RIP National Geographic: Damn Murdoch To Hell!

The Haunting Afghan Girl photo first appeared on the June 1985 cover of National Geographic.

The boobies, I always skipped to the boobies! but if you were a curious boy  National Geographic was more than an “allowed” blue magazine–it was a passport to the world.

The National Geographic Society and their magazine and the have been  a pillar of excellence, I’m sure there were a few hiccups along the way when they didn’t get something right,  since 1888.

The iconic yellow bond cover, the incredible photo-essays and a cornucopia of articles covering human culture have been part of our history, a uniquely American publication. I don’t know if it’s because of free internet boobies or the self-absorption of the smartphone generation OR just greed what prompted the sale of the multi media publication, all I know is that we have just become smaller–people failed journalistic excellence because they have lost the ability to wonder.

Now it’s at the hands of one of the most destructive, anti-free thinking publishers, Rupert Murdock, the  magazine might as well been discontinued. Damn Murdoch To Hell!

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  1. Jack Charles says:

    Did politics kill the page? I just blame it on Fluff.

  2. waverly says:

    Republican debate: tough questions edge Carson and Trump out of limelight | US news | The Guardian

    The populist grandstanding of the so-called “outsider” candidates – notably Trump and Carson – came under more detailed scrutiny than in any previous debate. Trump in particular was challenged over his headline-grabbing promise to round up and eject the country’s 11 million undocumented immigrants.

    Jeb Bush, whose campaign has been seriously flagging in recent weeks as he struggled to find his voice, came out guns blazing in a derisive take-down of the Trump position. “Twelve million illegal immigrants, to send them back, 500,000 a month, is just, not possible. And it’s not embracing American values. And it would tear communities apart. And it would send a signal that we’re not the kind of country that I know America is.”

    Feeling the wind finally in his sails, Bush pressed on. He said that even having a conversation about forced deportation of millions of law-abiding people “sends a powerful signal. They’re doing high-fives in the Clinton campaign right now when they hear this, that’s the problem with this.”

    Ohio governor John Kasich also attacked Trump on his crude immigration plan, insisting: “Come on folks, we all know you can’t pick them up and ship them across a border. It’s a silly argument. It’s not an adult argument.”

  3. Trump said walls work … just look at Israel.

    Yup, we want to be exactly like Israel…

  4. bebe says:

    “There was no runaway winner of the fourth Republican presidential debate on Tuesday night, according to commentators, journalists and pundits who watched. Senator Ted Cruz of Texas drew some scolding for an “oops” moment when he failed to name five agencies he wanted to eliminate, and Donald J. Trump may be remembered for shushing Carly Fiorina. But unlike after earlier debates this cycle, no consensus emerged about the outcome.”

  5. bebe says:

    I had the debate on for 45 minutes and I wasted my time…yawn…Trump became the moderator yawn….

  6. Tío Azúcar says:

    Still thinking about Allen Toussaint

  7. Jack Charles says:

    WAKE ME UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. FOUR EYES says:

    ‘Mornin’, Realmsters!..CAWFFEEEE!!..It sure seems to me that (R)s got a thing for Hillary….8-)

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