The Good The Bad And The Ugly

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R.I.P. Eli Herschel Wallach December 7, 1915 – June 24, 2014

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642 Responses to The Good The Bad And The Ugly

  1. boyinboycott says:

    Cher – Strong Enough (Official Music Video)

  2. boyinboycott says:

    Bette Midler Wind Beneath My Wings

  3. John Boehner is a traitor!!!!!!!!!!! He is in with the DEMS:

  4. Caller no. 8 says:

    BiB, just read the sucky news. YOU are the CHAMPION in this life. No one I know has faced down more horrendous crap and still come out on top. This procedure is just a job to be handled. My prayers for all to go smoothly, and to give you another victorious outcome. No matter what, you’re still standing and we stand with you. Cancer is a daunting foe, but it ain’t what it used to be. I’m visualizing it GONE from you with all my -I

  5. Caller no. 8 says:

    So what retrograde thing is disturbing the emoticons?

  6. Lizard says:

    Caller – you quit your job? Wazzup? Going to head to Tuscon?

  7. Hello, The Realm! Holy $#!% what a roller coaster of a day, huh?

  8. boyinboycott says:

    Garth Brooks- Friends In Low Places

  9. Lizard says:

    In between asking Caller what’s up I decided to zap some soup and noticed the new hummingbird feeder was empty. So, stood on a small outdoor lawn table to put it back up and the stupid table collapsed under me. New wood shop project. 🙂

    New feeder. Hummingbirds seem kind of dumb. They battle each other for four feeding spots. Usually only two at a time show up anyway. They chase each other off into the forest then one comes back to feed. I think I read once that their type of flight requires a lot of energy. Not to bright.

  10. boyinboycott says:

    Sheila Chandra – Sacred Stones.wmv

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