Fight Racism

So, recent news has made for strong opinions; I don’t think there’s anything more RADIOACTIVE out there than ISIS, hell most people don’t know what to call it ISIS or ISIL–me? I stick by ISIS.


I have been putting a lot of heat in my rhetoric aimed at moderate Muslims. I still hold the opinion that by not fighting back they are allowing real sociopaths to take over. Let’s be crystal clear; these are the actions of radical fundamentalists who are perverting Islam, not the average Muslim. I think our German friend Ingrid put it best when she talked about how good Germans during WW2 remained passive and stood mute at the atrocities because going against the NAZI regime would mean certain death. There’s a lot of similarity in the psychology of WW2 Germans and moderate Muslims in Iraq/Syria.

The BIG difference is that the NAZI would not kill their own people once they took over, the sociopathic Jihadist will. The reason I mention the moderates as part of the problem is because I feel that a lot of progressive minded people, online, have a tendency to stay away from controversy and to say what just I said, even on the most progressive forums means you will get attacked by other so-called progressives.

Anyway my point is that WE should be honest but not let bigots, trouble makers, self-aggrandizing small minds, twist reality or make you feel you can’t make a point out of fear that you will be lumped together in that same group. Here is one such small mind in her own sauce; Pamela Geller, Islamophobe, and all around hate monger-has commission a series of anti-Islamic bus ads running on NYC city buses.

This troll has been around for a long time, I remember her from her failed attempts to block the Muslim cultural center known as Park 51 (the owner has revised the plans for a cultural center and has instead come up with different uses including condos—HA! Some Jihadist you bigots, the guy acts more like a Right-wing douche bag—G-d bless Merica! Of course this is meant as satire )

Geller, is now trying to, maybe this time she will get her way, to flame things by forcing hundred of thousands New Yorkers; even worse tourists, to view her hate filled garbage. She has found a loophole that allows her to do this, although the MTA was able to block on of the proposed ads too radical so they barred it.

I find the entire thing revolting and I wish someone would do something about it. I have come up with a SMALL plan, I fully realize it’s an exercise in futility but I feel compelled to act, I’m making out a small flyer that I will handout in stations.

The plan? To state the situation briefly; the proposed solution?

On the flier ask that if there is a way for each individual that wants to stand up against the racism to please walk over to another station that does not have the offensive add, if possible to avoid taking a bus carrying the ad, even if it is just one time during the time the ads will run. Then that they should call/email city hall and state why they are participating. If they can to make a photocopy and pass it to friends and family — the focus should be in elevating awareness not a massive campaign.

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  1. Caller no. 8 says:

    I’ve been busy while phone has been ringing off the hook about this birthday thing.

    YOU HAVEN’T MISSED MY BIRTHDAY (well, for three years you have, but separate discussion).

    Also: I never posed with members of ISIS. Damn slippery internet.

  2. Caller no. 8 says:

    MIT frat alumni president: “Drunk female guests are the gravest threat to fraternities”

    It would be nice to think this demonization of women is an aberration. It’s not

    by Katie McDonough

    • Ingrid says:

      Correct, Caller. If women get drunk, some guys think it’s so much worse than if a man gets plastered (even if he gets violent – or what?). I remember that when I was younger, I was very much in love (or rather, in lust) with this guy who told me that he thought drunk women were so much worse than drunk men, an absolute no-go for him. It took me a while, but this “opinion” of his made me think generally about his view of the world, and his intelligence – which helped me fall out of “love” with him. So women have to be attractive at all times, while men can do any old thing, no matter how distasteful, or dangerous? I personally think drunk men are just as disgusting as drunk women – depending on the degree of intoxication and loss of self-control.

    • Oh, man, I’ve seen that demonisation all over MRA threads. I can barely even go on them anymore I get so upset at it.

  3. Caller no. 8 says:

    Fifty Years Later: Who Really Won the Battle of Berkeley?

    As student activists return to campus to celebrate the 1964 Free Speech movement that galvanized for social justice, big questions remain about the direction of higher education since those radical days of upheaval and hope

    by Barbara Garson

  4. Darth says:

    Will You Go On The Male Birth Control Pill When It Becomes Available?,36982/

  5. Caller no. 8 says:

    CODEPINK Holds Candlelight Vigil for Peace; Calls on Obama to Return his Nobel Peace Prize

    CODEPINK will read messages from people around the world, including Nobel Peace Laureates, saying why Obama should return the prize that he does not deserve.

    When: 7:00 PM on Thursday, September 25, 2014

    Where: The White House (1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW, DC)

    Say what you will about ultimate evil ISIS, and super hyper mega ultimate evil Khorasan, it really is looking more and more like war without end. I welcome the pushback if only to keep the world thinking about better solutions. While it’s true we gotta do what we gotta do, we also have to do better.

  6. The US and Arab partners just struck ISIL controlled oil refineries. This will deny ISIL a major source of their funding.

  7. Caller no. 8 says:

    Dear Irish people,

    Some of you recently tasted “American” snacks in the below video. You were not impressed. You said mean things like, “Why didn’t you warn me?” and “Very disappointing,” and “No! No! No!” We just wanted to let you know that maybe some of us had Froot Loops every year on our birthday growing up and that we don’t appreciate your smug European attitude. But also, please don’t judge us. We don’t really like Jolly Ranchers and Kool Aid and Tootsie Rolls; we just eat them because we’ve been brainwashed!

    P.S. America has better food like hamburgers and hot dogs!




    I have to defend Jolly Ranchers. Without sucking on one while hiking in the great Southwest, you’d drink your water reserves way too fast and they’d discover your bleached bones in the ravine five years later.

    • Hobette says:

      Who chews hard candy? Duh
      I don’t eat any of that, though.

    • Ingrid says:

      These Irish people are right. I’ve tried Kool Aid, and it’s so awful it’s really a turn-off. It’s yuckily sweet and tastes (and smells!) like chemistry. The other stuff (Tootsie Rolls, Fruit Loops) I heard of but never tried. Since nobody is paying me to eat it, I’ll die without that invaluable experience 😦
      Growing up with this stuff people get used to it and like it, but anybody who grew up with healthier (not necessarily more expensive) food, finds it unappetizing. I’m pretty sure it’s exactly these kinds of “food” that make so many Americans so unbelievably fat.
      I’ve tried Root Beer before, and that’s another American specialty I can’t stomach. I don’t know whether it’s because of the taste of the root itself or whatever, or because of additives and chemicals.
      This reminds me of this Chinese guy during his first visit to an American supermarket who wondered where the food was. Anything in plastic and with additives isn’t food, not really.

      • Caller no. 8 says:

        Root Beer is pretty much vanilla coca~cola, made better by pouring it over vanilla ice cream on a hot summer day. I’m getting cavities in my teeth just thinking about it.

        • Ingrid says:

          They tried to introduce root beer into the German market years ago. Nobody bought it more than once. You should see Germans who’ve tried it still shivering with disgust just remembering the taste! It’s obviously an acquired taste you have to be very young to acquire. I can’t remember root beer being sold in any other country but the USA. So it’s really bad for your teeth? Could it be an invention of the Dentists’ Association?
          Vanilla coca-cola does sound horrible! Why do they call it “root” beer then? Because of the decaying roots of your teeth? I always thought it was made of a weird plant. Oh well.

            • Ingrid says:

              Dankeschön, Hobette. So the weird taste is sassafras. Well, sassafras is not for me, but neither is the sweetness of the drink. When I think about sweet drinks, I wonder why people give their beloved dog or cat water to drink, while they themselves want something sweet, which is not good for them. Not that I drink water myself much. I make myself a pitcher of green tea every day, add a little lemon, no sugar, and let it cool. This is what I normally drink, unless I’m drinking coffee, or orange or apple juice, or beer, or wine. I drink about 2 liters of tea per day. It’s not really tasty, but more tasty than just water as far as I’m concerned.

          • Caller no. 8 says:

            There is no standardized recipe. Wikipedia says it can be from any combination of vanilla, wintergreen, cherry tree bark, licorice root, sarsaparilla root, nutmeg, acacia, anise, molasses, cinnamon, clove and honey.

            • Ingrid says:

              Now that you mention licorice – that could be the taste I couldn’t stand in root beer. I have no idea what sassafras tastes like, but I know I can’t stand licorice.

      • Hobette says:

        What do you eat?

        • Ingrid says:

          What do I eat? Mostly freshly cooked food, lots of fresh bread with butter and jam or ham or tomatoes or chives…, lots of Italian food.
          Today I fixed Wiener Saftgulasch (Juicy goulash Viennese style):

          It’s beef and onions, garlic, caraway, marjoram, paprika, red wine, beef stock, and it takes 4 hours to simmer. I ate it with dumplings and cucumber salad. It’s slow food, which I’ve really been getting into since I’m retired. Good food is a lot of work, but worth it. When I was still working, I cooked less, but I’ve never really liked prefabricated food. I like to buy things fresh at the farmers’ market. When I was working, I only fixed elaborate dinners on weekends, though.

          • Hobette says:

            I’ve been trying to eat healthful foods as much as I can. For instance, my snacks this week have been peanuts, dried cranberries, raisins, celery and apples with peanut butter, and today I had an avocado. However, tonight I’ll have canned pea soup. It’s imported from Germany. I absolutely love to cook, but my disabilities are making that more difficult and often impossible.

            • Ingrid says:

              I eat canned pea soup once in a while too. Or rather, I used to when I was still working. Now I’m making it myself. I eat about one third, freeze another third, and the last third goes to my poor neighbor who is very appreciative of my food. Same with the beef goulash I fixed today – no yesterday (it’s 1.37 h here, after midnight). Sometimes I go out to eat, mostly at noon, because then I can get a super prices, for example here:
              At noon there, I get a weekly changing choice of appetizer (for example: salmon or beef carpaccio), an entrée (piccata or pizza or fish), a drink (water, soft drink, beer or wine) and a coffee (espresso or capuccino) for € 9,90, and it’s super yummy. The same at night would be around € 20. For comparison: Kentucky Fried Chicken: two pieces of chicken, mashed potatoes with gravy, cole slaw and beverage = € 8 something. But then Kentucky doesn’t have noon specials 😉

    • msolomon2 says:

      if you knew what was in those hamburgers and hot dogs you’d think twice!

  8. Went out to hear these guys last night and got home really late. I’m dragging my ass today. Can’t wait to eat dinner and go to bed.

  9. Caller no. 8 says:

    Just observing, I think Obama is going after ISIS full tilt, using everything based on intelligence we have now. That’s always going to be risky, but he’s going for it. We’ve arrested cells here at home and we’re obliterating ISIS’ advanced capabilities on the ground abroad. Like I said before, never fuk with an American president before November elections.

  10. Caller no. 8 says:

    Watch GOP Rep. Blackburn clash with CNN over ground troops to fight ISIS

    I detest Marsha Blackburn. Thank you, Ashley.

  11. Caller no. 8 says:

    Appeals court strikes down GOP plan to cut early voting in Ohio

    In a 46-page decision, the judges agreed with civil rights groups that cutting the early-voting hours would suppress turnout by minorities and the poor.

  12. Caller no. 8 says:

    Another loon from Wayne’s world.

    The NRA Has A Funny Definition Of The Word ‘Paranoid’

    What does it say about you that you are afraid of people who are legally exercising their right to bear arms? What does it say about you that your fear of an inanimate object, a gun, has led you to suspect everyone who chooses to own that object? And what does it say about you that you are afraid of the almost 10 million legal concealed carry gun owners in the U.S. who don’t commit crimes every year? Who’s the paranoid one now?

  13. waverly says:

    Good evening dear Realm. Today was a good day. Uneventful at work, yay. And I can eat sitting up at my dining table without being in pain, double yay. Have not been well the last couple weeks (prolly combo of stress and bad eating). Was in so much pain I even gave up coffee and switched to green tea. (had to be in a lot of pain to do that, LOL)

    So how is everyone here tonight?

  14. BEWARE OF THE IDES OF MARCH!!!!!!!! Oh! wait, nevermind!

  15. Jackhole says:

    I wanna become a coffee roaster, it’s gotta be a better gig than this blogging thing.

  16. beatlex says:

    Racism is born of ignorance,can that be stamped out,or fought?it starts with education,and we all know the state of that in America

  17. waverly says:

    Ok, I’m going to go into slo-mo mode and get on my iPad. Time to feed the kitty and retire into a horizontal position.

  18. Jackhole says:

    Ok gimme a minute or two to post the new page.

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