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  1. majorwiblit says:

    good morning all,, and a Happy 4th!..
    couple hours of work,,maybe a Bar-B-Q later,,,( maybe lots of rain too 🙂 )
    very unsettling about all this SCOTUS stuff,, very,,,
    waiting on the revolution now, but don’t know that 😦 , the young people of today
    don’t seem to care about it all,, and they surely don’t see what’s coming down the pike,
    for them, and their children
    It’s gonna be played out as a holy war,,, the religious and moral right,,against the liberal
    godless heathens, more divisiveness,,,more stagnation,, more standing still in the shit,
    and no moving forward..
    “How dismal it is to see present day Americans yearning for the very orthodoxy that their country was founded to escape.”
    ― Christopher Hitchens
    I’d love to believe that this can all be worked out,, by all involved, people on both sides of
    the endless debate……. silly, naive me….
    the 2014 elections will tell a lot,,, about which way the country wants to go,,
    Get Out and Vote!,, and bring some young people with you!!
    ( I say that not really believing that our votes matter anymore,, but that $$$$$$ does…)

    Have a great and safe holiday everyone! 🙂 🙂
    “For those who believe in God, most of the big questions are answered.
    But for those of us who can’t readily accept the God formula, the big answers don’t remain stone-written.
    We adjust to new conditions and discoveries.
    We are pliable.
    Love need not be a command nor faith a dictum.
    I am my own god.
    We are here to unlearn the teachings of the church, state, and our educational system.
    We are here to drink beer.
    We are here to kill war.
    We are here to laugh at the odds and live our lives so well that Death will tremble to take us.”
    ― Charles Bukowski 🙂

    • Good morning, and a Happy Fourth to you! I’ve always liked Bukowski’s take on this.

    • FOUR EYES says:

      “Very” is an understatement, my friend….8-)

    • waverly says:

      Hiya Major, here’s hoping you are able to finish work early and enjoy some cook-out before any sort of rain moves in.

      My feelings about “waiting on the revolution” are that I’ve done all the “waiting” I can afford to do. The “waiting well” has run dry. The time to act is now, and I’m looking squarely at my reflection in the mirror when I say that. I’m not expecting any “young people of today” to fly outta some big fairy’s butt, come riding in on unicorns, and arrive to save the day. ain’t gonna happen.

      I don’t think that it’s that young people “don’t care about it all” as much as they just don’t UNDERSTAND. No one has taken the time to educate them. Their only point of reference is lame-stream media. They need a history lesson of EXACTLY what has transpired socially and politically in this country over the last 50 years with regard to wars, the economy, civil rights, and wealth distribution.

      As far as this being “played out as a holy war,,,”.

      That is precisely the reason that I will not allow myself to be sold that “us versus them” load of crap. Holy war??? Really??? What is this, the fucking Crusades? Another Spanish Inquisition? I don’t think so.

      I am a spiritual person who as a child long ago abandoned “organized religion”. In the immortal words of one of my favorite authors from the sixties (Alan Watts). “Organized religion has become much like an exhausted mine. Very hard to dig.”

      None-the-less I do believe in a meta-physical existence beyond this world of the mundane. And it has nothing what-so-ever to do with a gentleman wearing white robes pictured high up in the sky. And do I so wish people would stop associating those who do have spiritual inclinations with that worn out meme.

      I have to shake my head when I read “the religious and moral right,,against the liberal godless heathens”. Really??? NEWS FLASH!!! – The Religious and Moral Right ARE the Liberal Godless Heathens. “The Christian Right are NEITHER”. That cannot be stated and emphasized enough.

      Ok, well I was going to try and relax today, now where was I 🙂

  2. waverly says:

    900 AM EDT Update from NOAA

    AT 900 AM EDT…1300 UTC…The eye of hurricane Arthur was located by NOAA Doppler radar near Latitude 37.1 North…Longitude 74.0 West.

    Arthur is moving toward the Northeast near 23 mph…37 km/h…and this motion is expected to continue with an increase in forward speed during the next couple of days.

    On The Forecast Track…The center of Arthur will move well offshore of the Mid-Atlantic coast of the United States today…pass Southeast of New England tonight…and be near or over Western Nova Scotia early Saturday.

    Wind…Tropical storm conditions will continue in portions of the warning areas in North Carolina and Virginia this morning. Tropical storm conditions are expected to reach the warning area in New England by tonight.

    Rainfall…Rainfall will be diminishing over eastern North Carolina this morning with storm total accumulations of 4 to 6 inches and isolated maximum of 8 inches possible. Rainfall totals of 1 to 2 inches are possible over Southeastern Virginia. Rainfall accumulations of 2 to 4 inches are possible across Rhode Island…Eastern Massachusetts and coastal Maine.

  3. waverly says:

    One thing I’ve learned from growing up in upstate NY to living 20 years in Florida to living on the desert floor in Phoenix’s “Valley of the Sun” is what a vastly different experience people have with weather. Yeah, more common sense, I know. Listening to CBD talk about plowing snow out of his driveway reminds me of the blizzards I grew up with as a kid. Then BassFace’s post about “hunkering down” reminded me of that expression made famous by Bryan Norcross during Andrew. (BTW – there is no “safe” place away from storms in Florida.) And most recently Hokey talking about the monsoon season in Tucson. Yeah the rains there during summer are literally called “monsoons”, which are actually pleasant unlike the dust storms or haboobs. (Nobody tells ya about the freakin dust storms before you move to AZ.)

  4. boyinboycott says:

    Good morning,
    We found a good movie on netflix with beautiful cinematography and costumes and scenery.
    “A Room With A View”
    Mrs JH should love it, a period romance, it stars a young Judi Dench, Maggie Smith and Helena Bonham Carter. It also has very attractive young men in full frontal nude swimming.

  5. boyinboycott says:

    Gina will have her ninny fits about fireworks, and these Hicks does love their fire crackers

  6. bebe says:

    Happy 4th to all particularly to gramma and Ricki..who are taking a moment off from online perhaps……LOVE you both….. ❤ ❤

  7. boyinboycott says:

    Katy Perry – Firework

    my new theme song

  8. boyinboycott says:

    hey fi,,bebe, waverly, kitteh, and 4 E
    I had a pretty good night, I have had some night sweats lately

  9. John Prine with Bruce Springsteen – ‘TAKE A LOOK AT MY HEART’:

  10. boyinboycott says:

    Lenny Kravitz – American Woman

    Melissa Etheridge – All American Girl (Music Video)

    Etta James – It’s a Man’s Man’s World

  11. boyinboycott says:

    wishing everyone a fun easy 4th
    Santana Feat. Rob Thomas – Smooth

  12. A Remark You Made – Weather Report 1977 – Heavy Weather:

  13. boyinboycott says:

    I’m learning about lung cancer and treatments, they just opened a new cancer center in Baton Rouge

  14. boyinboycott says:

    How’s everyone else doing?

  15. boyinboycott says:

    we have a good day forecast, and 5 day forecast is dry, 90 days 70 nights

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