Neb: Just Write Some Damn Poems!

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712 Responses to Neb: Just Write Some Damn Poems!

  1. Lizard says:

    Hooray!! {{Jello brain…me just say hooray now}}

  2. boyinboycott says:

    I planted a small veggie garden with okra, cucumbers. zucchini, yellow crook neck squash, and some black eyed susan vines to crawl up the okra I planted it through garden cloth and mulched it with wood chips….I’m getting smarter about blocking weeds, since they grow like crazy in this climate.

  3. termgirl says:

    “Cardinal Dolan says ‘women can just go to 7-11 for their health care.'”

    (Fine Cardinal Dolt…….
    and you can just go to Wal-Mart if you need open heart surgery.) .

    • Lizard says:

      Cardinal Dolt! Wut a douche bag.

      • termgirl says:

        I have just had it with these ignoramuses. (Not sure if that’s a real word……. but it should be.)

    • and he can go to the alley behind wal-mart for his colonoscopy.

    • Asshole can get his there too!

    • nebdem says:

      Greetings, Champ!

      • termgirl says:

        Hi, neb.
        Great work today. You have a special gift.

        • nebdem says:

          Thanks, Termgirl! How are you doing tonight? Anything NFL caught your attention lately? What is wrong with Haruko’s 49ers? Wow, talk about a rough offseason.

          • termgirl says:

            I’m doing okay. I had a little bug over the weekend, but I’m feeling much better.
            OMG. The 49ers are going through some stuff.
            It’s funny. I was looking at some early projections for FF 2014 today. I just can’t seem to break the habit, even for a few months. I am really excited about the draft.
            True story… I once lost a boyfriend over the NFL draft. (He hung in there through the pre-game shows, the games, and the post game shows, and my never-ending obsession with fantasy football. When I told him I wanted to watch the draft, I had gone too far, in his opinion.
            He said, and I am quoting him verbatim, “It’s either football or me,” and I said, after a long pause…….. “I’ll have to think about it.” Needless to say, we were doomed at that point.

            • nebdem says:

              What a Fantasy Chump! If he didn’t appreciate your love for the game, his lost! I bet he wasn’t that much fun to watch a game with. Wow, talk about role reversal in that situation!

              I heard on the radio some news about the college season coming up, they have pre-season magazines coming out in a week!

              I have paid some attention to the NFL, but I need to get better in touch when camp gets into swing, study those offensive lines. What do you think about CJ2K playing for the Jets? I have a red line through his name on my charts, but the Jets do have a good line.

              • termgirl says:

                It was total role reversal He was not fun to watch the game with.
                Most guys would have appreciated my love of sports. LOL.
                You know, I’m hesitant to draft any Jets players. Rex really is all about defense.
                What do you think about Geno? He showed some flashes, but just didn’t have any kind of consistency. I’m keeping my eye on Josh McCowan, too.

                • nebdem says:

                  The Jet’s are a team I try to avoid drafting a player from unless everyone is gone in the draft. They are more defense first. Geno showed flashes last year, I would love to see someone in that division challenge the Patriots for once, they have been able to breeze by now for almost a decade it seems.

                  I have to say also that I’m not a big fan of the proliferation of draft info, like the workouts and all of that, but I can’t blame the NFL either for throwing it out there to see if it will stick.

                  What do you think about Johnny Manziel? Do you think he could have an impact in his first year?

  4. nebdem says:

    To the Biker Chicks on Hell’s Kitchen

    Se dépêcher, Se dépêcher!

    You come together like gnat’s piss; in a sized too large tummy, industrial paunch!
    The grease from unwashed hair stains and this pain fills the air and the circles of sweat underneath your arms grows like oil-spots after a rainy morn.
    Greasy fingers of indiscretion
    Lost is the tender touch
    Replaced by lust for eggs and bread crumbs
    The meatloaf of immortality; peppered with heartburn; is the un-brushed companion to a crooked Caprican smile

    Your cooking is an oily hair in a soup of diamonds; is is glamour upon your fish?

    Two biker chained wallets, caught together and dancing in the kitchen; oil rubbing against oil
    And chef aprons catch fire

    Se dépêcher, Se dépêcher!

  5. waverly says:

    I feel a page flip is immanent

  6. waverly says:

    Ok, I’m off to the kitchen for dessert.

  7. Lizard says:

    Start the Revolution Without Me is on YouTube, the older movie link did not have any audio. At least when I tried. This one is working. Might watch it again sometime.

  8. waverly says:

    What happened to Jack ? He faded somewhere along the line ?

  9. waverly says:

    Hello Jack ? Are you even still here ?

  10. Sweet Dreams
    Wilco-“My Darling” from “Summerteeth”:

  11. waverly says:

    Hello ??? Roll Call Jack ? Are yo even still here ?

  12. waverly says:

    OK, since the Jackman is unwilling to show his face, I’m outta here, Niterz everyone 🙂

  13. Caller no. 8 says:

    This is an ad for… well who the fuck really cares… it’s an awesome foodie video. Fasten your seatbelts.

    This Video Transforms Cooking Into the Adventure of a Lifetime

  14. Caller no. 8 says:

    The Sifter has great stuff on it right now. Here’s another:

    Discarded Books Transformed Into Exploding 3D Collages

    And another:

    This is What Happens When You Fly a Drone Through a Fireworks Show

  15. waverly says:

    Nite you guys, love and peace to all. 🙂

  16. Coppernicus says:

    Incase you were wondering….

    ….Our Planet Just Had The Fourth Hottest March On Record. Happy Earth Day.

  17. nebdem says:


    On a cave wall
    In charcoal
    Scribbled over a thousand years ago
    An ancient soul
    Who we will never know
    Found the answer, the key to the riddle
    And so he scribbled with a bone
    The meaning of life, the purpose of the soul
    This cave-dweller gifted with the truth of life
    Busied himself for days writing line for line
    And preserving it forever he so thought
    For when he climbed out of his cave he decided to seal it shut

    On a cave wall
    In charcoal
    The key to the riddle
    The meaning of our souls
    In time we shall know
    When we open that cave
    And peer in with torches lit
    To inspect the present he so saved
    The day arrived, so espied a young girl
    While chasing butterflies she stumbled at its mouth
    Dispatched archaeologist and historians
    His gift readied to be presented

    But alas
    His labor wasted
    For several days after leaving the cave vacant
    Another tribe settled in
    Sleeping on animal skins
    And fermented fruit
    Leads to foolish grins
    And the writing on the wall
    The answers of it all
    Were wiped clean
    A cave drawing of a deer and its balls
    Were widely reported by the scholars to all.

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