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Challenge time…. talk and respond by without typing text use ONLY Gifs, pictures, memes or videos.

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  1. bebe says:

    Reposting from forpeace..

  2. Darth says:

    The demon core: A scary story of sloppy science from the Manhattan Project

    Depending on your point of view, the Manhattan Project — the collaboration between the US, UK, and Canada that created the first atomic bombs — is one of the greatest or worst scientific endeavors of our time.

    You could say that the Manhattan Project is what ultimately ended World War II, and thus in the long run saved millions of lives as it allowed the world to get on with rebuilding itself. Alternatively, you could just as easily blame the Manhattan Project for the decades-long misery of the Iron Curtain and Cold War. Whatever your worldview, though, I think we can all agree that the physicists, engineers, and chemists who worked on the Project were consummate geniuses and paragons of professionalism. Except they weren’t.

    • RF Dude says:

      Yes, I remember this episode in the ‘study’ of nuclear mechanics being fictionalized in the movie ‘Fat Man and Little Boy’. I’ve read some of the accounts of the Demon Core, very much like this one (which, BTW, is very well written and concise) and I gotta tell you there is something fundamentally frightening about all of that stuff.

      Probably partly because I’m a child of the 50s and early 60s, when nuclear armageddon was part of the school curriculum. We practices what became quaintly known as “Dis-aster Drills” all through school, and the thought of nukes dropping on my little town in the Midwest was always on my mind.

      Nuclear Anything is, to me, the Horror that Keeps On Giving (with the small exception, perhaps, of some types of cancer treatments)

        • RF Dude says:

          Yep, it was pretty much the same thing back then. Teach us all to be afraid – on both sides – so we would be pliant and easily controlled.

          • Darth says:

            I wanted to ask about that. From the footage I’ve seen, those duck and cover drills seem almost tragically hilarious, as if a wooden desk will save someone from a nuclear weapon. Do you believe it was a political tool, as you say: “teach to be afraid”, or were those pushing these kind of civil defense programs that inept? Both?

            • msolomon2 says:

              better still were the ones that showed people out picnicking and they threw the blanket over themselves!

          • msolomon2 says:

            I grew up during the 80’s, didn’t expect to survive as we all thought lunatic reagan was going to get us into WW3 and murder the world.

  3. Ok given the great success of this page, very reminiscent of the DONGS page, I ask you what should the new page be?

    • Darth says:

      Fine art appreciation

    • RF Dude says:

      Yes, the experiment was an interesting success. I found the page to load quite jumpily, much like HP in the Last Days (although the content here was NOTHING as bad as HP even in the good dayz!!)

      200th anniversary of the Burning of Washington DC by the Brits during the War of 1812? Lots of folks would like to invite them back for a reprise, I believe! 😉 (just the government buildings, which were largely unoccupied back then and are, amazingly, largely unoccupied today!)

      • In Canada, they teach that Canada defeated America in the War of 1812.

        • RF Dude says:

          It’s somehow comforting to know that Vietnam wasn’t the first war the US lost…

          So how are things working out in our 51st State?? 😉

      • Yeah, the jumpiness was annoying. Some people said they had problems with the gifs. I didn’t notice any.

        • RF Dude says:

          Some of the gifs didn’t always reload – there was this funny little icon. But usually on the next refresh the gif came back.

          It did seem that the page loaded a little slower, too. Perhaps part of the mechanics of WP going out to retreive the embed on each refresh?? I dunno, it’s part of the mystery of the Interntez to me…

          A few embeds on a page don’t seem to bother, though. It’s only when the page is full of embeds that I was seeing anything unusual.

        • Darth says:

          I’m trying to keep the gifs down to a minimum, not like I’ve ever went overboard or anything. 🙄 I think those are maybe what’s slowing things down for people with lower bandwidth. And if I post a lot of jpegs then I’ll try not to embed any videos on the same thread.

  4. fi says:

    “Every time Dick Cheney is on television, he should be identified as “Founding Father of Iraqi Radicalism”

    • RF Dude says:

      In my generation I thought we would never have another government operative who caused as much pain and trouble as Robert MacNamara (architect of the Vietnam War). I’ve never forgiven him for the suffering he caused and will forever hold him directly responsible for the policies and actions that caused the war to be such a terrible episode in our history – and all for nothing, in the end.

      But then Cheney and Rumsfeld and The Bushes came along…

      Can we never learn our lessons, even within a single generation, of the effects of letting these toxic, power-mad people run wild?

      Rhetorical question. The answer is right in front of me…

    • msolomon2 says:

      Agree 100%!

    • Darth says:


  5. RF Dude says:

    Interesting site you posted, Darth.

    Man, and Star Trek was just worried about Warp Drive eating up Known Space (or something like that) in the final episodes…

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