Huff Po Revisited: How AOLanna Huffington Defeated The Online Liberal Community

It’s so easy to tell the who the bad guys/gals are right? I mean they wear dark hats or long black dresses, waxed thin mustaches–the guys not the gals…boris_and_natasha_by_fourpanelhero-d3d494u

…without a doubt they may have a comical trait such as a foreign accent (“Lord knows if it ain’t an Americun twang it’s funny”–troll musing) but you know them for their  dastardly actions not just their words.

Sometimes, you feel sorry for them; they may have had a bad childhood,

smallvilleas so many  good people have-poor little rich kids. You just know they want to be good they just don’t know how–just keep the Kryptonite away from them.

On rare occasion we sympathize with the bad guys– Roy Batty wanted what we all want, the possibilities that come with more time. A killing machine by design he ultimately displays more humanity than the “HUMANS” that hunt him down.Frases_cine_adictamente.blogspot (3)

And we all have experienced the swell guy/gal that comes to a group with their own secret agenda:Troll-face ‘well golly, I just had the swingiest time over at the city dump and I’m not saying that because I work there.’ 

ARIOut of all the Femme Fatales I can think of to cast Arianna Huffington; Cruella De Vil  is probably the closest to the real person. A  power-hungry, self-entitled 1%ter hell bent on skinning some innocent puppies- can you see the parallel? So, why did I pick fictional bad guys as an intro to this post? I think because AH is a sad, pathetic, one-dimensional creature. I must point out the folly in dismissing such a destructive person, like the thousands of Huffington Refugees did in the year of the great HPee diaspora. Face it; like it or not,  if you’re one of them, you were cast out without any consideration for the many years you contributed to the sprawling site; to HP YOU were ultimately the troll that needed to be death with. Over the course of the year since the expulsion, I have seen her policies implemented on other forums–even-though the once thriving website is a shadow of its former-self, thanks to her grand scheme, and yet she still babbles about its great success – UNCHALLENGED!

For about two months, the HP diaspora community swarmed like angry bees, rightly so-I did my fair share angry swarming- on the internet looking for a home. At the onset I tried to focus a few in joining me on a media campaign to tell our stories and why we left HP. I saw the value in  showing SITES like HP that online communities matter. My point was that the realm, as well as other blogs created by former HPeers ARE the alternative to HP, that’s what we needed to show the media—-instead people opted to look for ready-made HP like sites. The problem with that is that they HPers, not having seen what HP was up to for months like we did, they did not realize that ALL those sites are playing the same game HP had been playing all along–they want to MONETIZE at your expense, once they become one of the big boys they’ll toss you in the shitter too. Sadly my efforts, like many things in life, fell apart without support. Like Einstein wrote, “Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”

The road to HP hell begins one badge at a time and with an increasing mob of community moderators–don’t believe me? let me ask you were you one of the many that disapproved of such a system to the point you practically stopped posting on HP years before the fall? Raising my hand. This was the beginning of the end for HP. Feature some comments as PUNDIT master pieces, give a slight reward to posters and watch them fall in line to anything they conditioned you to obey. At least that ( obedience ) was what HP planned when they tried to force the community to use Facebook accounts ( accredited via mobile phone number) to comment. The  LIE was, that much like those toilet sanitized for your protection signs, please  don’t tell me you believe those? HP was acting out of self-interest$$$$, not for the benefit of the community. Switching comments to Facebook is all about  social media integration…FB, HP and such sites  want your personal information, everything about personal life to be catalogued and exploited for revenue.

Here is a short list of sites using FB comments or have eliminated their forums altogether:

LA Times– Facebook and other options

The Business Journals–Facebook and other options


Popular Science–Eliminated comments, WOW! Science shutting down discourse.

Sporting News—–Eliminated comments

USA Today–Facebook

Buffalo News–Eliminated comments

Sun Chronicle- THIS ONE TAKES THE CAKE! it  demands users to register using their names, addresses, phone numbers and a credit card number and pay a one-time fee of 99 cents for activation.

There are many sites using  networked community platforms such as Disqus or Livefyre. These networks are used not only to drive traffic to a site but to those who can’t afford a moderation team it serves that purpose. I don’t think these network alone are the sole solution.

I don’t quite know what to think about those sites that have eliminated comment sections. There are many reasons that come into play, but I think most are content with the  traditional ad revenue they have; so they rather eliminate comment sections than to hire an INDEPENDENT moderation team. At least I applaud them for not following AOLanna’s transparent Facebook get rich quick scheme. Mind you, I was one; if not the only HPer, that supported HP when they sold out to AOL. I always knew that AOLanna is nothing more than a Republican piranha. It was  the community THAT chose to buy into her progressive fairytale. The fact that HP made a business decision was not a big deal for me, it really did not change HP all that much; the beast was what it was–that it was now owed by corporate dogs? As a  one per center WTH was AOLanna supposed to be, seriously?

HP has changed the online comment community landscape-sadly not for the better. As forums adopt the worse aspect of HP, vibrant communities will shut down free discourse, moderation a necessary evil will get out of hand. More Admins will choose alternate ways to, “fight trolls” and Facebook comments may become the default for the top  sites on the net.

AOLanna’s  plan may have backfired as far as HP goes; but it was a roaring success in destroying the progressive community that she was obviously out of touch with.

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    Buzzfeed says it has some reporters live at the scene in DC. Still need to find a link.

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    The Pineapple Express is giving us a spray of pineapple mist. Looks like we couldn’t even catch the caboose.

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    Iraq vet’s parents: GOP Sen. ‘Dr. No’ is blocking bill to help prevent military suicides

    MSNBC host Rachel Maddow called out retiring Sen. Tom Coburn (R-OK) on Friday for standing in the way of a bill that would provide more resources for suicide prevention programs for veterans.

    Watch Maddow’s interview with Hunt’s parents, as aired on Friday. (VIDEO)

    by Arturo Garcia

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    WATCH LIVE: ‘Justice 4 All’ protests underway in Washington, D.C. and New York

    Thank you, Arturo! (and the NBC feed!)

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