10-21-2015: The Future Has Arrived

In the classic “Back to the future” movie franchise, the date 10-21-2015 is the when reluctant hero and time traveler, Marty McFly, travels to his future to save his past. The future is not a dystopian world like “Blade Runner” or the utopian promise of “Star Trek”  as film about the future  tend to be.

 Instead, if you watch BTF 2, you get a world not too unlike the one we have today. Sure, some of the gadgets have not quite come to fruition but most have and the world of BTF 2015 doesn’t appear to be a wild stretch of the imagination. What I find interesting, beyond the promises of flying cars and hover boards , yes we do have those,  is that  the chaos that started the adventure back in the mid-eighties is alive today in a less comical but far more sinister form- The mid 80’s  Libyan radicals in the film  are dead on with 2015 ISIS counterparts.

Not all is doom and gloom ask any Cubs fan.BTF2  predicted the Cubs would win  the world series,  today they are in the play offs, all they need is a miracle, maybe a time traveler to improve their odds. BTF can serve as a indicator, as science fiction often is, of the possibilities that lie ahead for  humanity, as well as the dire warnings—the choice is ours which future  will we  nurture?

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