!!!!!!!!!!! Happy Birthday Bernie Sanders !!!!!!!!!!!!


Is the picture above a bit over the top on the cheesy scale? Perhaps, so why Am I building a fanatical crescendo over Bernie Sanders when I condemn us all for doing that with Obama in 2008?

I still think that the fever pitch fanaticism around Obama’s presidency was and still is counter productive. It created a cultish atmosphere that made it  taboo to question and demand accountability when an elected official strays far from the platform he/she was elected on–unless I’m wrong and every Liberal always thought drilling in the arctic is gitchy as bellbottom jeans.

The danger during this election cycle, if you’re of the mindset that what we have been sold for over 30 years has put corporate profit over American lives, is that DEMOCRATS have fracture into the status quo camp, that favors OBAMESQUE policies, and the more progressive side that demands Hope and Change be more than a trite campaign slogan.

Right now Bernie is doing well not only because his  ideas resonates with progressives but because there is a fringe minority of OBAMAMITES that don’t trust HELLary enough  to see her in the White House (again). If  someone like Joe Biden runs they will run  to what will be  in their minds another Obama administration by proxy.

These are the reason that while I’m a skeptic deep at heart, I think  it’s crucial that we build a fanatical base of supporters around Bernie Sanders.

This is not an election, this is not democracy, this is WAR–one  we must win.

Oh, yeah! HAPPY BIRTHDAY BERNIE!!!!!!!!!!!


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703 Responses to !!!!!!!!!!! Happy Birthday Bernie Sanders !!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. fi says:

    Got stuff to do, BBL.

  2. bebe says:

    What did you say MS ?

  3. Darth says:


  4. Darth says:

    see, this is how the toaster apocalypse starts, people!

    AI robot that learns new words in real-time tells human creators it will keep them in a “people zoo” http://glitch.news/2015-08-27-ai-robot-that-learns-new-words-in-real-time-tells-human-creators-it-will-keep-them-in-a-people-zoo.html

  5. fancykat says:

    The honeymoon is over.

  6. JackInJack says:

    You guys are having such a ball.

  7. Lizard says:

    So, Kim Davis lawyers aren’t totally stupid. They told the Goat Keepers to stay away from them. Rats. I was hoping they’d get thrown back in jail with the wacko woman.

  8. JackInJack says:

    Hold on I’m loading some photos.

  9. JackInJack says:

    Last night 9/11 light memorial

  10. JackInJack says:

    Ok i’m back wut I miss?

  11. fancykat says:

    Nite to the realm and X and always Jack. Peace.

  12. bebe says:

    “There is an earnest, if snappy, aura to Sanders that is laudable and refreshing. One doesn’t sense the stench of ambition or the revolting unctuousness of incessant calculation.

    There is an idealistic crusader in the man, possibly to the point of being quixotic, but at least it doesn’t come off as having been corrupted by money or power or the God complex that so often attends those in pursuit of the seat behind the Resolute Desk.”


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