Going Bananas

So, has our society really embraced change or is it all an illusion?
We still see cops killing blacks and just about any innocent person.

The government is still as corrupt and inept as ever.

The middle class had been decimated.

Today, I almost gave a fuck— Two guys walked in the subway car I was on and immediately one of them caught my eyes. He was wearing a banana shirt; yes, I kid you not! it had peeled bananas printed all over it and it was banana yellow. Now I have been on a  banana kick for months now, I eat at least two a day–they are perfect work-out food and they satisfy any sugar craving I get–immediately I thought of the banana post I made a week or so ago–that shirt would have been perfect. I noticed that the guys also caught  someone else’s attention.

It was a mid 30’s woman, I would say  she was African-American,  this lady was actually black not honkette identifying herself as black 😀 , but from the way she was dressed it was obvious she was African. As the guys sat in front of her, she fumbled her cell phone–the damn thing was as  big as an iPad, I don’t get such devices, and tried with a slight of hand to be inconspicuously as she snapped a picture. What she noticed that I didn’t was that they were holding hands. I saw this as I never like to sit on the subway incase the rapture comes–also I was leaning against the door standing next to her seat.

Why take a picture of two guys holding hands? maybe she thought it was cute and she was glad to live in a city that people feel comfortable to be themselves, but as soon as she switched screens and the words appeared in  huge ass text, ” THE HOLY BIBLE” bright white background on black text.  I knew I was going to go off. I could see that she picked some ardent passage— I forget what it was now, but it was a G-d being a tool and all that “I shall kick ass” and stuff.  She pasted the words on a text to be sent after she got above ground.

My thermometer exploded, I began to think what words to say to her, they escape now but I intended to end with something like, “I hope that there is a G-d and he is a vengeful SOB like you loons like to think he is and that he turns that vengeance on you as you burn in hell”—I got issues—I guess  my face betrayed my mood because the two guys were looking my way with some scorn—Oh, crap! they probably thought I was a homophobe or something, then I looked at holy Mary and she had a look of satisfaction–probably thinking how the two guys would be tortured in hell. The two guys kissed probably as a misguided FU to me. I was happy still because I know it revolted her.

This is getting good right? How shocked they were going to be seeing me rip the bible thumper—but alas, it was not so. Lately I’ve been noticing how people feel free to harass, out and politically correct bully other people, just because they think different from the way  they do. It was then I decided not to care because I actually do care. That woman would have gone home and maybe tell her family how an angry guy ripped her apart for being pious, the guys would have gone home and talked about the angry guy they thought was a homophobe getting into an argument with  a religious loon. My wife would think I’m an idiot but she knows how much I hate bullying or injustices so for her it would be just another one of those things.

If the last year has thought us, well me, something is that no matter the social advancements we have seen in preceding years, racism, homophobia and yes religious intolerance are alive and well—all it takes is a spark to set of the fireworks.  We should pick our fights carefully and fight them where they count, on townhall meetings, local meetings, churches, political soapbox and not necessarily on the subway—-although there are times people need a swift kick in the pants no matter the location. I guess in the end I did give a fuck just not in the usual manner.

ADDENDUM: I think from now on I’m going to eat cherries, they’re less controversial.

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