Democratic Debate

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  1. bebe says:

    David Bowie’s death has brought the legendary rocker a trophy he never had in life: a No. 1 album on the American chart.

    Mr. Bowie’s latest album, “Blackstar” (ISO/Columbia), was released just two days before his death, and by the end of its first week on sale it sold 174,000 copies in the United States, according to Nielsen data reported by Billboard. That was enough to take it to No. 1 on Billboard’s chart, bumping Adele’s “25” to No. 2 after a seven-week run at the top. Mr. Bowie has had numerous Top 10 albums over the years, but the closest he had come to No. 1 was second place for his last album, “The Next Day,” in 2013.

  2. waverly says:

    Jack, thanks for the Democratic debate post. More people need to see this. I am ecstatic to see your support.

  3. waverly says:

    Sanders Thrives in Democratic Debate, Despite Sharp Attacks by Clinton – NBC News

    CHARLESTON, South Carolina — Bernie Sanders shined in Sunday night’s Democratic debate here, at times overpowering Hillary Clinton in a format she typically controls. With polls showing Clinton on the ropes in Iowa and New Hampshire, Sanders’ strong performance may have further imperiled Clinton’s once-inevitable path to her party’s presidential nomination.

    Touting his surging poll numbers in the two key early states, Sanders was prepared and in command throughout the two-hour debate sponsored by NBC News and YouTube. In previous appearances, Clinton has easily dominated the stage. But turning in his strongest debate performance yet, Sanders drove the conversation – brushing aside her attacks as he doggedly returned to his core message of political revolution.

    • ALOE VERA says:

      Hee-hee 😀
      How’s the weather down there, 3y3s ? Our high yesterday was -2, WC -20.
      I HATE WINTER !!!

  4. ALOE VERA says:

    Thanks for the youtube link, Jack. I had to turn it off after 1/2 hour last night because of the yelling. It was too much for me to handle just before sleep.

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