Nothing New Under The Sun


So I’m pondering what to do about a new page, with a similar disdain that comes to mind around 3pm when thinking about what to fix for dinner, when the light bulb goes on above my head; most days it’s more like a strobe light, and inspiration hits. I should do a toon about Obama as Bulworth ( ) and make some parallels about Obama and the movie.


Oh, yeah baby– I was cooking with oil now. So after writing a rough draft I went searching for the right image to make  (as seen above ) it was supposed to be better but I gave up after finding out  that the idea had been done before by The Young Turks ( easy Neb Turks not turkeys ) so I watched the video thinking, great now I’ll have to post another VIMEO video page ( not complaining I  like their vids )

If you scroll to the 1:29 mark you will see that they ripped off my image! Hell they deleted  the water mark for the realm and the nobama badge. What kind of a country we live in where I ripoff a pop culture Icon like Alice in wonderland (I did a whole series on it) and TYT rip it off back?  🙂 I have been down this road before, sorry could not find the image, when I made an Image called American Midiot, I later found that Mad Magazine  had come-up with a similar image.

So kids this is the struggle of a lone blogger without a creative team trying to come-up with a daily page. Thank G-d caller never reads my post otherwise I would be in trouble.

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  1. Caller no. 8 says:

    Chinese Man ~ I’ve Got That Tune

  2. Lizard says:

    Going to do some reading. See you guys! Good night, BiB. Hoping you are going to get better soon.

  3. Caller no. 8 says:

    In-grid ~ Vive Le Swing

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