Being Human: Apotheosis



We are at the highest point of human development. We live in a technological world that blurs concepts of the human and the  superhuman. No not as in “faster than a speeding locomotive” but the kind that accepts our  limitations or rather looks at them as challenges to propel us into the next  stage of evolution.

I came late into my mothers life, still she managed to pop another after me, by the time I was born  so much had happened she had lived a lifetime-before that; my grandma, who lived a long life, was born into a world  with no cars, no airplanes  no medical wonders—and the idea of a man walking the moon was in the realm of fiction, SHE was born at the zenith of human development, let that sink in.

Humans are nomadic, we come, we conquer and we get bored! The intrinsic desire  to see what’s around the next bend is just more than a biological trait passed along the genes to keep us alive, it’s what makes us against all logic  climb the highest peak then dive head first down the rabbit hole! That’s how we force the impossible into existence.


Apotheosis will never stop as long as we dream if we don’t snuff ourselves out, now that would be unforgivable.

Maybe it’s all a resurrection.

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