So Long Four Eyes!

Take it easy he is still alive. The Carbon based life form you thought  was 4E never existed. In actuality he is an ancient member of an intergalactic consortium charged with determining the viability of burgeoning civilizations.


He arrived on our planet after an earlier exploration claimed that our species should be destroyed. Well, being the scientist that he is he decided to see for himself. He landed on out planet some 300,000 years or so and immediately took a liking to our female species–little did he know that there was some incomparability between his people and the hairy earth hominids he liked so much. Many perished because his love force was too strong but this forced our species to evolved. Currently the only side effect is that our women develop KNEE issues if they mate with him

Sadly, 4E study of humanity led to the  conclusion that Humanity is too dangerous to be allowed to spread to other planets. So 2 days ago he left the planet and took 2 humans, Kanye West and  MRS 4E, precisely in that order.

The reason he recommended, as stated in his report, the earth be destroyed was simply:


Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.

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  1. Darth says:

    I was perusing the pro-Hillary bubble earlier. Someone made a comment that Bernie’s college and universal healthcare plans would not be “free stuff”, a favorite line of Clinton supporters, that our taxes would pay for things like this. That maybe–just maybe– we should actually get some benefits from taxation. It’s a crazy concept, I know.

    The reply: “I see it more like “It’s using my taxes for the things YOU need!””

    This sums up the entire experience. I do not recognize the Democratic party anymore. When exactly did Democrats turn into the “I got mine, get off my lawn!” party? Whatever happened to the concept of society? That was supposedly what separated the right from the left, individualism vs. collectivism, right? Either we’re supposed to help people who need help or we just leave them to wither and give them some boostrappy anecdotes and a flag pin.

    These people sound like Republicans. It’s almost like the right wing has gone so far into batshit territory that part of the so-called left has swung over into traditional Republican roles to replace them. Perhaps nature abhors a vacuum, or maybe they’ve been there all along and Hillary is just giving them a voice to express how they really feel. I don’t think it’s very long before they start calling people who actually object to the idea that people should be put in economic servitude with crushing debt for the rest of their lives–“moochers”.

  2. Darth says:

    Anybody here?

  3. fancykat says:

    Nite to the realm and Jack. Peace.

  4. Classical Gas says:

    The FCC is publishing robocallers’ phone numbers so you can block them for good.

  5. Classical Gas says:

  6. Classical Gas says:

    “To the extent that Donald Trump may be killing the Republican Party, Bernie Sanders is doing the opposite — reviving the Democratic Party and imbuing it with a new generation of engaged, optimistic leadership. Bernie Sanders has already changed the current election with his dogged focus on income inequality and economic justice. Sanders’ supporters will change elections and politics for decades to come.”

    • waverly says:

      Good morning Classy good to see you

    • Jack says:

      Not even Bernie will get me to go back to the Democratic party after the elections. The way they have acted this election cycle has been appalling; the stunt Mario Cuomo pulled with HELLary over the $15 hr living wage was just the the that broke the camels back.

      • waverly says:


      • waverly says:

        Sanders: Clinton not fully sympathetic to minimum wage issue – NY Daily News

        Despite her cheerleading on behalf of low-income workers, Hillary Clinton has done minimal work on the minimum wage, her presidential rival’s camp said Monday.

        Clinton joined Gov. Cuomo on Monday at a celebratory rally at the Javits Center as he signed a minimum-wage hike to $15 an hour in much of the state.

        But her Democratic opponent, Bernie Sanders, said she was just jumping on the bandwagon.

        As Clinton joined Cuomo’s wage hike celebration just two weeks before the state’s crucial primary election, a spokesman for Sanders chided her for not fully committing to a similar minimum wage for workers across the country.

        “She has in this instance, as others, tried to pose as someone who is sympathetic to the idea of a $15 (national) minimum wage without actually being sympathetic to it,” said Sanders spokesman Michael Briggs.

        “It’s the same rhetorical shifting we’ve seen from her on other issues like fracking and offshore oil drilling and what to do about climate change and the Keystone Pipeline and trade deals.”

  7. bebe says:

    I already walked where is Jack?
    Good Morning all

  8. waverly says:

    Resources | Wisconsin Vote

    How do I register to vote?
    To vote in Wisconsin you need to be registered. You can register any time up to and including election day. Before an election, you can register in person at your city clerk’s office, or by completing a voter registration application and mailing it to your city clerk. On election day, you can register at your polling place with ID and proof of address.

    You can download a voter registration application here. Mailing addresses for city clerks in all of Wisconsin’s communities is available here. More information on voter registration is available here.

    Where do I vote?
    The election division of the Wisconsin accountability board has an online way to find your polling place simply by entering your address. It works for most Wisconsin communities.

    If this does not work for you, contact your municipal clerk. You can find the phone number in the government pages of your phone book, or look up contact information here.

  9. waverly says:

    The critical Wisconsin primary is here

    USA TODAY NETWORK-Wisconsin will publish frequent updates from around the state all day Election Day to keep you on top of the latest news.

    Meanwhile, here’s a look back at voting numbers in recent Wisconsin presidential primaries in the state’s most populous counties.

    10 most populated counties in Wisconsin:

    Milwaukee County (951,982, as of July 2014)
    Dane County (508,973, as of July 2014)
    Waukesha County (393,936, as of July 2014)
    Brown County (255,072, as of July 2014)
    Racine County (195,371, as of July 2014)
    Outagamie County (181,114, as of July 2014)
    Winnebago County (168,749, as of July 2014)
    Kenosha County (167,604, as of July 2014)
    Rock County (160,451, as of July 2014)
    Marathon County (135,308, as of July 2014)

  10. waverly says:

    Wisconsin Polls open momentarily. They are open today from 7AM to 8PM Central Time.

  11. 4E Bern says:

    Iceland prime minister resigns over Panama Papers revelations

    “After what happened to this country in 2008 we needed honesty, transparency and integrity from our leaders,” Jónsdóttir said. “None of these things have been evident”

    We could use some of that over here….8-)

  12. bebe says:

    Happy 100 year birthday anniversary Mr. Gregory Peck !!!!!

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