I won’t embed the entire series of clips ( 9) but you would be remiss if you do not watch this.

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410 Responses to SAVE THE INTERNET

  1. Jack, I left you a chat message.

  2. Lizard says:

    Get a haircut, Hippies!!!

  3. Bass, you buggered off yesterday.

    We watched the Tour of California yesterday and saw Taylor Phinney win.

  4. BassFace says:

    So… when’s the “overthrow” supposed to start? When they said “30 billion” did they mean 30 billion fleas?

  5. Ingrid says:

    Since I’m in that other time zone again, I’ll have to quit earlier than in Uruguay. I’m slowly getting used to Central European Time again, and that is good. Here are two more thoughts from the East German revolution:
    Die Freiheit ist nie von einer Regierung gekommen
    = Freedom has never come from a government
    Die Geschichte der Freiheit ist die Geschicht des Widerspruchs
    = The history of freedom is the history of protest

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