Happy Valentines Day


All you need is love

Love conquers all

Love is a many splendor thing

For LOVE rush in where Angels fear to tread—Ok, it’s Fools…to me it’s the same difference.

Valentine’s Day…. If you’re like most it involves a series of predetermined gestures to affirm or to declare to another human being that to you, THEY, among all others hold a special place in your heart. So, it’s a Christian martyr, a John Doe of the catholic church, we have to thank for the multi-billion dollar love industry centered around his death day February 14, what does this say about us? —The story goes, well the most widely accepted version, that he got on Claudius II radar for converting those wicked, wicked hedonistic Romans. Eventually he and Claudius became BBFs, However, being the good little Christian that he was, St.V tries to proselytize Little Caesar and before he could say Marie Antoinette (I’m telling this story deal with it) his head was set rolling along like a chariot’s wheel.

This should have been Omen enough not to create this holiday. Love is the tiniest smear of color in the rainbow of human emotions. We can drench in primary colors the entire human history—prime palette real estate is to be reserved for red. Hate, mistrust, ignorance have awash the world several times over in oceans of blood, those are truly powerful emotions, not everyone can love but given little motivation anyone can hate.

We assign all nobility to this puny ache that infects the soul—So tell me, does it transcends all our experiences when checkout time comes? Do you think when the flesh bag we inhabit is laid to rot that it goes on?

I for one will take and give as much of it as I can while I can still breathe than to gamble my small fortune for some promise that maybe as imaginary as world peace.


My advice, Valentine the hell out of your loved one, if you’re single hang on to the love of your family and friends and be happy because love is a funny thing it means more than just flowers and chocolates, it means that to someone you matter.

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    Pfft, Jack said he would be here for a while, he’s disappeared again!

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