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Today I tried writing my zombie post ( posts I begin to write but stop and lose interest). The damn thing is hissing at me again—Obama of course—-one thing that has me stymied, as I do try to be fair—-we are supposed to be fair right? is the thought what is “ the measure of a good man?”
First, I think this topic is out of my league if we define certain boundaries– BTW; I’m using “Man” here as I’m talking about one, maybe two in particular but the process certainly applies to women too– What makes a good man:

Fights against injustice
Is honest
Is a good family man
Is forthcoming
Has integrity and character

Now, now! there’re a million more traits to add and depending on the day I would probably fail most of them; that is the nature of being human but what has me going back and forth on the short list above is the last one. I may fail occasionally one or two items from time to time but, for the most part; no matter what else my moral compass may compromise, the last one is a cornerstone of who I am, I bleed for it mostly to my detriment.

When I consider, my friends, the people I associate with loosely or professionally and certainly when I choose my representatives or leaders. That last item on the list is ever present and it is this very thing that when I think about Obama’s compromises that I can’t get over. I delineated what those things are here ad nauseam–it’s up to you to take an honest look and see if what I said holds water, no doubt your own moral compass will come into play, but there are universal truths I bank on to make my point.

It’s said that,

“Behind every great man there’s a great woman”

Similarly, we can say that behind every GOOD woman there’s a good man, so Obama has that going in his favor BUT 99% of the people that know my wife say she’s a GOOD woman and then there’s me—-yeah, things just got murky for Obama again.

ADDENDUM: By no means I imply superior moral center than anyone, I’m just pointing out what’s important to me.

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