The Young One: Rik Mayall 1958-2014

It was the mid 90’s and I was living in my bachelor pad, future wifey circling like a hawk. Having little $$$ I did not have cable so one night I stumbled into a BRIT SITCOM CALLED THE YOUNG ONES AIRING on PBS ( JACKHOLE THOSE ARE FASCISTS CAPS!!!! Rik would  quip if he saw that typo) I was hooked immediately, dry sarcastic humor and Rik did it best.

Of course Mayall had a successful career in the UK but I was  not privy to that being a Yank and all—plus eventually I got cable and watched the usual American garbage on TV. I think that  Mayall’s character ‘Rik’ LOL! Captured the angst of the 80’s perfectly, so to him I say:

Bloody well done you spotty bastard!


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  1. captainpoco says:
    how to spot the difference between an open carry patriot and a spree killer. good safety tips.

    • Hobette says:

      I’d duck, cover, and try my darnedest to GTFO. Then I’d call/write the establishment to tell them I’ll never (!!!!) go back. Assuming, of course, my escape is successful.

    • msolomon2 says:

      excellent guide!

    • Ingrid says:

      I like the mirror part best, all open carriers should do that. Btw, the word “open carrier” always makes me think of a guy with his fly open 😉

  2. Caller no. 8 says:

    Why Did Fox News Cease ALL Coverage Of The Las Vegas Tea Party Cop Killers?

    Good headline, but I would’ve added: (rhetorical)

  3. Caller no. 8 says:

    I know, it’s just old fuddy-duddy Pat. Still…

    Pat Robertson: Don’t ‘get your father busted’ if he threatens mom with a gun

    • Hobette says:

      I hope there really is a hell.

    • Ingrid says:

      This makes me wonder how many dramas there are in families who own guns. These women can’t even leave an abusive husband, it might get them killed. They have no more rights than a woman in Afghanistan. Shudder…

  4. termgirl says:

    I confess.
    I’m a bit ashamed of myself.
    This comment from another site made me laugh out loud.

    “Funny. I was SURE my new idea for a reality show would’ve been a hit. I mean, what’s wrong with The ‘Kardashians meet the Kevorkians?’ ”


  5. Caller no. 8 says:

    Women Would Be Safer From Rape and Its “Privileges” If They Just Got Married, Those Tramps
    by Abby Zimet

    • Hobette says:

      Excuse me, please, but I need to vomit.

    • msolomon2 says:

      why won’t they just come out of the closet and admit they want the burka’s! They just plain want a xristian version of that whole islamic women locked-up, no working/driving/anything in the burka’s, well just plain a return to the 40’s “ideal”

      • Hobette says:

        They’re never going to get what they want from today’s women. The only remaining question is “How long will it take before these misogynists either accept this fact or hit the grave?”

        • msolomon2 says:

          I’m betting on the grave, they just aren’t seemingly capable of the rational thought necessary to perceive the modern world, and modern women.

          • Hobette says:

            In either case, I only hope it happens in my lifetime. I’d hate to have to spend my afterlife haunting misogynistic morons! 😉

            • msolomon2 says:

              I don’t know. I might find it pleasant to be a spirit of retribution. Well if it could be horror-movie style retribution….

              • Hobette says:

                Personally, I hope to haunt peacefully and passively–nothing fierce or scary. But, hey, one does what one needs to do, right?

                • msolomon2 says:

                  I think of this kind of thing a scene from a good classic fantasy book comes to mind where these 2 “demons” are having a talk while taking care of business. The one asks the other to help “do something creative with these” (hands him some entrails) hanging them about the room like christmas garland, etc. Good old fashioned old testament terrors!

                • Hobette says:

                  Ach! No “demons,” no “entrails” for me, TYVM. I prefer peaceful protest and, as my Grandfather said, “Gentle Persuasion.”

                • msolomon2 says:


      • Ingrid says:

        If all the right-wing women wear burkhas, aliens would not have to snatch bodies anymore, only burkhas. You can’t tell whether there’s a woman in there or an alien 😉

  6. cobaltbluedog says:

    I can hear Cantor singing this today.

  7. cobaltbluedog says:

    Big Bill Broonzy-Baby Please Don’t Go:

  8. Caller no. 8 says:
  9. bebe says:

    Another world music…

  10. Caller no. 8 says:

    All things considered, Eric Cantor probably lost because he’s a dick
    By TBogg

  11. Darth says:

    The Cooter Effect: Did Ben Jones Help Unseat Eric Cantor?

    The Cooter Effect, my new favorite phrase.

    • Caller no. 8 says:

      It does have some glib charm. May it endure into future cycles.

    • Hobette says:

      You go, Cooter! Now, let’s see if Cooter can expand his activism to the General Election!

    • waverly says:

      It’s actually kinda cute if you can ignore all the ramifications.

      “Before last night, the 7th District in Virginia was considered to be firmly in Cantor’s grasp. No Democrat ran in the primary; last week, the Democratic Committee nominated Jack Trammell to run in a move that was seen as a ‘just in case’ step.”

      Reminds me of the “Red Letter Media” review of Prometheus. (don’t ask me why) “I woulda left my fukin space helmet on, just in case”

      Ok, I’m losing it. 😀 bbl

  12. Caller no. 8 says:

    I have to pull it together to go get healthy (a hike)… assuming I survive.
    Ciao ciao ciao.

  13. Hobette says:

    They forgot one:

  14. fi says:

    I have taped the Donald Rumsfield Doc/film, The Unknown known, I did try to watch it, and woke up at the credits.

  15. fi says:


  16. Hobette says:

    Note to self: Add Waffle House to boycott list.–emailfield..syntax–recipientid~~&elqCampaignId=~~eloqua..type–campaign..campaignid–0..fieldname–id~~

  17. Hobette says:

    A felon advertising “Guns Wanted” on FB. What could go wrong? How about 5 dead.

    We NEED responsible gun regulation!

  18. Hobette says:

    Oops. I guess I drove people off again. 😳 Sorry. Hobette out.

    • bebe says:

      No way…this is a lull time, folks are getting ready for dinner ?
      Hobbette be back with Nutso smooches ❤ ❤

    • Ingrid says:

      Hobette, this has nothing to do with you. I myself was reading, can’t get away from “The Circle” by Dave Eggers. Please don’t cry.
      This is for you. You look wonderful tonight – Eric Clapton:

      ❤ ❤ ❤

    • bebe says:

      For Hobette and Ingrid…another Cliff Richard , syl

  19. thedood says:

    Anyone home?

  20. Are we all Cantor out by now?

  21. We need a new page but I got nothing.

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