Death Of The American Hermit

Hey, there don’t shed a tear for the good old boy, he lived a  good life. He hunted squirrels, stole the bee’s Buckwheat nectar, many a night he gazed at the milky way  with a wandering eye, in summer he swam naked in the ponds, in winter he thrived by the undulating warmth of his hearth.  He lived by nature’s laws-not man’s.

Of course, he is nothing but a romantic, fictionalized version some have of the American  spirit; a selfish one at that. The truth is that for  humanity to persist

….we cannot live engrossed  in ourselves anymore, there’s no room for self-interest….

Those seeking to promote themselves and their interest have conned far too many people into acting against their own benefit; THEY  have coopted science, the media and now control the narrative. THEY are slowly projecting a vision that it’s better to be selfish, to take away from the needy, to deny science and our own humanity, this is for their own self-interest, not mine, not yours, not even for the ignorant masses that support THEM.

So why does it seem that THEY are winning? Simply put, because when THEY took to their soapboxes, when they cracked open their checkbooks, when THEY pitted us against each other we let them go unchallenged. One insane ideology has taken root that has a lot of us purporting that it’s better to be ruled by our own version of “THEY” than to  question, challenge and demand from our own to FIGHT, to represent us ALL equally. We must look at our OWN’s history, actions, more than ever-we must not capitulate to the herd mentality.

We need to think beyond ourselves-if not, then  go into the wilderness, be an American hermit. The rest of us will think of you as quaint, romantic but oh! so tragic antiquated figures.

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  1. fancykat says:

    When I was a child my mother played this every day. Can’t remember who sang it.

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