Love Won!


Love shook my heart
Like the wind on the mountain
rushing over the oak trees.” 
― Sappho

As we all know, hatred and ignorance make the perfect marriage for small minds. We call it a decades old battle for same-sex marriage equality–but the battle will never be over but this week a huge win has graced the nation, so it’s time to celebrate.

Mark, Boy In Boycott, I wish you could  have been here to celebrate ( and see me post DISCO, #^$%$) BUT WE’LL DO IT FOR YOU!

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  1. Jack says:

    Here are some good thugs….I mean cops doing what they do best.

  2. Tío Azúcar says:

    The reason black churches remain a target? Because they have always remained a symbol of hope in the darkness of American racism and a source of leadership, political and religious, in the African American community.

    • Tío Azúcar says:

      Though it may seem the black church has always been a part of American culture — as essential as the Fourth of July or “The Star-Spangled Banner” — it was not always so. When human beings were held in servitude and meetings among slaves were banned, founding a black church was considered an act of rebellion.

    • Jack says:

      Indeed. It’s a threatening thing to have self-actualized AA acting on their own strengths to benefit their lives and that of their community.

      What does a bigot have?, HATE, and even as the glue that holds them together is pretty slippery.

  3. fi says:

    Lemon and Garlic Chicken for dinner with rice.
    Ice cream cake and Raspberry sauce for pud!

  4. Jack says:

    I don’t even know what to think.

    First I hope she gets the peaceful passing she deserves, clearly she has been a great mom and even in her last days is thinking about her daughter.

    California Mom Christy O’Donnell Fights to Die on Her Own Terms:

    The thing that filled me with despair is not that she looks to her faith for comfort, nothing wrong with that, but that she is a Christian Conservative. So now that some ridiculous faith based obstruction may keep her from leaving this world peacefully she has taken steps to bring the fight to the politicians AND has “reconciled with her faith” in ending her own life.

    Twisted principles harm our society. Everyone expects their views, their core beliefs to be respected but what do you do when your morality hurts others and what do you do when it impacts your life and that of your loved ones?

  5. Classical Gas says:

    You’re known by the friends you keep…

    “GOP presidential candidate Rand Paul pals around with outlaw rancher Cliven Bundy during a campaign stop in Nevada.”

  6. MSolomon2 says:

    Here’s How Africa Can Fix Hunger Without “Help” From Monsanto

    • Jack says:

      That sort of sustainability is what needs to happen on a large scale. The non-native foods not only are harder to maintain in that eco-system, they do not fit the physiology. Western diets, destroy people’s health.

      • MSolomon2 says:

        but…, but… what about the poor corporates, won’t anyone think about then!?! Oh the humanity!

  7. MSolomon2 says:

  8. MSolomon2 says:

  9. MSolomon2 says:

    Chris Christie runs for president, vows to turn America into New Jersey
    Any-and-all-God(s) protect us!

  10. waverly says:

    Today had a good vibe to it. Then I saw this on BBC. Made my day.

    Saudi prince to give away $32bn

    Saudi Arabian billionaire Prince Alwaleed bin Talal, one of the world’s richest people, says he will donate his entire $32bn fortune to charity.

    • MSolomon2 says:

      Prince Alwaleed is listed by Forbes at number 34 on the list of the world’s richest people.
      – the idea that there are that many people even richer then him, no-one should have that level of wealth it’s just plain obscene.

      • fancykat says:

        I agree MS. It’s disgusting. So many people are hungry in the world.

        • MSolomon2 says:

          exactly! such vast numbers of people without any decent (or none-at-all) housing, no adequate food safe water and these few people who did nothing for it (contrary to the bullshit from the reich-wing about “job creators”) have such monstrous amounts of wealth beyond the fevered dreams of emperors in the past!

    • Jack says:

      He should invest on the realm.

  11. misterx27 says:

    Canada turned 148 today and I worked! No rest for the wicked

  12. Jack says:

    What’s new good people?

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