Not Amir


Today I had a nice talk with a TERRORIST.

You find them all over NYC, some have fancy carts, and some make you think twice about what you’re about to do. You can get a quick gyro, felafel or a hot dog from the street vendors and yes some even live up to the hype about being “the best.” A lot of people think of these hard workingmen and women as TERRORIST—you hear the occasional idiot say they use the money to fund Daesh or some insane conspiracy theory.

Today I got a falafel sandwich from the local guy. He always greets people, in a heavy Middle East accent as “my friend.” But are we really friends? that would entail, at a basic level, that at least we know something about each others lives–so far our conversations were no more significant that if I wanted a bit more tahini.

He said something like, ‘I don’t see you for a long time my friend’ I explained that I’m careful what I eat because I’m working-out at the gym. Suddenly he looked solemn—It didn’t strike me as if the occasional loss of my $6 was the cause so I asked him what was up.

He told me how worried he is about his health, he’s close to 300LBs he is worried because he has two daughters -he is a dotting father imagine that! from a TERRORIST no less. I said he could get that down with some work and he told me he has tried but doesn’t know how. At 35 he is looking quite old. That could have been the end of that but I pushed myself out of that New Yorker comfort zone that has us perpetually living on the fast lane—we talked a bit more and I asked him about his free time what he ate, he opened up said if he could start a workout regime he would feel better about his life. So I told him that I will write him a basic program the guy looked like he won the lottery or something.

I gave him words of encouragement and I truly feel he can lose the weight and be healthy for his family. To me he was just the Falafel guy today he became Amir.

I think I like my new friend, even if he is a TERRORIST 😉

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  1. MSolomon2 says:

    Inside the Hostess Bankery
    Very sad and entirely telling of just what Murican “capitalism” is, and the reich-wing fight against Unions is all about just more of the same…

    • Jack Charles says:

      “Conveniently though, CEO Charles Sullivan and the board managed to sell their stock before word got out about the bad news. No jail time of course. In fact, Sullivan was brought back as a consultant after his resignation. Enron happened a few years later and at the bakery we were amazed how much attention they got compared to us.”

      Completely disgusting the whole thing.

    • waverly says:

      MS, Question for you – this happened three years ago. What was your reason for posting it now? Just curious.

      • MSolomon2 says:

        It was recommended to me today (no idea why in particular, maybe it’s a software thing that “knew” I’d be interested). I hadn’t read it myself previously.

  2. MSolomon2 says:

    Congress: Reject Pro-Settlement Provisions on Ex-Im Bank
    It’s bad enough that the Export-Import Bank is corporate welfare, crony capitalism supported by Members of Congress in exchange for campaign contributions from the corporations that benefit from this taxpayer-funded subsidy.

    But now some Members of Congress are trying to attach a provision to the re-authorization of the Export-Import Bank that would promote Israeli settlements in the West Bank [1], which former US peace envoy [2] Martin Indyk has acknowledged are the key obstacle to a diplomatic resolution of the Israel-Palestine conflict. The Obama Administration is opposed to Congress passing such pro-settlement provisions.

  3. waverly says:

    Hey CBD – The Washington Post had an interesting article about this comedian you turned me onto.

    How an angry comic who had a coke habit became the Barbara Walters of podcasts – The Washington Post


    • waverly says:

      (Marc Maron is a very interesting character)

      In this age of the soul-baring revelation, Marc Maron is the closest thing the Snapchat generation has to a Barbara Walters. She made her subjects cry. He makes them confess — and it never feels cheap.

      “There’s something paradoxical about Maron,” says “Fresh Air” host Terry Gross, a loyal “WTF” listener and recent interviewee. “His TV and onstage persona is kind of cranky, angry. Yet he’s so intuitive and empathetic as an interviewer. He emotionally commits when he’s doing an interview, and I think that’s one of the reasons why people, like me, feel comfortable confiding in him.”

  4. waverly says:

    Bernie Sanders’s refreshingly sane foreign policy – Salon.com


    • waverly says:

      Sanders talks about the mistakes made by the US orchestrating regime changes in Iran in 1953, Guatamala in 1954, Brazil in 1964, Chili in 1973, and most recently in Iraq.

      He says these types of interferences haven’t worked and need to be discontinued.

      Who has been around long enough (or has studied history) to be aware of the US’s sordid history of overthrowing foreign governments?

      How many reading this are aware of the US involvement in these past atrocities?

  5. Darth says:

    Gonna brine and cook a turkey. First time but I’m confident.

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