My NY Vote!

Means nothing. That is long as the “Super Delegate” system set-up by the DNC stands, no one’s non-non-establisment vote matters on primaries. What we need is wide sweeping reforms, beginning with the elimination of the Electoral College. You may think this is a bit much but once you account for the manipulation of the system, my vote counts in my state, but is devalued in the national pool, of course the presidential elections are just state elections but you knew this.

We ARE a Republic that elects representatives to govern us. This means a “popular vote” does guarantee a candidate will become POTUS  on the popular vote alone–See Electoral College, electors.

So back to my NY vote. I waited for my wife to come home so we could vote at the same time—I just wanted to make sure she did not got all HELLaryBot on me–as if I could do something about it if she did- we did the usual rounds saying hello to people we know, her uncle is a volunteer for The NYC Board of Elections, so as I vote I’m thinking that this vote, for me, is not about PREVENTING HRC from becoming POTUS or about her vapid supporters, party affiliation, any ONE issue that may affect me, this vote is about telling all those I just mentioned to stick it! Their corruption, their polarity, and their ever-increasing shift to the right—I want nothing to do with it. What I care about is the fundamental change in the way people go about electing candidates, this is what a Bernie Sanders would means, a renunciation of pro-establishment politicians, hopefully towards true progressive minded representatives.

As I watch the evening news THEIR message is clear, there is  “NOTHING” Bernie can do get the Delegates needed to close in on HELLary.  Not true, the DESPICABLE SuperDelagate vote is fluid, if Bernie supporters show them that we are not going to give up, Bernie will have a chance to win enough of them.   Never in my life has doing  “NOTHING” meant so much. I hope a lot of people are joining me in doing nothing.


I was witness to the rampant voter fraud happening in NYC.  My neighbors were dropped from the Democratic roster. I heard them complain and I asked what was up.  Apparently they were told that they were not on the roster and could not vote. The official on site said that they probably had not registered for the primaries and was about to send them on their way.

I told them that I would give them the national registry link so they could check.  Sure enough, they were registered. Shortly after we found them on the registry the husband found his OLD registration card. We returned to our polling station and showed both the hardcopy and the online confirmation. The official said he could not allow them to vote because they were not in his book.  Yep, I ripped him one and told the rest of the people online about the fraud happening a lot of them were unaware. The guy asked us to come to the side so we could talk. He told them to fill an affidavit ballot. At this point I knew they were uncomfortable, they are a quiet elderly couple, so I did not want to push, so we were talking about the incompetence, corruption and futility of it all.

There were others talking about it now and one said, ‘you can get a court order’ to grant you your vote. I thought not going to happen, then my neighbor tells her husband get a cab.


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