The Building On The Hill: A Cautionary Halloween Tale

There is a curious structure standing  on a hill in a far away land; nothing mysterious about it’s composition at first glance, brick, wood, plaster, rattling windows, brass door knobs it seems like fine building- but in life, as it is  often said,  looks can be deceiving.

The alabaster Neoclassical architecture hides the dangers therein.  Many men and women have come through it’s Hellmouth but only a few have escaped with their souls intact. Rumor has it that the structure is damned that the creators   played a sinister game with dangerous alchemy and called upon dark forces.

The people of this far away land believed the place to be benevolent, how we must pity them, only few sought to research, question, to challenge the human skin specters that whispered “I am here to serve you”. Year after year the Hellions of the building on the hill grew more powerful and the inhabitants of the far away land grew weaker and weaker.

The powerful Hellion alchemy poisoned the fine people of this now doomed land. They lost all will to fight back yielding great tracks of land to the Hellion skin specters, even fewer decried when the Hellions burned the forest and slather untold amounts of beast.

Many terrifying calamities were unleashed on the in habitants of the far away land with the building on the hill. One of the most curious came from a coiffed and polished mindless hellion. He told them that he would release his bodily fluids and that the putrid rain that “TRICKLED DOWN”   would bring them  great rewards; almost half a century passed and the most impoverished citizens had nothing to show for it except great dire straits and dispair-Hellions, you know how tricky those dickies can be!

One of the most diabolical Hellions convinced the world that attacking the ruler of a small far away land with no buildings or a hill was the right thing to do, the result was a pungent multi-layered debacle that broke many and took their life savings.

THE PEOPLE FINALLY HAD ENOUGH! They selected a young bronze Knight-errant to slay the Hellions. He would be their champion, he would right all wrongs. His first valiant act against the house on the hill on a far away land was to provide FREE universal wizardry to all who ailed but much to everyone’s bemusement he  let the hellions write the law that was based on a hellion plan. Years went by and the bronze knight-errant  made some moribund attempts to  take power from the hellions but it was all in vain. There are those who feel that the the bronze knight-errant was no champion but under the hellion’s control, how else can one explain that as he did their bidding all he could say was, “I can’t do anything blame the orange hellion!”

These strange people on a far way land with a building on the hill, gathered every four years to elect a new  knight-erran or re-elect  an existing one for two terms.Presently they are in such a process. They are within a hair’s breadth of getting a true champion —no this is not the part of the tale when we all cheer–Another false knight has risen to be the favorite among the deceived, she is a hellion in disguise and has the people under her spell, with a banshees shrill she bombast the people into submission.

Count your lucky stars that you are not a resident of the far away land with the building on the hill, that you have TRUE choices and are able to fight OUR evil hellions, the ones that will unleash on you unimaginable misery, indeed be glad.


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  1. Sub-Genius says:

    I’m beginning to despise Brian Greene.

    • MSolomon2 says:

      uhm… be alittle more cryptic?
      and OH! just was reading that we are promised to learn exactly what happened to Glenn later in the season!

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