Saying Goodbye To BIB

I never had to say something so difficult in the  four years I hosted this blog.  Our dear friend Mark, BoyInBoycott, will be saying goodbye to his loved ones and friends in the next few weeks.

This is a difficult time for Beau, Bib’s significant other, and while we can’t be there physically to help him; what we can do  is not to overwhelm him. I will email him regarding keeping us abreast, I hope Cobalt who has been incredible through this devastating news can continue with updates–Thank you so much for all you have done CBG.

From Beau via CBG:

‘The cancer is so advanced there’s nothing they can do for him. He’s comfortable now and not medicated into a coma and able to communicate.’

I know you guys have questions so you can email and I can give you a little more,  saying that I don’t think it’s important to post the particulars of his condition all I know is we are going to lose a dear friend and I haven’t got the right word if there’s such a thing.

He may still be able to read  the realm when he comes home so please let’s show him some love and that he will be cherished.

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