Veterans Day 2014


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  1. Caller no. 8 says:

    Something for Liz.

    Where is Liz?

  2. waverly says:

    Until we meet again Mr. Hole. Once In A Lifetime.

  3. Caller no. 8 says:

  4. Caller no. 8 says:

    I have to go fetch daughter. Maybe catch you guys after dinner.


  5. Got an update on Grumpy Old Dude.

    An update on Grumpy……he had a setback yesterday and his son took him to the doctor…and so, dear Grumpy is on needed bed rest at home for awhile….Grumpy wanted to let you all know how much your comments, songs, posts have meant to him….how much he loves and misses you….and, when he feels better, will be sending me notes for/to those posting songs and comments that I finished posting to him this week.
    I added Rocky Missouri, epazote, Bungee, Blacklace, Aquarius, Ask Tell to all the other names I sent who had commented or upvoted posts about Grumpy. His son said your positive thoughts, well wishes, music, compliments, have been such wonderful tonics for his dad.

  6. Darth says:

    Take that, Capitalists!

  7. Darth says:

    400 protesters In Australia mocking the government’s reluctance to put climate change on the agenda of a G20 summit.

  8. classicalgastoo says:

    Here’s your daily chuckle …

    Jack, this one’s for you! 😆

  9. Darth says:

    I just had to meme this

  10. classicalgastoo says:

    Out for a bit – catch everyone later. Menudo – Yummers!

  11. beatlex says:

    Where is our fearless leader? This thread is getting a bit stale

  12. Hobette says:

    Hey all. We didn’t find Maya’s body today 😦 but our Animal Cruelty Officer (awesome lady) will bring in K9 to search, based on smell of a blanket she slept on. They want to find her almost as much as my Girl & I do, as an autopsy (necropsy?) will be best for successful prosecution of this Felony. She’s also working with police to investigate the theft of my girl’s & grandson’s belongings and return whatever they still have, prosecute for what they destroyed or disposed of. Daughter has a friend who offered a burial site when the cops are finished with her body. We’re everything by the book to bust these evil people.

  13. Hobette says:

    Oh, I almost forgot my application for independent living assistance has been approved! Won’t be long before I have a clean house, help with laundry, grocery shopping, meal prep, etc.–all the things I just can’t do anymore.

    • beatlex says:

      Does the ACA have anything to do with that Hobette?

    • thedood says:

      HOORAY!! {{{HUGS}}} <3!

      • Hobette says:

        I get my own RN, too! I hope he/she is as awesome as you! {{{{HUGS}}}} for you & Clancy from Cocoa Nut & me. ❤ ❤

        • thedood says:

          That’s great! But I hope you never need someone who does/deals with what I deal with! My patients are incredibly sick. Today sucked. My patient, a young guy who needed a lung transplant, who was on ECMO, was told today at the bedside that he was gonna die and there was nothing more we could do. He can not stay on ECMO forever and he can’t live without it and he can never be transplanted, so basically, he has to die. It was really hard not not be too emotional externally. The occasional kleenex might have given me away. They are going to take him off ECMO Monday, after he’s had a chance to see his two young kids, and other friends and family. He won’t last long once he’s off ECMO. His CO2 will skyrocket and his oxygen levels plummet, and he’ll fall asleep….for good. Sometimes, I hate my job. You do a lot of introspection at these times.

          • classicalgastoo says:

            Oh, dood… that’s so hard to deal with. I’m sorry you have to be in the middle of it. We do but what we can, no? {{{Hugs}}}

            • thedood says:

              Thanks! {{{HUGS}}}
              It’s so weird….after almost 27 years, it never gets easier. You do get really introspective. This guy is younger than I. He has a beautiful young wife and two young children. There is nothing more we can do. Every effort will be made to make him as comfortable as possible…whatever he needs, we will give him. He was writing notes to his wife (he’s on a ventilator) about his wishes, who should get what of his belongings, other family stuff. He seemed so calm knowing that in a couple days, he will be “terminally weaned”. But, I feel some comfort in knowing that we will do whatever he needs to make him as comfortable as possible during his last minutes with us. He will NOT suffer. Some of us wonder if He will be able to keep the same calmness once he sees his kids. Maybe he’s in a shock state mentally, it hasn’t soaked in. Then again, they’ve had the “comfort care” discussion before, this was always an unfortunate possibility. He gave it his best shot. It just wasn’t meant to be.

              • classicalgastoo says:

                If it got any easier, I’d worry that you were losing your humanity and empathy. Blessings on you for continuing to help people and retaining compassion. ~sniffle~

                • thedood says:

                  Thanks! Without feelings…we’d be dead I think…at least on the inside! We have a lot of good “saves” too! Those make you feel good for knowing you helped get them over some of the most catastrophic illness….it’s amazing what some patient endure and survive during their long, slow recovery. I’m not sure I would have what it takes…not sure I’d want to endure what some of these people go through!

                • classicalgastoo says:

                  I hope you never know.

          • Hobette says:

            Heartbreaking story. 😦 I could not hold myself together in your job, dearest dood, I’d burn out in days. Bless you for being you! This world needs about a million more just like you. Don’t ever forget you have my e if you ever need an ear, and if you’d like my phone # to talk, you’ve got it–just ask. {{{HUGS}}} & ❤

    • classicalgastoo says:

      Hot damn! I’m so happy to hear that!!

  14. beatlex says:

    +LIVE+ The President down under In a few minutes

  15. beatlex says:

    Anyone here?

  16. Woot, 32 F by Monday!

  17. Hobette says:

    I think I see my couch starting to levitate, so I better move over there & help Nutso hold it down. I’ve got a fresh-baked pumpkin pie for supper tonight. Nom nom nom
    [insert musical notes] Everybody doesn’t like something but nobody doesn’t like Sara Lee !!

    Happy Peaceful Dreams to you all

  18. thedood says:

    Eyelids getting heavy….pup needs to go out….have a great evening all! I’m off to bed!
    Hope Jack shows up soon!

  19. beatlex says:

    When was Jack last here? I think he was here wednesday for sure

  20. Darth says:

    Rand Paul Tries To Skirt Kentucky Election Law
    “Senator Rand Paul, a sort of libertarian, law and order type conservative is trying to circumvent Kentucky’s state that says a candidate can only run for one job on the same ballot. This means that if he does decide to run for President then he has to give up his Senate seat.”


  21. thedood says:

    Okay….so where is our gracious host?? Someone has to restock the liquor cabinet!

    • waverly says:

      Hi Dood, there is a new post entitled Missing Hole, that says it all.

      btw – was at the vet today and saw the cutest little silver lab puppy. He was just so cute and cuddly.

      • thedood says:

        Ahhh…so THAT’s where everyone is! A puppy? Awwww…..sometimes I think I should get one for a playmate for Clancey but I’m not sure two Labs in my apartment is a good idea….maybe….

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