For What It’s Worth


By Waverly


On March 17th, 2012, Occupy Wall Street was celebrating its six-month anniversary and Cecily McMillan was 23 years old. McMillan is an activist who was participating in Occupy, but on this day she was not there to protest. She planned to meet up with some friends at the corner of the park so they could head to a nearby pub together, and like all good college students on St. Patrick’s Day, perhaps drink some green beer. Two years later she now faces 7 years in prison. As you read this, Cecily is behind bars on Riker’s Island awaiting sentencing. How did this happen you may ask yourself. Her graduate advisor asks the same question.

Cecily’s graduate advisor, Maurice Isserman is a professor of history at Hamilton College, Clinton, NY. These are excerpts from posts professor Isserman made recently on the emag “Dissent”

“On Saturday, May 3, my son and I took Cecily McMillan to lunch. Cecily, as is now widely known, is an Occupy Wall Street activist and the defendant for the past month in a criminal trial for allegedly assaulting a New York City police officer; she is also, as I noted in a previous post at Dissent a graduate student at the New School and my thesis advisee.

I have known Cecily for nearly three years. I met her when I was invited to speak at a Democratic Socialists of America (DSA) youth section gathering in the Catskills in the summer of 2011. Cecily, then twenty-two years old, was a recent college graduate (Lawrence University in Appleton, Wisconsin) and a veteran of the previous winter’s Madison, Wisconsin protests against Governor Scott Walker’s anti-labor policies.

Cecily went off to New York that August to begin her graduate studies at the New School. Cecily and I crossed paths again at other DSA gatherings. I was pleased when she asked me to supervise her master’s thesis this spring (even though I don’t teach at the New School Her topic reflects her deep interest in and personal commitment to the politics of nonviolent direct action. I have no doubt about the sincerity of her convictions on that score.

We talked about her trial and agreed that after her lawyer’s masterful summation of the case the day before, she was almost certain to be acquitted. The worst outcome she faced when the case went to the jury on Monday, May 5, we thought, was a hung jury.

The next day, May 5, after deliberating for less than three hours, the jury found Cecily guilty, and the judge remanded her to Riker’s Island to await sentencing on Monday May 19th .

How I got to be this old and yet remain so stupid is a question for another day.

How Cecily, twenty-five years old and facing the prospect of spending the next seven years in prison, was convicted on the basis of the flimsy case presented by the DA’s office is a more important question.”

Want to know how to help, but don’t know how?

First and foremost, show up! Cecily is in court once again on Monday May 19th for sentencing. This will be her first trip out of Riker’s since being remanded, and we know she would love to see all of your faces filling up the courtroom.

Manhattan Criminal Court Building 100 Centre St, New York City, NY 10013

Tips for writing to Cecily

Read the entire article here:

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  1. waverly says:

    McMillan, by the way, credits the historic protests in Wisconsin for motivating her to go to Occupy Wall Street.

    Yeah, that’s right, that’s right, I’m blaming Scott Walker for this too 😈

    McMillan, an advocate of nonviolence, is a member of the Democratic Socialists of America. That group issued a statement denouncing the verdict against her and demanding that she not be sentenced to prison.

    It condemned “the biased behavior of Judge Ronald Zweibel, who refused to admit evidence that the officer in question had been charged with excessive use of force in other police matters. This irresponsible action, combined with the extraordinarily harsh charges brought against Cecily by Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance, Jr., reveals the extent to which government authorities desired to secure their first conviction against a peaceful Occupy protestor and justify the millions of dollars of public funds spent on this case and on policing Occupy. This was clearly a political trial.”

    McMillan, by the way, credits the historic protests in Wisconsin for motivating her to go to Occupy Wall Street.

  2. termgirl says:

    Hello from Galway.
    Having a great time.
    Took the train through the Irish countryside from Dublin to Galway yesterday….lush green and bucolic. Did a waking tour of Galway centre today. Explored the Galway Cathedral…. Very impressive. So far, the Irish people we’ve encountered have been really nice and helpful.
    Hope you guys are all doing well.
    Peace and love.

  3. Caller no. 8 says:

    In stunning outburst of sanity, leading GOP Senate hopeful speaks up in favor of tax hikes 😯

    • Coppernicus says:

      For the poor and middle class?

      • msolomon2 says:

        Why of course, who else!?! Certainly can’t be suggesting REDISTRIBUTION OF WEALTH!!!! that’s yur-o-peon commie/pinko/socialisms there! Gotta leave the blessed (by GOD none-other!) “job creators” to do their good works, and let that piss, err… money! trickle down!

  4. Caller no. 8 says:

    Florida lawmakers aim to restore children’s rights to openly carry Pop-Tart ‘guns’ on campus

    Man, with the exception of Miley Cyrus, I’d forgotten about dangerous looking pop tarts.

  5. Caller no. 8 says:

    Batshit crazy, and not about Michele Bachmann.

    17-million-year-old giant sperm discovered — and it was preserved in a very strange way

  6. Caller no. 8 says:

    Well that was my contribution for the day. (There will be a test.)
    I’m off to find respite from the Left Coast heatwave. Ciao, realmsters.

    • Lizard says:

      Awesome! Attack cat!

      • waverly says:

        Hi Liz, I thought so too. I wonder how they got to record that from the different angles like they did ?

        • Lizard says:

          They probably bought one of those kits with 4-8 cameras included and a dvr unit that controls all of the feeds.

      • waverly says:

        btw – the temps look downright balmy up in Seattle today. How are things on the Island ?

  7. waverly says:

    Good afternoon Realmsters, just a quick drive by to say hi. Ya know, I was thinkin’ (which is always dangerous, LOL), what ever happened to Blue-Eyed-Bull ? When I first came to the Realm, she used to post quite regularly. Now I haven’t seen her post in quite some time. Just wondering if anyone has heard from her or knows what she’s up to these days.

    Also a quick shout out to TG who is having fun over there on the Emerald Ilse. And a warm welcome back to Ingrid who just returned from her month long holiday in Uruguay.

    One last shout out to FourEyes, who I imagine is quite busy now at his new job. Congrats 4E, drop us a line and let us know how you are liking things so far. 🙂

    • Lizard says:

      I’m headed out to the garden to do some drip system installation….see ya’ll later this early evening.

    • Haruko Haruhara says:

      I see her at Epoch sometimes.

      • waverly says:

        Hi HH, that’s cool. I kinda miss her even though I really didn’t get a chance to talk to her all that much. Good to know she’s still out there, thanks.

    • Hello Waverly,
      Thank you so much for the warm welcome – so nice! I wanted to wait until evening to go to bed, but I collapsed late in the afternoon. Now I’m awake again, though I should better be sleeping – I need to be awake in the daytime, not at night. I have absolutely no “inner clock” at the moment, I keep looking at the time and count back five hours to Uruguayan time. The jet lag coming back east is really strong, especially when you’ve been totally accustomed to the other time zone. What is really hard, though, if you have to be at work shortly after such a trip. I have it super easy, not having to go to work anymore. It takes about one week to get rewind after this kind of jet lag, especially when you work, because you end up missing a lot of sleep.
      It’s so nice to be back home with everything so easy and familiar. I just ate another slice of bread with butter and fresh chives, and it beats any elaborate dinner at the moment. I also bought tomatoes, onions and parsley, which is what the next slice of bread will be made with. If I want something sweet, I’ll put marmalade on it. Gourmet heaven after five weeks of white bread 😀

  8. boyinboycott says:

    Closeted Auntie Karl can’t bite anymore…but he sure can LICK

  9. boyinboycott says:

    Learned my oldest great nephew is highly ranked state wide as a forward in Hockey, and his grandfather and father are planning a road trip to National competition in his age group (17). That should be a great road trip they’ll all remember fondly.

  10. boyinboycott says:

    A great niece also has a lovely voice, I heard a video that she sings acapella

  11. msolomon2 says:

    some good news! GOP vote scheme finally imploding: Why the end may be here

  12. msolomon2 says:

    Important and short
    Larry Summers says Piketty isn’t scared enough of our robot overlords
    “Translation: The working man is doomed because robot overlords will take all our jobs.”
    they durk ur jerbs!

  13. msolomon2 says:

    Check out this weird WTF trailer for Shyamalan’s new Wayward Pines

  14. Lizard says:

    Hi, Ingrid. Glad you made it home ok. One of my brothers works on a private jet for this billionaire guy and his wife. They fly all over the place and he takes care of the food, wine selection, crystal and all that. When they are in Paris for instance for a week the two pilots and my brother stay in nice hotels, get free food and entertainment and basically goof off until the client is ready to fly somewhere else.

    When my brother is not working he contracts out on other private jets. He has flown Shakira, Norman Mailer (RIP), some cheerleaders to some island spot and a few years ago he was told to be at a certain airport and did not know who his client was in advance. When he got there it was George Bush Jr. and 3 or 4 secret service agents. They went to Jinan, China for whatever reason. This was after George was no longer president.

    • Lizard says:

      Anyway, I was thinking about him when you mentioned jet lag. I have no idea how he deals with it.

    • bebe says:

      Hiya Liz…what an interesting story…I wonder how W was in private life, how he treat others , I suppose we will never know. On jet lag…I have no idea. If the trip is shorter like a week then it is easy to rewind the clock back, for longer trips it takes forever. For instance went to Seoul ( other side of the world) couple fo years ago for a week , was okay after a few days. I am sure you brother is used to that.

      • Lizard says:

        Hi, Bebe. My brother said George was “a nice guy” so I guess he was polite. Not sure how my brother leans politically, we never discuss politics but in his situation he just went along with it and was kind of overwhelmed.
        That is a good point. Most of his trips are usually a week or less. This billionaire couple is something else. They flew my brother from Florida to Alaska just to meet their plane for a crew change. All my brother did was fix them a Ceasar salad then they had to fly him from NYC back to Florida. Must have cost them $4,000 for the stupid salad.

        • bebe says:

          The life of billionaires…flying you brother was a pocket change for them. But good they spend their time travelling and not like some others who try to buy the politicians and they also are eager to be bought.
          I have no doubt W is nice and fun loving, I hope bro never gets a call to fly Dick C …
          Political situation with close relatives sometimes it is not bad to let it be.

    • Hi Liz. Your brother sure has an interesting life. Personally, I wouldn’t want his job, though. Being servant to rich people is not for me. I have always had problems keeping my mouth shut, not voicing my political opinions. Nobody would have ever hired me for a job like your brother has, since I’ve always been politically active on the side of the oppressed, and the rich and mighty don’t want such dangerous people around them 😉
      I always tried to find jobs that I could live with conscience-wise. I’d rather meet interesting “normal” people than celebrities. Through my last job, I’ve met quite a few scientists, people with great minds, who actually made me feel not all that bright, but those are people worth meeting.

      • Lizard says:

        It’s funny. This couple is stinking rich. Have a 25.000 estate north of London and homes all over the world. And he says they are the most miserable people he’s ever known. Happiness can’t be bought with wealth it seems. I would give most of mine away. A partner to this billionaire in business is just as rich but lives modestly and has donated most of his money.

  15. Haruko Haruhara says:

    Ingrid got home OK?

    • Lizard says:

      Yeppers. She posted up above.

    • Lizard says:

      I like your new avatar, Haruko.

    • Hai Haruko, Yes I got home alright, sitting here jet-lagged in the middle of the night. I wanted to stay awake longer, but the long flight and the fact that I didn’t sleep much the night before were too much. It was a super nice trip, but it’s also super nice to be back home. The weather is getting better every day here (it’s been cool and rainy lately), and it’s supposed to get really warm starting tomorrow. The days are so long, I can really feel the difference! Today the sun will rise at 5:31 h, and set at 21:56, while in Uruguay it was dark till after 7, and turned dark again around 18:00 h. I’ve never changed seasons before, it feels strange.

      • Lizard says:

        I like the summers on Orcas. It does not get dark until almost 21:00 hours, 10:00pm.

    • Lizard says:

      d’oh! If they infected others and had forgone vaccinations I think I’d sue them.

  16. msolomon2 says:

    Email your Representative now to reduce Pentagon spending
    I agree with all these proposed cuts, the military-industrial has been destroying the country (and the world) for far too long, long past overdue time for CUTS!, CUTS!!, CUTS!!!

    • Lizard says:

      X2! Let China defend world resources. They are chewing them all up anyway.

      • msolomon2 says:

        Exactly! We can’t afford to be the un-paid policemen to the world, not for a second, not when we can’t even take care of our own people!

  17. Haruko Haruhara says:

    Jack, the big Net Neutrality decision is tomorrow!

  18. Haruko Haruhara says:

    Holy Cats, Montreal is up 2-0 on the heavily favoured Bruins. Might Montreal win their first Stanley Cup since 1993?

    • Lizard says:

      I went to one hockey game in my life. In Boston, the Bruins vs the Canucks. I think that was the name of the Canadian team. It was kind of fun. In the Boston Garden.

  19. nebdem says:

    Greetings! How is everyone doing tonight?

  20. nebdem says:


    Notice how they employ formation, look at how quickly they move while holding formation.

  21. Haruko Haruhara says:

    Neb, there’s a HUGE story on the Internet today. Absolutely HUGE.

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