Earth Day 2015

Perhaps we don’t need to be as dramatic as the tree hugger people but we should care about the devastation we are causing our planet—but isn’t this the problem? we think of it as OUR planet. Each generation should consider the brief time we inhabit this fragile eco-sphere composed mainly , the livable  parts anyway, of  water, oxygen, and a mix of heterogeneous elements, we are just renting earth before we move on—we should at least give the next tenants a chance of enjoying  the planet.

Since we first looked-up at the night sky we dreamed of leaving our terrestrial cocoon.  I know that as far as the universe goes this, 3rd rock from the sun is taylor made for us but that’s the old paradigm, we are forever part of Gaia, that’s the new perception that needs to take root—this should please tree huggers 😉

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    Goodnight Realm…

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