A Dire Warning About Net Neutrality

My vision is murky; my bones ache; my muscles are strands of thin spaghetti; my spirit although not broken is heavy with regret. I have survived many wars; I’ve seen too much devastation.

I stood tall and there was nothing that could keep me from fighting for OUR freedoms when the dark epoch came. The Second Amendment battle was bloody. They could not understand that REGARDLESS of lies told all we wanted was to keep our children safe. Massacre after massacre they held on to their insane beliefs, we cried as they stood firm and cold-hearted–WE LOST THE FIGHT.

The radicalization of America grew exponentially, they UNITED, secondary and tertiary parties joined forces and chipped away at the law, and the face of the Supreme Court changed to reflect their sick obsessions. MONEY! They even had the gall to use it as a weapon. I think the tipping point was the world’s first trillionaire, a Texan of course! Campaign finance took center stage-we fought them tooth and nail to no avail, their resolve was ravenous and they picked America’s carcass clean.

By the time the last battle for freedom, NET NEUTRALITY,  came the point was moot; by then we have become so weak that steam rolling us was something a child could do. This was supposed to be OUR grandstand; we set-up websites, the internet was our shield–we had won decades ago, I think it was in 2014 when President Obama’s FCC appointee Tom Wheeler caved and found a way to make it work for us. We used it, exploited it to fatten our coffers. We posted video links of past campaign rallies to fire-up our base, inundated social media, catalogued every bit of metadata that we could use as arsenal but a strange thing happened people stopped caring about OUR issues. It was done the future did not explode but died with a feeble whimper.


Those villains did it, not with guns, not with gold, not with corporate support-their hubris! They did it one election at a time vote by vote–this is not the world I wanted to live in, this was not to be my future they have found ways to extend my torture, they voted for science not faith, even-though the majority of them are believers, they opted for socialized universal care, at an exorbitant tax rate, so what if they took care of everyone what about personal accountability? No they would not have that; instead they formed their Bastardized UTOPIA denying human nature.

At 219 I am MISHIMA the last Republican RIGHT-WINGER alive, there are millions alive who were once like me but they became poisoned by PROGRESSIVE ideas-traitors! The world today is LIBERAL JUNGLE filled with vapid poltroons spewing propaganda about their  partitocracies.

I still see the Promised Land, the one the great Ronald Reagan envisioned, how I cry, sweet Jesus take me home.

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  1. Anyone else see the film of the Russian rocket launcher, minus one or two rockets, being trucked back across the Russian border?

  2. bebe says:

    “A recent Wall Street Journal/NBC News/Annenberg center poll showed that Clinton was, by a long shot, the most admired president of the last quarter-century. A new YouGov poll finds that among the last eight elected presidents, Clinton is regarded as the most intelligent and W. the least.”


  3. fluffjo says:

    Good morning all. I was just reading the back pages and my heart is breaking and my eyes are melting. This can’t be goodbye.

  4. Jack, I love the enlarged picture of Boy. Thanks, for everything.

  5. termgirl says:

    RIP – James Garner
    I saw James Garner up close and personal at a golf tournament many years ago.
    There were a number of celebrities there, but he stood out.
    He was super friendly to everyone, and so handsome.

    Good morning, all.

  6. termgirl says:

    Just wanted to say how much I appreciate Cobalt keeping us informed regarding BIB.
    The outpouring of love here on the Realm for our friend BIB, just proves to me, once again, what a wonderful group of people gather here. The tone is set by Jack, Thank you, bossman, for your tireless efforts, and thank you to Mrs. JH.

  7. RF Dude says:

    Thank you for posting these updates, Fi.

    Words are so inadequate… I’m heartbroken, as we all are. CG and I have had two other very special people taken from us this year already, may this bitter cup pass us all by so we can continue to walk with Boy in his beautiful gardens (yeah, big spiders and all!)

  8. RF Dude says:

    Dawg! I’d love to join you on that walk my friend. Maybe wet a hook or two as well, you bring the hooks and I will bring the ‘refreshments’ 😉

  9. fi says:

    Oh shit I did not mean to hurt anyone, Jack delete them please.

  10. RF Dude says:

    Sorry to hit and run, gotta get hosed off and begin ticking down my checklist of ‘stuff to do’ – heading out to dinner tonight with an old friend, threats of beer and hot, spicy food in the forcast.

    Be well my friends, I will check in later tonight.

    Peace to you.

  11. RF Dude says:

    Haru must be lurking, the thread is broked 😉

    Laterz all!

  12. fi says:

    Thank you Jack. 😥

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