Power Of Veto

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If you don’t get the reference, google Big Brother TV show.

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  1. Lizard says:

    Nice to hear Rush Limbaugh lost four more radio stations. My dad used to listen to him and I told dad once “if I listened to this guy every day I would be a roof top sniper within a year.” Now my wife’s idiot parents listen to him everyday they have him on the radio. Once when I was there I turned the volume down really low but eventually they turned it back up.

    • Darth says:

      They used to carry him here but I can’t get the AM signal anymore. The station that carried him, and also Fox news reports, and other various blowhards is MIA. I guess hate just doesn’t pay like it used too. Pity.

  2. Caller no. 8 says:

    House GOP candidate: Female senators are “undeserving bimbos in tennis shoes”

    The GOP’s Jim Hagedorn also derided American Indians, mocked the LGBTQ community, and insulted President Obama

    by Ian Blair


    Minnesota Republicans must be so proud.

  3. Caller no. 8 says:

    Oops! Rick Perry does it again, can’t remember his two felony charges

    Texas governor travels to New Hampshire, dreaming of 2016, and incorrectly says he was indicted for “bribery”

    by Brad Friedman


    Someone might want to look into that bribery thing. 😆

  4. Caller no. 8 says:

    Heritage Foundation Urges GOP To Fund Vigilante Border Groups If Obama Enacts Immigration Changes

    The Southern Poverty Law Center notes that “vigilante militias have been capturing, pistol-whipping and very possibly shooting Latin American immigrants” along the border since the 1990s.
    In 2012, the leader of the “US Border Guard” militia in Arizona killed five people including a toddler.


    • msolomon2 says:

      Time for them to be investigated and brought up on charges. It’s got to be illegal for a “non-profit” tax-exempt “think-tanks” to preach giving money to vigilante militia’s, sounds pretty close to outright treason.

    • Floofy says:

      “Give “accreditation” and state government funding to private citizens to “police border communities”
      Paging George Zimmerman. Please pick up the white (ONLY) Courtesy Phone…

  5. Caller no. 8 says:

    Greenland And West Antarctic Ice Sheet Loss More Than Doubled In Last Five Years

    This first-ever extensive mapping of the two great ice sheets using the CryoSat-2 satellite confirms the findings of several recent studies that “suggest that the globe’s ice sheets will contribute far more to sea level rise than current projections show,” as NASA glaciologist Eric Rignot said recently.

    by Joe Romm


  6. Darth says:

    Maybe I’ll take up painting, seems to be very relaxing.

  7. Floofy says:

    Anybody know what time we start the “Hour of Copy and Paste©”

  8. Caller no. 8 says:

    New York: Wedding Venues Cannot Discriminate Against Same-Sex Couples

    The Liberty Ridge Farm has been ordered to pay $13,000 in fines and restitution to Jennifer and Melisa McCarthy for discriminating against them.

    by Zack Ford


  9. Caller no. 8 says:

    America’s Dumbest Congressman revives his ‘Muslim brothers in the White House’ theory

    I realize that part of the duties of being America’s Dumbest Congressman, Bar None, For Now And Goddamn Ever is to regularly pipe up with things that you can usually only hear from drunken racist grandpas, but seriously—if this could just wait a bit, that would be wonderful.

    by Hunter


  10. Caller no. 8 says:

    Groups Sue U.S. Government over Life-Threatening Deportation Process against Mothers and Children Escaping Extreme Violence in Central America



    • Darth says:

      These people are refugees, and American policy has ever created them. Just as it was with the passage of NAFTA, that displaced hundreds of thousands of subsistence farmers with subsidized corn and grain in Mexico, so have we created the cartels with our bloated, bureaucratically corrupt war on demand. Did I say demand? I meant ‘drugs’, that’s it.

      • msolomon2 says:

        nafta is a sick abomination that was sold to us, and now of course they have their secret nafta-on-steroids new “trade deal” in the works! Ah the stink of corporate-fascism, just like mendacity, smells like DEATH!

  11. Caller no. 8 says:

    Have to check out to be with daughter. Catch ya late night, mebbe. ❤

  12. Hobette says:

    Oakland @ Green Bay–here we go!!

  13. waverly says:

    Good evening dear Realmsters. How goes all today in the land of Realm?

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