****This Is NOT A Reconciliatory Post*****




YOU! once dared to dream, YOU! fought the RIGHT-WING, CONservative madness, YOU! recognized ( albeit a little bit slow) the destructive force of the Tea Party.

From my vantage point I saw YOU! do this and more, YOU! put logic above fear, YOU! rejected entropy and replaced it with life, YOU! refused to cave to despair, hate, inequality, misanthropy and abject ignorance……YOU! have also changed.

I have changed too. For over a year now my focus has shifted; yes, I agree with YOU! on the million different reasons why the Right’s EXTREMISM: political, religious, socio-economic, gender based, YOU! name it; needs to be met with concise, progressive answers. Like YOU! I recognize this is not a simple issue and I hope that YOU! realize that rainbows and unicorns will not fix a single fuck.

The fact that in every post I see from all the YOU! on the internet be it subtle or in your face YOU! betray everything that you once heralded just.

YOU! need to stop making politicians into G-ds with assholes, they don’t have the all the answers; the very best ones are Shamans, guiding YOU! through the darkness they are your funnels YOU! pour into them your hopes for the future but it’s not enough, YOU! don’t get to sit there and mindlessly ignore the corrupt just because they come under a familiar guise YOU! can’t spit in the face of change because it comes in the form of  Democratic socialism that’s  deep dishonesty,  if this is what YOU! stand for now then YOU! might as well be Debbie Wasserman Shultz.

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    When Jack arrives, will you guys please tell him he has incoming e and/or chat? Also, please tell him it’s news that must NOT be ignored! 🙄

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