Load Up On Guns America!

Solemn faces, words of sorrow, after every national tragedy there’s always a new resolve—“this will be the last time” OH, LIBS PLEASE!!!

‘Merica LOOOOOOOOOOVES their Bang-Bang, why pretend it’s otherwise? Year after year the bodies pile a mile high, no one really cares-sure the news puts a good front but to them the bloody bodies of children is just a ratings bonanza.

For CONservatives it’s just another opportunity  to WILLFULLY misrepresent the 2th amendment–nothing would give me greater pleasure than to have the US declare guns illegal for citizens ( we no longer need militias)  per the 2th amendment—will they take on the US military with assault rifles?

AND we have the  people (Liberals, you don’t think I refer to CONservative RIGHT-WINGERS as people do you?)– They will make every logical argument for gun control reform except do anything about it.  What LIBS are really interested in is arguing with idiots online-every lifeless body is just an opportunity to call a gun enthusiast a troll.

Politicians are attitudes not much  different from the LIBS with the exception that they get paid by the gun lobby. Even if their families were slaughtered they would still find a loophole to allow gun proliferation to take place.

Lastly we have the President of the United States of America– Now he is something else ain’t he? Our Constitutional expert POTUS gives great speeches, he must write a draft in advance for the next potential shooting. He’s good, even I shed a tear. The one thing he keeps regurgitating time after time is that he can’t do it alone–you know what he is right  100%. The people need to rise up like  they did for same-sex marriage or Cannabis consumption, so why hasn’t this happened?

One thing that has become commonplace is the notion of “evolving opinions“. Ok my opinion on guns has evolved:

I think that we should all have guns, after all that’s the road we as a nation are heading, the mentally ill, criminals -hell there’s no way to keep guns of their hands as long as they are so readily available.

Politicians: what better way to get things done? “I nearby call this ( NRA sponsored) session of congress in order”

Religious groups, maybe finally we can resolve whose G-d is greater: “PRAISE THE LORD AND PASS THE AMMUNITION!”

I think  a neato idea is slap logos on guns and bullets:

Imagine for breast cancer pink ribbon bullets, New slogan-The Susan G. Komen Bullet for the Cure.

NASA can have Saturn rocket shaped bullets because  science bitches!

You can show your favorite team support–Lets go YANKEES! Bang, Bang, Bang, Bang, Bang, Bang! Lets go YANKEES…

Your favorite pop artist now can be  # one with a bullet, Kanye West  guns that fire only blanks.

I know, I know… we must think of the impact this will have on kids; after all we are a loving society. This will actually be beneficial, for one thing it will thin out the herd-if you can’t be a quick draw then you have no place in growing-up, learning, falling in love or contributing to society. Additionally, it will reduce healthcare cost. Those kids that can’t run fast enough will probably be obese in the future and a drain on the system,  we all can see how much this will save us no?

See RIGHT-WINGERS are right, more guns is the answer.

*Mostly satire except for the Kanye part*


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  1. Lizard says:

    I have this neighbor family renting nearby. They are nice enough but kind of scary religious, Seventh Day Adventists. The boy leaves religious pamphlets under my doormat somttimes…he should be watched. The father’s name is “Buck” and he looks like Ned Flanders from The Simpsons.
    smile emoticon

    Whenever I see Buck the Robot Chicken ending theme song (Les Claypool did this I think) goes thru my head and I can’t stop laughing…Yes, I’m going to hell.

  2. fi says:

    For HH

  3. bebe says:

    “The Washington Post just published a humiliating account of her sluggishness to pay bills from that 2010 campaign. That she stiffed several vendors until January 2015 wasn’t really the damning part: That’s sadly common in politics.

    But The Post reported that one of the people stiffed was the widow of the pollster Joe Shumate, who dropped dead of a heart attack, “surrounded by sheets of polling data” for Fiorina, shortly before Election Day in 2010. Fiorina mourned him as “the heart and soul” of her operation, then neglected for years to fork over at least $30,000 that she owed him.

    Martin Wilson, who managed that campaign, told The Post that he occasionally implored her to settle up. “She just wouldn’t,” he said.”


    • MSolomon2 says:

      for reich-wingers that’s probably all positive shows their devotion to crony-style-capitalism, and “prosperity” gospel.

    • Tío Azúcar says:

      and it’s not that she doesn’t have the money……….. she withheld payment just because she could. What a weasel……………

      • bebe says:

        Then she never paid the widow.
        You said it right SH.5 because she could…she reminds me of Puffi Anna..shameless using people because she can. yikes…

      • MSolomon2 says:

        my experience that is the way the monied-class is, they feel actually letting any of that money out of their hands, it’s like hearts blood to them! Every penny like precious hearts blood!

    • fancykat says:

      “On what meat doth this Carly feed?
      Ambition is her greatest need,
      She’ll pander to slander
      Like each Repub gander,
      Feminism is her hollow reed.

      Rejects climate change like the rest
      And to the Tea Party plays best,
      An unceasing motor
      For a self-promoter,
      And lies with a zeal and a zest.”

  4. waverly says:

    Good afternoon dear Realmsters, Sorry about losing my temper yesterday over that shooting incident with the children. That upset me way too much, and I ended up saying some stupid things, so I apologize. I really love you guys and didn’t mean to make anyone here uncomfortable.

  5. Tío Azúcar says:

    Makes me giggle…………….. 🙂
    Republicans in Apoplectic Meltdown Over McCarthy Gaffe
    There is weeping and mourning and gnashing of teeth on the right. They never saw this coming. The plot was set and they were sure they were on course to destroying Hillary Clinton once and for all after she has eluded them for decades.

    But much to their chagrin, history has repeated itself. Republicans have once again fallen into the grave they dug for Hillary. To say the Republicans are having a meltdown over Kevin McCarthy’s Benghazi truth telling gaffe, would be an understatement.

    • Tío Azúcar says:

      Iatowk • 5 hours ago

      So, it’s either the guy who was Ill prepared and made a fool by Cecile Richards at the Planned Parenthood hearings, or the guy foolish enough to tell the truth about the Benghazi committee?

    • MSolomon2 says:

      Luv it! Couldn’t happen to a more “worthy” bunch!

    • fancykat says:

      There is no putting that McCarthy cat back in the bag. Be prepared to say Madam President in 2017 or President sanders Tio.

  6. Gun problem, what gun problem?

    Woman With Concealed License Permit Opens Fire On Shoplifting Suspect In Home Depot Parking Lot


    • Tío Azúcar says:

      Hey, she was only trying to help…………… just like the person in TX. They shot at a car jacker and hit the driver/victim in the head, killing him. That shooter picked up his shell casings and ran.

    • MSolomon2 says:

      jus needz MOAR-GUNZ!!!!! (so the nra will preach)

    • fancykat says:

      “Time to lose her gun rights before she kills an innocent bystander. Concealed carry is for self protection, not shoplifters.”

    • fancykat says:

      Recycling may at times not be cost effective, but we have an obligation to future generations to get our waste habits under control no matter the cost bebe.

  7. MSolomon2 says:

    Ben Carson—’Never saw a body with bullet holes more devastating than loss of gun rights’
    Ben Carson hosted a version of a Q&A on Facebook on Monday night. He takes questions via AskBen@BenCarson.com and then chooses a few to respond to each night. Last night, he selected a question on Second Amendment rights and his response was nothing short of outrageous:
    “I grew up in the slums of Detroit. I saw plenty of gun violence as a child. Both of my cousins were killed on the streets. As a Doctor, I spent many a night pulling bullets out of bodies. There is no doubt that this senseless violence is breathtaking – but I never saw a body with bullet holes that was more devastating than taking the right to arm ourselves away.”

    even by reich-wing batshit, this is beyond insani-tea.

  8. MSolomon2 says:

    Is this 2015 or 1692? Woman Accused of Being a Witch Fired from Military Dental Clinic

    more batshit “evangelicals”.

  9. MSolomon2 says:

    “Thoughts and prayers” or real action to stop gun violence?

    Tell pro-NRA members of Congress:

    “Your ‘thoughts and prayers’ for the families and friends of victims of gun violence are not enough when your hearts and votes are with the National Rifle Association. It’s time to put your constituents before the NRA.”

  10. MSolomon2 says:

    I Want My Progressive TV! What If MSNBC Dumps the Left?
    The cable answer to Fox News is slowly shrinking from the fight. Can digital outlets fill the void?
    Take the Trans-Pacific Partnership. Media Matters surveyed the major news networks (almost all owned by companies that lobbied for the TPP) from August 1, 2013, to May 10, 2015, and found that on cable, only MSNBC mentioned the TPP with any frequency: 124 times, compared with Fox’s 12 and the Time Warner–owned CNN’s mere two. Of those 124 mentions, the overwhelming majority (103) came from the now-canceled Ed Show.

    excellent and deeply disturbing article, all the big names in “news” are corrupted on some level, even Vice has tainted connections!

  11. fi says:

    World Cup Rugby, today’s results
    South Africa 65, USA 0 !

  12. I think I know which movie you are talking about, Classy. I think it’s Felidae. It’s a German movie. Actually extremely violent:

    • Classical Gas says:

      Good one. 🙂

      • Tío Azúcar says:

        Look at that Blonde………………………………….ES-330!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! There appear to be a couple of tweed Bassmans on the floor near the 330. Plus, that’s an interesting looking amp that the guy with the Les Paul has his feet on. The two tone number, looks to be a Gibson, one of the GA series, maybe a Les Paul amp. Those are great sounding amps, weird build quality but very cool. I’ve got a low powered GA from the ’50’s and it sounds killer!!!

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  15. fancykat says:

    There all quite lively fi.

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