Time To Feel The Bern!

If you expect another post on how Obama sucks, forget it—he’s the Haggis of the political world, period. If  you think this  is a post about the  corporate shill in a pantsuit, nope—those are found in G-ddamn echo chambers, follow their salivated trail and rejoice in the self-flagellation.

Thi post is about the gentleman from Vermont. Post your opinions, objections, why you support him and especially fight the notion that he is not electable—that will only happen if one allows the vocal majority, that inexplicably thinks that  a moderate shill in pantsuit–fine!!!!!! I mentioned her, sue me–is better choice than a Democrat socialist for president.

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  1. fi says:

    Good morning!

  2. fi says:


    • EYES ONLY says:

      HI FI !!..Little Miss SassyPants strikes that pose with the ceiling fan pull-cord..paws up, though..Nope, juuuust out of reach..Howz the Highlands today?….8-)

      • fi says:

        Bathed in sunshine 4 Ayes, how stuff at your end?

        • EYES ONLY says:

          We’re in a mild drought here, FI, even though we’ve had a few fast-moving storms sprinkle on us..gardens look pretty shabby and will get attention today..Flapjacks for brekkie, first….8-)

  3. EYES ONLY says:

    ‘Mornin’, Realmsters!..CAWFFEEEE!!..Nice cool, wet, foggy morning here..(bet Wavey is surprised)..I have a day off work to catch up on domestic engineering..Ben Franklin was wrong about that early-to-bed thing–I’ve reaped none of those benefits..Flipping on the tele and caught the farm report–I know how interested you all are in that–but LostCornIncome.com was talking about a farmer lawsuit against Sygenta for GMO corn seed..So I checked it out..Here’s some snips:


    Syngenta Made Promises to the U.S. Government Which it Did
    Not Keep.
    Syngenta Failed to Timely Implement Stewardship Programs
    Necessary to Keep MIR 162 corn away from other Approved
    Syngenta Minimized its Problems Obtaining Regulatory
    Approval for MIR 162, and Suggested it Had Obtained
    Approval When it had Not
    When the Chinese detected unapproved MIR 162 in export
    shipments from the U.S., China banned U.S. corn, sending its
    price from $7.00/bushel to @$3.25/bushel"

    “The lawsuit alleges Syngenta encouraged farmers to plant the MIR 162 seeds side-by-side with other corn varieties after it gained approval in the U.S., knowing it would be rejected by China and despite the contamination risks of commingling.
    According to literature from the lawsuit, Syngenta encouraged this side-by-side planting process despite the known contamination risks in doing so. The suit claims Syngenta knew that commingling different varieties of corn was a risk during the planting, harvesting, drying, storage and transportation process. Once released, a corn variety will, without adequate precautions, contaminate the broader corn supply.”

    “This represents the third batch of legal battles for Syngenta regarding the MIR 162 corn. In September 2014 Cargill filed its own lawsuit, arguing that Syngenta caused more than $90 million in losses to Cargill over the rejected corn. Trans Coastal Supply Co., which exports feed for livestock, also sued Syngenta, blaming the company for $41 million in losses over the GMO seed.”

    GMO Swiss Bastids!

    • MSolomon2 says:

      all corporate-fascists are pure evil and MUST be destroyed utterly! DEATH to -ALL- corporate-fascists!

  4. EYES ONLY says:

    In related news….8-)

    The Commodity Market Wipeout
    “There is a systemic and fundamental change going on in the global economy and it’s time to pay attention.”

  5. bebe says:

    “But that didn’t stop Trump from attacking Fox after last night’s debate. Trump told reporters that Fox anchor and debate moderator Megyn Kelly had “behaved very badly” and that the questions he received were “inappropriate.” One of Trump’s lawyers, Michael Cohen, went a step further, alleging the debate and the post-debate coverage had been a “setup” by Fox News.

    I personally thought Kelly and her co-moderators did an excellent job with the debate. They were tough on Trump, but they were tough on many of the candidates, and candidates like Trump who are polling as frontrunners often receive somewhat more scrutiny.”


    • MSolomon2 says:

      Wow, I actually agree with trump, sure it was a setup, the faux-noise propaganda-network is so deeply in-bed with the reich-wing corporate-fascist party they’re indistinguishable. And they are afraid of the disruption of trump. He’s got a hold of a chunk of their most loyal low-information voting block, they’re scared shitless of the ramifications of that. He pushes this to the bitter end, goes 3rd party he could break them.

      • bebe says:

        I disagree completely !
        I don`t know Megyn Kelly nor have watched her anytime.
        But in this instance she had every right to ask such questions.

        Uneducated, uncultured man with money.

  6. waverly says:

    What What What ??? Just when you thought Trump could not be any more of a jerk.

    Donald Trump’s disgusting new attack on Megyn Kelly: “She had blood coming from her whatever”


  7. cobaltbluedog says:

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