Remembering Martin Luther King, Jr.

“Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.”

~Martin Luther King, Jr.

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  1. waverly says:

    Why is voting in the primaries important?

    How and when to vote for Bernie Sanders (by state)

  2. Fancy Jack says:

    She’s a keeper:

  3. misterx27 says:

    An old Bowie tune. Pre Ziggy

  4. waverly says:

    Debunking the Case Against Bernie | Alternet

    … A new logical fallacy should be added to the list: Argumentum ad centrum, or the flawed claim that an assertion is accurate because it is from the ideological center.

    The argumentum ad centrum is increasingly popular in politics today, as working-class people all around the world become more and more frustrated with the status quo. The rapid rise of left-wing alternatives to an increasingly right-wing political modus operandi — with Bernie Sanders in the U.S., Jeremy Corbyn in the U.K.,Podemos in Spain, Syriza in Greece and more — has apologists for power on the ropes, desperately clutching for any argument that can beat back the dissent and discontent.

    Nowhere is this more evident than in the incessant liberal attacks on Sen. Bernie Sanders, whose unexpected presidential campaign has, in mere months, taken U.S. politics by storm.

    Columnist Jonathan Chait lobbed a series of argumenta ad centrum at the Vermont senator in “The Case Against Bernie Sanders.” The article, published this week in New York magazine, went viral with tens of thousands of shares.

    The crux of Chait’s argument is that Sanders is too extreme of a candidate, and that U.S. politics is too far to the right, for him to get anything done. It is not until the final paragraph of his piece that Chait, an unabashed Clinton aficionado, makes it clear that he does not endorse “Sanders’s policy vision.” Perhaps unsurprisingly, then, his points perilously teeter-totter back and forth between vapid political tea-leaf reading and baseless condemnation.

  5. waverly says:

    As Bernie Sanders Is Showing, This Country Is Much More Progressive Than You Think | Alternet

    Despite the political division in Washington, the far-right rancor being spewed by G.O.P. candidates, and the contention in the Democratic race over Wall Street, campaign finance reform, universal health care, and how to handle ISIS, poll after poll shows that the people of this country strongly support progressive, liberal and democratic socialist ideas.

    We just don’t like the linguistic packaging.

    On wealth inequality, polls find that “a strong majority” of U.S. citizens believe the current situation is an urgent problem (including one-half of Republicans and two-thirds of independents), and think the current income and wealth distribution is unfair.

    Despite Republican fear-mongering about big government, Americans “favor taxing the wealthy to expand aid to the poor,” and want Congress to rectify this inequalityby levying “heavy taxes on [the] rich” and increasing rates on people making over $1 million a year.

    Americans also support steep progressive reform on Wall Street, with 50% to 58% of likely voters in favor of breaking up the big financial institutions.

  6. misterx27 says:

    Time for bed,Goodnight Realm

  7. MSolomon2 says:

    Just watched Cooties, cute, not great – could have been better with better writing.

    Looking forward to seeing this! The Voices

  8. fi says:

    Morning 🙂

    • MSolomon2 says:

      Except for the gunz thing I’m with him 100% on these. But I can see what he’s saying even there –

  9. fi says:

    😆 ;lol: 😆 😆
    Angry Salmond ‏@AngrySalmond · 8m8 minutes ago
    Announcement of mysterious ninth planet in our solar system may finally offer an explanation for where the fuck Donald Trump came from.

  10. bebe says:

    Morning Fancy !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    PBS had a special on Willie Nelson different artists singing his songs. I had no idea he was so busy being married 4 times have 7 children. Oh my…

  11. bebe says:

    Sarah Palin is really falling apart.

    Even though Palin seemed to have a script, it didn’t help. “He is from the private sector, not a politician. Can I get a hallelujah? Where in the private sector you actually have to balance budgets in order to prioritize, to keep the main thing, the main thing, and he knows the main thing,” she continued.
    Got that? It’s been quite a while since the world outside the Tea Party has checked in on Sarah Palin, but I think it’s safe to say there hasn’t been a whole lot of personal growth. The absolute high point of her rather long, rambling address was the moment when she complained that the United States pays for Middle Eastern “squirmishes.”

  12. waverly says:

    Latest winter storm forecast

    Winter Storm Jonas to Become Dangerous East Coast Snowstorm; Blizzard Watch for D.C., Baltimore, NYC | Weather Underground

    January 21, 2016
    Winter Storm Jonas is kicking off Thursday with an initial round of snow and ice, and will turn into a major snowstorm Friday into the weekend over a large swath of the East Coast. Heavy snow is expected to fall across parts of at least 15 states, with blizzard conditions possible over parts of the Washington, D.C., Baltimore and New York City metro areas. Winter Storm Jonas will also feature strong, possibly damaging winds, significant icing and coastal flooding.

    As of Thursday morning, just over 73 million – or roughly one in every four Americans – were covered by either a blizzard watch, winter storm watch, winter storm warning, winter weather advisory, or freezing rain advisory from southeast Nebraska to the Carolinas to the New York City metro area.

  13. bebe says:

    As a political journalist, you never forget the first time you stop just covering a politician and start identifying with her. The first time you wed your high-minded vision of what politics should be to a real candidate’s perishable breath.

    My first time arrived in 2008. It lasted only a short while. Her name was Sarah Palin.

  14. fi says:

    Now, this is what I call good taste! 😆

  15. waverly says:

    NEW YORK DAILY NEWS Updated: Thursday, January 21, 2016, 7:44 AM

    The National Weather Service issued a weekend blizzard watch for New York City, Long Island and portions of New Jersey — the would-be first major snow storm of the season.

    The storm is expected to dump between 8 and 12 inches of snow and bring 50 mph wind gusts to the region.

    The watch, which extends from Saturday morning to Sunday afternoon, was announced early Thursday morning. Temperatures are expected to remain in the low 30s while visibility could dip to a quarter mile or less.

    Experts already issued watches for D.C. and Baltimore and other parts of the mid-Atlantic, where the storm is expected to do the most damage.

    The system began on the West Coast earlier this week, coming ashore in California before traveling across the Gulf States. It will change into a classic winter storm when it mixes with the cold air gusting in off the Atlantic.

    It’s still not clear exactly where the bulk of the storm will hit once it reaches the East Coast this weekend.

  16. Fancy Jack says:

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