Before you put on  your Batman or Wonder Woman outfit; hopefully not the one with the Pointy nipples–I’m talking about the one used on the 1997 movie adaptation of Batman & Robin  ( http://i.dailymail.co.uk/i/pix/2013/11/12/article-2504471-195FFC6400000578-994_634x475.jpg –you pervs!  I’m referring to “Super Tuesday, the day when nearly half the states in the union hold political primaries, caucuses and conventions to determine their candidates for president.”   http://people.howstuffworks.com/super-tuesday.htm

That sounds very Democratic but is it? The notion of the political process most Americans  hold is  that we cast ballots on different political venues as a process to DEMOCRATICALLY nominate our PARTY candidate and eventually  the President of the United States ( chuckling at those who actually say the President of America)  Sure we all are too painfully familiar with the trickery often deployed to  prevent  citizens from casting a vote, yes this is an overwhelmingly intrinsic ploy used by Republicans—not that Democrats haven’t  used it in the past.

What is often not part of OUR political knowledge base is that “SUPER TUEDAY” has a dirty little partner,a creature whose sole purpose is to steal Democracy away from the citizens, here is the part in my rant that you get to  channel the great Ronald “RAYGUN” Reagan and say,  “There you go again- Jack” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OzXPWZ0HKts as I blame the Lib/Democrats.


What is a superdelegate?

Superdelegates are Democrats who are generally former elected officials or high-ranking party members. They differ from normal delegates in that they can pledge their support to any candidate no matter how they state they represent votes. Unlike pledged delegates, who represent a large number of people from their state, super delegates represent only themselves.  http://www.al.com/news/index.ssf/2016/02/whats_a_superdelegate_can_they.html


So what is the problem?  Well SD are insiders that were created by the DNC as a safety net to prevent YOU from voting for someone who is deemed UNELECTABLE by their standards. Most often than not that means someone who does not  play their corrupt politics, it doesn’t always go their way as sometimes someone like Bernie Sanders becomes a SD.


Why do we have superdelegates?

The idea of a superdelegate structure dates back to 1972 and nominee George McGovern, though they didn’t come into being until a decade later. The election of 1982 came at a time when the Democratic Party was still reeling from 1980s disastrous performance of incumbent Jimmy Carter against Republican Ronald Reagan. A group of party leaders proposed the creation of a special type of delegate – the superdelegate – that would shore up any prospective Democratic candidate, help fend off an outsider fringe candidate, and get former high-profile officials more involved in the nominating process. The process favors mainstream candidates and makes the nomination of the Democratic candidate more predictable than that of Republicans. The group of superdelegates also exists to serve as sort of an advisory board in the event of a convention crisis.


This is important so please consider it carefully,

“The process favors mainstream candidates”

This is no twisted machination of the “Jackholian” mind, this takes a lot of power away from your vote, if not in essence rendering it null.

Walt Whitman wrote:

“The genius of the United States “is not best or most in its executives or legislators, “nor in its ambassadors or authors “or colleges or churches or parlors, “nor even in its newspapers or inventors, but always most in the common people.”

If he were here today he would weep at the sad state of current affairs; we have tackled  so many of the social evils that affected him when he was alive, bigotry, inequality, homophobia and made some strides but somewhere along the way we became dogs. Oh, don’t be offended it’s not offered as a pejorative- I forget where exactly, I heard a description that had  wolves trading in their wild nature for a regular meal and the warmth of a human abode thus becoming domesticated. It’s the same thing with us, rather than have a voting system that has us and candidates at odds demanding they show us why we should vote for then, we passively let “insiders” whittle down the field to what favors the establishment.

I’m an odd duck, probably it’s more accurate to say I’m an agent for nonconformity, little wonder I have a great affinity for the downtrodden- I’m by no means a bleeding heart liberal–I don’t believe there are such creatures, just caring individuals living in a jaded world —but one thing I am not is disingenuous and I try, well all have our chauvinisms the hard part is looking beyond that and when I’m ranting I lose track of that, to bring that to every aspect of my life, even here on this platform.  If you look at my previous post you’ll see that I find the Democratic process to be a continuity not only of my ancestors but all Americans, the votes reflect the fears, the hardships, the hope that started not on Plymouth rock, back in the old world but some ancient time when people began to gather, in tribes, in villages —-a vote is the primordial spark of the  human spirit daring to demand equality for all…on a ballot.

Don’t let “THEM” take that away.




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  1. 4E Bern says:

    Obie’s plan:….8-)
    “(H)e’s got to do a couple of moves: No. 1, gotta get rid of Hillary, because if she gets elected, Bill will be secretary general to the UN, not Obama; and then, he’s got to get Vice President Biden … to be the candidate.”


  2. Lizard says:

    Hey, Darth!

  3. Tio Azúcar says:

    Sorry I posted T-Rex and split, wifey walked in and……………………….

    • thedood says:

      No worries!
      Hey…I dumped cable so I’m using a digital antenna and a Roku box now…I’m finding myself watching PBS a little bit more and I caught Joe Bonamassa live at Red Rocks last night…effin’ awesome!
      I see you were on a vacation? Hope it was a great one!

      • Tio Azúcar says:

        Did you see my Vacation ‘gator? Jack posted it. Also we saw an African Great White Pelican. That was a big deal for birders. See flew off course and landed at Ding Darling. You can see her on the Ding Darling Facebook page.

  4. Tio Azúcar says:

    Joe Bonamassa is a great player. Plus, he’s a MAJOR gear hog!!!!!!!!!!! he combs the country buying up vintage guitars and amps. His basic set up is two late ’50s Bassmans @ $8Kish each and two late ’50s Twin $20-30K each. He also buys up Dumble amps, so does John Mayer, @ $60-80K each. Then there are the guitars………………… All that aside, the guy can really play.

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