh-leeeeeeeeeeze.” bbl

  8. nebdem says:

    Wonder what a ganja Easter basket would look like?!

    Check out these eggs!

  9. nebdem says:

    Maybe I speak too soon, but I’m thankful that nothing stupid and violent has happened during this past week, which is always a worrisome one taking into account the recent past in this country.

  10. Copper, you’ll be playing like this in no time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Ingrid Lee says:

    I found something Beatlex might like. The Beatles monument in Hamburg:

    • I’m so disappointed in the Obama administration for not responding. This is worse than not indicting Dick Cheney!

      • nebdem says:

        That is surely a stretch to suggest what you have. No matter what Justin Bieber has done to upset those whom are jealous of his extraordinary gift, which he shares with the world! To say that the Obama’s failure to deport him is worse than Dick Cheney and the list of no-good things he is responsible is the height of hyperbole!

        • Oh, like “He may be in the 1%, but it was through his talent alone he earned that spot!” ISN’T hyperbole!

          • nebdem says:

            No, not at all. It isn’t a surprise that in this world which sorely lacks true individual talent, that a young talent like Justin has came along and set the world on “Play” with his beautiful voice! His tireless hours as a young musician paid off when his talent was heard and then brought before the masses. The masses elevated him into the top 1%. No hook or by crook on this fact!

    • Ingrid Lee says:

      Obviously, Bieber is treated as if he were a 1%er, as are many “celebs”. They get away with murder, even (OJ).

      • nebdem says:

        Bieber is a gift to the world! That young man’s singing ability inspires millions! It is so hard when I have to read through comment threads on Youtube wherein all the spiteful people who are upset that they lack his talent vent their jealously. He may be in the 1%, but it was through his talent alone he earned that spot!

        • Coppernicus says:

          Or dumb luck, blind leading the blind. If the Bielbers weren’t so blind…..

        • Ingrid Lee says:

          Poor Justin, wet dream of countless little girls all over the world. What would they dream about if it wasn’t for him? And he makes them all so whooshy by looking so incredibly sexy. Never before in humankind has any male being been so unbieberly awesome, adorable, ballable, eatable, hugable, snugable, unforgetable. He’ll never grow old like everybody else, these girls think. Well, maybe there they’re right 🙂

  12. Pepe Lepew says:

    OK, you want Bill O’Reilly as the Marlboro Man, here is Bill O’Reilly as the Marlboro man.

    • Ingrid Lee says:

      If these Greek Nazis consider mass killers like Hitler and Stalin to be great people, they should have their heads examined. The Golden Dawn is known to persecute the many refugees from Asia and Africa, they even kill and rape them. And the European Union leaves Greece alone with the problem of the many refugees. Politics is a very dirty business. Everywhere.

  13. nebdem says:

    T Minus 10 minutes til the new Game of Thrones episode!

  14. nebdem says:

    Be back in an hour! Put that pecan pie in the oven and have her ready for when I return!

  15. Pepe Lepew says:

    I think I’ve heard cats in heat with more talent than Justin Bieber.

  16. Hobette says:

    Cosmos!! Then dinner. G’night, Realmsters. ❤ ❤ ❤

  17. Coppernicus says:

    I found Jack a new bike for getting around the city,

  18. Ingrid Lee says:

    It’s time for me to go to bed. I wish everybody a wonderful Easter dinner, a good night, and a good start into the week tomorrow.
    ❤ ❤ ❤

    • thedood says:

      Oh poop…I just got here! Sleep well…looking forward to reading more of your adventures! 😀

      • bebe says:

        Dood.nighty night see you another time…smooches from pomchi for you and Clancey ❤

        • thedood says:

          And smooches to you and Pomchi as well from Clancey! Hope to make the dog park tomorrow! Sleep well! ❤

  19. nebdem says:

    Greetings! Anyone about right now? Still here Dood?

    • bebe says:

      Dood above and good night to you dear nebdem ❤

    • thedood says:

      Howdy Neb…was surfing upstream a little! Hope you had a good holiday!

      • nebdem says:

        Greetings, Dood! How fares your day? How is Clancey? Was the weather decent today?

        • thedood says:

          I had to work today…time for a beer and couch time with Clancey…who is actually on the couch…for a bit…he wants to play with his squeaky toy with me! The weather is great…hope to hit the dog park tomorrow!

          • nebdem says:

            Ah! Clancey owns the now couch and you just better get used to it! What kind of squeaky toy? A Rush Limbaugh on?!

            • thedood says:

              Oh he’s moved on…the squeaky toy is a rubber bone from Kong…the only squeaky toy to survive…I’m amazed!

              • nebdem says:

                Kong scared so many people when he first made his movie debut back in the early 30’s. My parents tell me often about the nightmares he gave them when they saw his acting in that movie.

                • thedood says:

                  Ha! Clancey has moved on to one of his many tennis balls! He LOVES tennis balls! They’re great fun apparently!

                • nebdem says:

                  Have you ever used a laser pointer and raced it along the floor? I bet he would like that! Tennis balls are a big hit within the canine community! Good to see Clancey appreciates the classics!

                • thedood says:

                  I’ve read laser pointers can mess them up mentally…I used one briefly until I read that (cats are a different story…do you have a laser pointer for Millie?…..mine was originally for our cats!) Yep….he’s all about tennis balls!

                • nebdem says:

                  Oh no, I’ve never read that much into the effect they have on dogs. I used to have one for Millie, used it for a couple of days but lost it somewhere, though I believe still it was the little green men that stole it, (Ferengi). She loved it though, would climb up the walls almost!

                • thedood says:

                  You should get her another one!! Yeah…I guess they can mess with a dogs head so I stopped with it. OUr cats would go crazy over it as well!

                • nebdem says:

                  It is so good this weather is warming up. But for sure I will get her one before the weather turns again before the fall.

                • thedood says:

                  We hope to make the dog park tomorrow! Lots of tennis ball action there!

  20. nebdem says:

    What caused this?

    Some may think it was caused by a rock that got lifted up into the air while this car was speeding down the highway. Some may think it was caused by pressure and time. Some may even think this was caused by a young kid whose errant throw of a baseball impacted this windshield and smashed it. But those who think any of these occurrences are wrong.

    So what caused this?

    Do you want to know the truth? You may not want to know.

    Once again here I’m on the front-lines reporting the disturbing trend of Wild Turkey’s resorting to violence. Since the beginning of this year I have been keeping a close eye on this frightful trend. I fear also now that Turkey hunting season is soon to begin, these events will only continue to happen at a greater frequency. 😦


    A few weeks ago it was a schoolbus that a Wild Turkey attacked, shattering a window, frightening our children. letting us know they are not of limits. Observe: http://www.wcvb.com/image/view/-/25309956/medRes/3/-/maxh/460/maxw/620/-/ugh5kbz/-/Ashland-Turkey-Hits-Bus-4-3-14.jpg

    Now they are going after Law Enforcement, getting bolder with every passing moon.

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