Look! Up In The Sky! It’s a…I Coudn’t Care Less


So today I’m missing BIB. I miss him every day but particularly so today; Here’s why.

I’m walking in 46th st by the Muse Hotel. I stop because I don’t feel my wallet in my pocket so I do the pocket search thing

and as I  do I’m  staring at a dude standing in front of the hotel door, he’s looking at me  smiling so my brain goes into what’s the deal mode–know him as a contact? no— checking me out? this is new york, who cares, laughing cuz he knows what it’s like losing something, probably—-Then it hits me, had I seen Satan I would have been more pleasant. I move away without acknowledging the guy at all and search for my wallet, I find it—GAWD I hate pants with deep pockets!

So why I miss BIB? Because he would love to give me shit about my chance encounter with the loathsome creature that crossed my path. Every November BIB used to get giddy at the thought of my wife torturing me with xmas movies, he used to make a list and post it so she could see it. I have no idea why he took such joy in my misery but he made sure she knew what was new—he particularly liked to harass me by posting the creatures xmas movie, yes the creature is a so called  actor.

Now I’m a mellow guy as you all know I could have  walked over to him and told him if he was in NYC to make a xmas movie I would give him a wedgie or something but no I just wished BIB was around so I could share the story, why? because as annoying as it would be to me it would have made my friend so damn happy. I guess you’ll have to be happy in his stead.


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  1. classicalgastoo says:
    • msolomon2 says:

      mur uh dat-der commie-pinko-yur-o-peon obama-cares!!!

    • classicalgastoo says:

      This smacks of Isolationism – let the rest of the world deal with it, we’ll keep Amerikka, the Homeland, safe. (Unless, of course, you’re talking about bombing stuff – that’s some fun!)

      Too bad Ebola isn’t something you can just bomb and be done with it, huh RWNJs?

      • Ingrid says:

        Classic, I’ve been so tired of U.S., and associated global affairs, I’ve more or less kept off the Internet lately, not “booting up” (old lingo, I know) my computer for days on end. Just keeping up with all the local and local-international news is scary without end. Now that I don’t have to work anymore, keeping up with the downfall of our civilizations is very painful; although I can escape from all a lot with the help of books and friends. If anything comes along that comes with a suggestion about what I can really do, please let me know, okay? Sorry, I wish I were an optimist. But after all, pessimists are only right about half the time, too.

        • classicalgastoo says:

          Hi, Ingrid. I’m afraid it’s not just the USA that’s dealing with the Uber-right-wing insanity. France, Greece, even Canada is dealing with a Tea Bagger. I wonder if we’re not in a ‘Lemming Cycle’.

          • Ingrid says:

            The lemming cycle it is, indeed, Gastoo. The U.S. of A. seems to be one of the fore-riders, the way it has been with rock’n’roll, McD’s, iPhone, and obesity – good ideas as well as bad ones spreading throughout the world without any checks. The world has not at all been going a healthy route since, what with destroying with the environment while boosting human population. One of the things I do not regret for a moment is not having children.

            • msolomon2 says:

              Over-population is the absolute root of humanities problems too many people wanting/needing too few resources. Stick crony-“capitalism” on top of that yet, total madness. Inevitable disaster. As much as China gets slammed about it, and the particular ways they’ve gone about it I still give them great credit for at least seeing the absolute problem, that population is the root problem. At least they had the sanity to try and seriously address the issue.

          • msolomon2 says:

            I’ll go out on a limb here and say bet it all roots in the same cess-pit of corporatism! Crony-style “capitalism” is the root of the vast majority of bad-politics world-wide.

            • Ingrid says:

              Solomon, any society where “growth” is the absolute positive goal, it is at fault for what’s happening. In an finite world where the temperature is rising, the (human) population is out of control, yet they tell us that growth is a positive thing. Growth = cancer. From the cancer’s point of view though…

              • msolomon2 says:

                That’s exactly it! Our “economists” are fanatical-fundamentalists of the mad-belief in their holy-dogma of infinite growth, which is exactly as you said, nothing but cancer. Cancer is their economic model! Mindless-meaningless-growth. I suspect the lack of meaning being the ultimate reason for this. As the brilliant Ernest Becker showed people latch onto a thing the throw their absolute “belief” onto, to make the “meaning” of their lives. I’ll die but my precious company, my precious wealth will LIVE-ON!!!! FOREVER!!!!

  2. fi says:

    Good news, Lindsay Graham will run for POTUS if there is no one as tough as he is running!
    Oh my, smelling salts please.

    • msolomon2 says:

      Ha! Well who will he look-to for a running mate?!? Maybe take a page from buddy mccain’s playbook? Could bat$hit-bachmann be available!?!

  3. Caller no. 8 says:

    GOP candidate busted for potential voter fraud! The story of Leslie Rutledge

    Warning: Amount of irony in this story may lead to head explosion

    by Brad Friedman


    Indeed. Recommended for the irony deficient. 😉

    • msolomon2 says:

      As always when the reich-wing is screaming about something bad it’s only they-themselves actually doing it. No-where else is there any election fraud but that they-themselves aren’t the very ones doing it.

  4. Caller no. 8 says:

    If You Are Pro-Choice, This Is The Single Most Ominous Paragraph You Will Read Today

    by Ian Millhiser


  5. Caller no. 8 says:

    Leading Senate Candidate: Arrest Officials For Implementing Obamacare

    James Madison warned that, if Joni Ernst vision of the Constitution were ever accepted, it would “speedily put an end to the Union itself.”

    by Ian Millhiser


  6. Caller no. 8 says:

    Defying Spanish Government, Catalonia Pushes Forward Independence Bid

    With Catalan people calling for independence, the region’s leaders “press ahead” with secession vote

    “Rampant unemployment, government corruption and incompetence, and a huge fiscal deficit (the difference between what Catalans pay in taxes and what they get back in government funding) have radicalized many Catalans. Even the traditionally center-right party of Catalan leader Artur Mas, who is spearheading the independence movement, did not openly support independence until a few years ago.

    Add to that a general sense that most Spaniards, far from appreciating the Catalans for contributing more than their fair share, actually despise and ridicule them. Catalans feel humiliated and are furious, and show up in enormous numbers at demonstrations for independence.”

    by Deirdre Fulton


  7. Caller no. 8 says:

    White House Losing Ground in Bid to Keep Guantanamo Bay Abuse Secret

    Federal judge rejects Obama administration request for secret trial and demands partial public release of videos showing force-feeding abuse of Guantanamo captive

    by Sarah Lazare


  8. Caller no. 8 says:

    Students, Teachers Turn Out in Force Against Censorship of History

    Hundreds pack Colorado school board meeting, voicing their discontent and winning a partial victory

    by Deirdre Fulton



    Conservative CO school board member: AP history is wrong, US ended slavery ‘voluntarily’

    A member of the Colorado Board of Education said the United States ended slavery “voluntarily” while defending a revised, nationalistic history curriculum for AP students. Some conservative counties in the state have adopted the new curriculum to protest the current national Advanced Placement U.S. History (APUSH) curriculum.

    by David Ferguson


  9. Caller no. 8 says:

    Obama’s War on ISIS an ‘Epic Formula for Blowback’: Jeremy Scahill

    Through a deadly mix of incompetence, ignorance, and misinformation, “we’ve created the very threats we claim to be fighting,” reporter claims

    “You know, the age that we’re living in now, where there’s this war on journalists abroad by every possible force, and then this war at home, where journalists are being surveilled—their sources are being threatened with prosecution under the Espionage Act—the Obama administration is in league with some of the most ruthless violators of human rights in the world in a campaign against the press.”

    by Deirdre Fulton


  10. fi says:

    I hope this works!

  11. Caller no. 8 says:

  12. fi says:

    Picked this up on Twitter.

  13. Hobette says:

    What a wonderful day full of love I had today!

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