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  1. waverly says:

    Bernie Sanders said on Sunday that he and Hillary Clinton were heading to a “contested” convention this summer because she will need superdelegates to secure the nomination, a claim that clashes with the accepted definition of a contested convention. He also said that superdelegates who have supported her should switch to him instead.

    • MSolomon2 says:

      If they had any souls they would switch to him, as the only TRUE candidate for The People and nation!

      • 4E Bern says:

        ‘Bout time we had one, too!….8-)

      • waverly says:

        Hiya MS, Bernie represents this century’s first nationally recognized wave of voter rebellion toward the establishment. I believe change must be swift and dramatic. We need sweeping reforms to correct our current broken process.

        The establishment is firmly entrenched but not impossible to overcome. It will happen. It has to happen. More people need a clarification of vision.

    • ALOE VERA says:

      I sent Ron Kind a letter ~ “Shame on you! Every single county in your district voted for Bernie Sanders. You obviously do not represent your constituents! You have lost my vote.”

      • waverly says:

        I’m glad you did Vera. More voters like you need to make their voices heard. I am so happy that Dood went to vote in his primary today.

  2. MSolomon2 says:

    Burning Issues: Pentagon Spending Out of Control? (well DUH!)
    Brian calls for changing this system, and points to presidential candidate Bernie Sanders’ call for an audit of the Pentagon as a place to start.

  3. MSolomon2 says:

    Stop the Republican assault on healthy meals for kids

  4. MSolomon2 says:

    I’ll ‘make their life miserable’: tech CEO bullies low-income vendors by his home
    hope he’s remembered come the holy-day of REVOLUTION!

  5. MSolomon2 says:

    George Takei on Doctor Strange controversy: ‘Marvel must think we’re all idiots’
    I’m with him. It’s a ridiculous non-sensical thing they did. I LUV Tilda, but this is just stupid.

  6. MSolomon2 says:

    Why the future of web browsers belongs to the biggest tech firms
    Changes made to browser standards will make it harder for new companies to disrupt the status quo and cement the power of Google and Apple
    The world has entered the age of giants: giant media companies, giant banks, giant tech companies. Where giants tread, mere mortals tremble, and hope for a day when they will be cut down to size.

  7. Jack says:


  8. 4E Bern says:

    The pitchfork is calling me..Can’t wait for Dood’s report….8-)

    • ALOE VERA says:

      Wha?!? You forsake me for a pitchfork?!
      There better be pictures or it didn’t happen!

  9. waverly says:

    As you guys here at the Realm are probably already aware Florida is for all intents and purposes, a backward reactionary state. They conspired to award Bush the 2000 election for crying-out-loud. Despicable is too kind a description. This prefaces what I have to say today.

    During my rounds while out talking to others, some shared their feelings on the current presidential candidates. (People here don’t even know who Bernie is.). Voters who don’t like Clinton or Trollmp don’t plan to vote. These are the people that need to be reached. Today I talked one person who was not planning on voting to change their mind. I suggested that they “write in” the candidate of their choice. Apparently this suggestion struck a chord. All of a sudden they perked up when I implored them to “make their voice heard”. I realize that this strategy is highly unpopular with the “know-it-all’s” who have a million arguments against doing this. But if it’s between not voting or voting a write-in candidate. I say vote.

    • ALOE VERA says:

      Sounds like sound advice to me, Wave. At the least, they’ll be registered, and introduced to the process. A voter can even write in “nobody” if he/she doesn’t care for anyone else. Not naming names, but a lady who goes by “AV” has done this herself a time or two. 😉

    • Jack says:

      Great advocacy.

  10. fi says:


  11. waverly says:

    This is yesterday’s rally for Bernie at Monument Circle, Indianapolis. Looks like these people are still motivated to have their voices heard. If they can remain engaged than so can I.

  12. ALOE VERA says:

    Oscar the Grouch vs. Donald Trump

  13. Jack says:

    waverly says:
    May 3, 2016 at 9:50 am (Edit)
    Bernie Sanders said on Sunday that he and Hillary Clinton were heading to a “contested” convention this summer because she will need superdelegates to secure the nomination, a claim that clashes with the accepted definition of a contested convention. He also said that superdelegates who have supported her should switch to him instead.

    Maddow has turned into just another corporate owned slave.

    Presidential primaries
    Last updated May 3, 2016 at 4:36 PM ET
    Delegate results
    2,383 needed for nomination · 1,243 still available
    Clinton 2,165
    Sanders 1,357
    Pledged delegates Clinton 1,645 Sanders 1,318
    Superdelegates Clinton 520 Sanders 39
    Pledged delegates are based on state primary results, while superdelegates can support any candidate. Delegate results aren’t final until the convention in July.

    What Maddow and the rest of the despicable no good coward HELLARY supporters want is for Bernie to blow away in the wind so she can have her coronation.

    This is the reason I have been critical of so called pundits. I suggest every time some clown promotes disunity by lying suggesting that the reason they won’t vote for Bernie, even though they like him, is because WE Bernie supporters are vocal, they should be told unequivocally to shove it. I cannot think an instance in that I would turn on the candidate I support because some of my fellow Bernie supporters have degraded themselves ( some have in disturbing ways) to do that would mean that a person is the epitome of a low information voter. It’s a false narrative and is shrouded in dishonesty.

    “And therein lies the crux of Bernie’s case. Since superdelegates are free to change their mind as many times as they want before the convention, the only way Hillary can say 100 percent, beyond-any-shadow-of-a-doubt that she has locked up the nomination is if she wins 2,383 pledged delegates during the primary season. That requires a candidate to win roughly 59 percent of all of the non-super delegates, a high bar given states assign those delegates proportionally. (Unlike on the GOP side, there are no winner-take-all or even winner-take-most states for Democrats.)”

    The media is hyping the “MATH” aspect too much, in fact they use basic math and that’s the problem this is more psychology than math as HELLary is aware from her crushing last minute Obama win in 2008. Maybe they should apply calculus instead.

  14. waverly says:

    (It’s “amusing” to see the disparity between what Bernie says vs what the media say.)

    So says USA Today – 57% of Democrats want Bernie Sanders to stay in the race, polling finds

    Sanders had appeared to pivot last week from trying to win the nomination to amassing enough delegates to influence the Democratic Party platform, but he was insisting Tuesday that he still was in it to win it.

    • ALOE VERA says:

      The media spin against Bernie is almost as egregious as that for Donald. Corporate media is only in it for the $! I wish people would realize this.

      • waverly says:

        Unfortunately too many people are not willing to weigh the evidence and think for themselves. I have been guilty of doing this myself. However, once you have been around long enough, you begin to recognize when people try to rewrite history with bullshit propaganda.

        • ALOE VERA says:

          “However, once you have been around long enough, you begin to recognize when people try to rewrite history with bullshit propaganda.”

    • ALOE VERA says:

      ‘The folks over at liberal-leaning MSNBC interpreted the results this way:

      “This majority support among Democrats for Sanders remaining in the race until the convention may point to signs that Democrats see Sanders as beneficial to Clinton’s candidacy primarily by sharpening her message and making her ready for a general election that will likely be very negative." '

      MSNBC is not liberal-leaning anymore, and their “interpretation” is flat-out media BS spin!

  15. MSolomon2 says:

    god-damn them and their corporate-spin bullshit-LIES!

  16. waverly says:

    I’m waiting for the Dood report. How easy or difficult was it to vote in Indiana today?

    • Classical Gas says:

      Hi there, wave – here’s a good reason to stay engaged…

      This is part of the movement Bernie has been trying to spark. Hang in there, my friend.

      • ALOE VERA says:

        I considered joining when you posted this before, but I decided to wait to see if he wins in November by the will of the people, or loses by the power of corporations and insiders.
        Hiya Sweetie!

        • Classical Gas says:

          Hiya, Sugar! This goes on beyond this election, I see it as a worthy goal, if they can get it going and keep it together.

          • ALOE VERA says:

            I know, it looks very worthy to me as well. But I can’t give money, and my volunteering ability is so limited. Do you think just adding my vote to the membership rolls will help?

      • waverly says:

        Thank you for your encouraging words Classy. When everything you hear is negative negative negative, it’s good to hear people with something positive to say.

        • Classical Gas says:

          It’s rough, I know. Try to step back and see this as the start of something much larger, however this election turns out.

          • waverly says:

            This group of people say they are looking to rally the “Bernie movement” towards campaigning for a new Congress. Yes we need to oust all the cronies from our current Congress. Agreed. But I hesitate to call the people supporting Bernie’s platform the “Bernie movement”. Even Bernie himself would say it’s not “his” movement. The ideas that Bernie is supporting during his presidential campaign are ideas rooted in a true Democracy. A government of the people, by the people, for the people.

            • Classical Gas says:

              I think they’ll grow their own name as they coalesce – in the meantime, it’s an easily recognizable tag line to help people find their way to the group.

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