The world has changed  a lot since the last time Bloom County graced the comic pages on news papers. Perhaps, The  most important change  to a political cartoonist is that  the very medium they used to  spread ideas is just about extinct today.

Sure the Internet does provide a larger audience, but there is just something about the tactile experience in  opening a news paper, the rough, yet pliant paper, the musky smell of ink, I think it was the shared experience we had that can’t be recreated in the pixilated universe.

On Sundays you knew that if you missed the  paper it would be hard to find a copy  the next day and it sure sucked when someone said, “hey great comic strip this weekend”,  now you can just google it anytime. Yes, things  have changed, I guess  we’ll have to be satisfied with the stiff feel of the keyboard instead of paper–the smell? I guess you can light a patchouli candle,  you hippies!

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  1. thedood says:

    Get well soon fancykat!!!! ❤ ❤ ❤

  2. nebdem says:


    Get well soon, FancyKat

    Drats, I missed Most Honourable Fi, last night. Greetings, I hope you are doing well, I trust all is well on your side of the pond?! How is the hubby? How is the King?

    • Lizard says:

      Good evening, Nebdem. Just got back from a kayak group paddle and bbq at the lake. I organized this Orcas Island Kayakers group and we have about 25 members so far. Kind of pooped. Going to sign out soon.

      • nebdem says:

        Good to hear you had an exciting day! Glad I caught you. Get some rest and tell me about the bbq when we speak again!

  3. nebdem says:

    If the Senate were to override the veto, unlikely, but still possible: Iran will become the central issue in the upcoming election. If that were to happen, who would benefit the most?

    Scott Walker has already weighed in that he would dread the use of force to solve the situation, but dog-darnit he would use force on day one.

    Would Jeb get the Bush family name involved again in another Middle Eastern war?

    Lindsey Graham along with the synergy of Sen. John McCain and former Sen. Joseph Lieberman would be prepared to beat the drums on day one.

    Trump, who knows? He has said he will spend a lot on the military.

    Dr. Ben Carson and Carly Fiorina: not certain what they would do, but they need a hawkish stance to gain traction in the event the Senate overrides the veto.

    Chris Christie and Marco Rubio would be hurt by the drumbeat because they offer are more domestic vision if elected.

    Rand Paul will vote against it. Will he be able to make gains is a question, because his approach to foreign policy would be boosted to those within the base that don’t want conflict, but by that time the drums will have drowned out any alternative choice.

    Huck and Santorum will milk it for its religious qualities, they would go along if either were to be elected.

    Kasich would endorse force, his late start may become a boon if the deal is voted down.

    No need to question where Cruz would side. But riding the coat-tails of Trump right now isn’t helping his candidacy.

    Bobby Jindal should follow the Planned Parenthood issue to the ground and fall out of the race, he would still be a winner because his candidacy is ground-breaking in that he is the first Indian American to run for the Presidency.

    Why is George Pataki even running? How will he ever be able to gain ground? This is a real mystery, unless his motive for running is to simply give it a go.

    Rick Perry would be ready to use force, but he should chart a domestic campaign.

    I think that is all of the candidates.

    Given the mood within the Republican Party about how to deal with Iran, if they overturn the veto, how will the sell the electorate on a new war? I don’t think that will be a winning issue.

  4. Classical Gas says:

    Hello, The Realm!

  5. misterx27 says:

    Hey Neb,been a while,how are you?

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