LIVE Stream:A Future to Believe In Washington (6-9-16)

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  1. Darth says:

    The countries without insane gun violence don’t have a ‘constitutional’ right to own firearms. America stands out in that regard. Food for thought.

  2. Jack says:

    FOOLS! this means she will find her a nice spot in her cabinet OR back stab her like she has done with others. But first I wasn’t her to dangle the VP carrot in from of Julian Castro and Elizabet Warren then toss them aside,

    “Hillary Clinton left the door open to removing Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz from her position as Democratic National Committee chairwoman if elected president. ”

  3. Jack says:

    Well the filibuster is still on—what is it supposed to do?

    • Classical Gas says:

      I’m tired of listening to them beg – beg – to be allowed to make a few tiny changes. Kneepad night.

      • Jack says:

        Precisely. I’m sure they’ll just agree to change the color on the guns or make then go pew, pew, instead of bang, bang.

        The left have become court jesters.

        • Classical Gas says:

          I’m not sold on linking the “Terrorist Watch List” to this, either. It’s a terrible, ill-conceived, poorly applied piece of dreck. Pardon me – a piece of drumpf. Better?

  4. Classical Gas says:

    “On Oct. 30, 2010, Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert held a rally on the National Mall in Washington, D.C.

    Despite the fact that midterm elections were right around the corner, the main goal of the rally was not openly to affect the vote. Instead, the idea was to use satire and comedy to “restore sanity” to the political dialogue in a nation that had become overwhelmed by fear, irrationality, and prejudice. Stewart ended the rally with a “moment of sincerity” where he criticized the polarizing press, the panic incited by pundits, and the increasing inability of citizens to find any sort of reasonable compromise.

    The idea wasn’t to point fingers; it was to encourage a more respectful and productive dialogue among people who hold differing views. It was a historic moment when two of the nation’s most important political comedians publicly intervened to improve the course of politics. There were about 215,000 people at the rally. Two million watched it on Comedy Central live and another half million saw it live via the internet feed.

    It all feels like ages ago.”

    • Classical Gas says:

      This really is a good read.

    • Darth says:

      “If Hillary had joined with Bernie and called for investigations into the many, many, many reported cases of election fraud, the political environment on the left would be drastically different. But rather than deal with the facts, the Hillary camp chose to ignore the rights of voters and describe the calls for fairness as the ravings of lunatics searching for a conspiracy.

      And they were joined by the mainstream media who basically refused to take seriously the idea that there were any significant election irregularities at all.”

      That’s the thing. It’s one thing to lose fairly, it’s quite another to watch a robbery in slow motion and then get slapped in the face for even bringing it up. Yet we’re supposed to forget all that, it never happened. That’s all just crazy talk–‘Hey.. is that Trump over there!?!’ Shiny!

      • Classical Gas says:

        That’s the bit that got to me, too. Peel her hypocrisy wide open for all to see – not that her supporters will pay attention. ‘Cause, ya know, Bernie isn’t really a Democrat. Aaaaaaargh!

    • Jack says:

      Excellent. There is no way to sway them back to reality. Democratic Tea Party they are and Democratic Tea Party they will remain.

      • Classical Gas says:

        I swear, the ones we’ve run into are worse than the RWNJ “Blog Warrior” trolls that used to infest HP.

  5. Jack says:

    Ok I’m not waiting for haggis, she is probably over at fox news. NITE!

  6. fi says:

    Morning, 11am here, 1st chance to use interwebs today, been busy+++.
    Hope all is well in the land of milk and honey.

  7. bebe says:

    Morning is election over yet and Queen Hillary on the throne ?

    • 4E Bern says:

      Spoilt, spoilt, spoilt.. ❤ ❤ & S!….8-)

      • bebe says:

        4 EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE how are Tao, Fiona and the rest, on the lap ? ❤ ❤

        • 4E Bern says:

          Tao, Fiona and Iris indeed ARE on the lap, but they’re going to move and take over my chair when I get up in a minute….8-)

          • bebe says:

            HA..I just knew it ….. 🙂

            • 4E Bern says:

              Oh-oh..Fly in the house, batten down the hatches–Fiona’s on it!..Good time for cuppa-cuppa….8-)

              • bebe says:

                If ever a fly Pomchi is under the bed 🙂

                • 4E Bern says:

                  Ha!–That’s Tao, BB..srsly..Oh, Fiona got it, BTW.. ❤ ❤ & S!….8-)

                • bebe says:

                  Man Tao ? Oh my too funny…

                • 4E Bern says:

                  He is literally afraid of his own shadow, BB..He was a puppy-mill-rescue, so just imagine..We’re sure he has vision issues, so until I get close enough for him to recognize me, he’s ready to escape..His favorite places are my chair, my lap, the bed, the food bowl and hiding in the basement..Fiona stalks him ‘cuz he’s such an easy target–like Peter Sellers and Kato..He’s a lovable sack of spuds….8-)

                • bebe says:

                  Awe 4 EEEEE now he has a happy home , Pomchi was 8 weeks old when i got her from Nashville humane..someone kicked her out from apt, who knows .<3

    • 4E Bern says:

      Exercise?..In the morning??..If I can do stretching without hurting myself, I’m good to go..’Morning, sweetie….8-)

    • Jack says:

      Now find something using stretch bands—got those last week to deal with my injuries—WAKE-UP POMCHI!!!!!!!!!

      • bebe says:

        What injuries, how ?
        I had other issues as well and I want everyone in the world to let me be !!!
        Why is that so difficult ?????

        • Jack says:

          Old injuries MtBike days, I irritated them at the gym. It happens, one gets sloppy in form and BAM!

          That must be a cat talking cuz Pomchi has no issues other than why is her carrots and your gut not served in a timely fashion.

          • bebe says:

            Take care then.
            Mine one foot swollen, no pain was dragged to a foot seogeon, x Ray, now Doppler test then from there..I consider myself to be healthy , hardly any pain, walk Pimchi whenever I want.
            Now people making me sick 😦
            I am wearing a sock in one foot for no apparat reason, looks ugh..

  8. 4E Bern says:

    ‘Mornin’, Realmsters!..CAWFFEEEE!!..Thanks for sending that cold front down here, AV–from 90 yesterday to 65 today–but today only..Looking forward to Bernie’s address tonight..Cuppa-cuppa….8-)

  9. Jack says:

    ‘Time to Get Loud’: Rock Stars and Celebs Aim to Amplify Anti-TPP Fight
    “Whatever you’re passionate about, whether it’s human rights, internet freedom, climate change, or food safety, the TPP is a bad deal for humanity.”
    byDeirdre Fulton, staff writer

    Tom Morello (Prophets of Rage, Rage Against the Machine, Audioslave). (Image: Fight for the Future)
    It’s “the least boring piece of news related to the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) in ages,” according to one campaigner.

    Celebrities including Rage Against the Machine guitarist Tom Morello, punk band Anti-Flag, and Lost actress Evangeline Lilly are mobilizing against the 12-nation, corporate-friendly deal—which has been exposed by multiple analyses as threatening the climate, labor protections, access to medicine, and human rights—with a nationwide series of activism-fueled music events starting next Saturday in Denver.

    “Working people everywhere have had enough,” said Morello in a press statement. “The TPP is nothing short of a corporate takeover of our democracy. That’s why people are rising up to stop it. Corporate lobbyists want to sneak the TPP through Congress quietly; that means it’s time for us to get loud.”

  10. Jack says:

    See I asked Wave to kindly remind me of the link she wanted posted but noooooo!

  11. 4E Bern says:

    Well, since it’s a nice cool day, I went out looking for today’s project–maybe digging up more forsythia roots and replanting, ended up yanking weeds and decided to take a couple pics….8-)

    Clematis #3…

    Spuds in a bucket…

    Strawberries showing lots o’ green, no red yet…

    Blue delphinium…

    Red bearded tongue (creator gets to name them–I call them Pirates to remember this)

    • bebe says:

      What a lovely sight..4 EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE that itself a ten hours job daily…awesome !!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. thedood says:

    Hiya kids…just popping in….ordered one of these last night!!product-page/e1nge/15270e7e-79aa-6876-2d01-95cc78ed30c0

    BBL! 😀

    • 4E Bern says:

      DOOD!..Clancey report!….8-)

      • thedood says:

        Hiya 4E!! Cooling off in the AC! We went to the city dog park this am before it got too hot….he can really stretch his legs there! Still…really sunny and of course, he has a black fur coat, so he heats up fast! We’ll hopefully hit the apartment complex dog park later, if the evening cools down a bit!
        Love your pics…what kind of camera are you using? Great shots! Beautiful flowers!

        • 4E Bern says:

          Hope you’re all adjusted to that hectic schedule, now.. 😎 ..Do they make any kind of lightweight cooling doggie jackets??–I mean, they make remote-controlled beer cooler in team logos…
          My camera is a decade old (at least) Kodak Z710 that I pretty much leave on auto..In fact, the SSDD or SD or whatever-card took a dump–I can take a whole 10 pics at a time!!..
          Thanks on the garden–On my first visit to an arborarium Mrs4E said, “I want our home to be in the middle of all this!” and so here we….8-)

          • thedood says:

            Actually, I do have a doggie cooling jacket for Clancey! You get it wet, and as the water evaporates, it’s supposed to be “cooling”. I’m not sure how good it works…Labs have an undercoat that protects them when swimming….I need to try it out some more, but I don’t want to make him hotter!
            Even though your camera is “old”, it sure takes good photos of your beautiful garden!

            • 4E Bern says:

              Thanks, Dood..Well, I’d ASSUME you’d take it off for swimming, but like for leg-stretching in warm weather it sounds worth trying–if he wears it..GS was over last night fixing PC and we we’re talking about putting anything on the littehs–they either go nuts fighting to get it off or just fall over dead..OK, I should be doing something constructive, now..’Til next time, Dood & Clancey..Cuppa-cuppa…8-)

              • thedood says:

                Oh, he will wear it…I’m just not sure how effective it is with him having an undercoat. And, when he runs, it’s full gas! I’m sure he generates a lot of heat! We just do shorter trips on hotter days!
                I gotta get some things done too….hope to catch you later! I guess there’s a Bernie streaming thing tomorrow? Hope to be here for that!
                Have a great day!

  13. Jack says:

    Ok you, no good marauders….If you see a live feed for Bernie’s speech tonight let me know so I can make-it a page. The one on his site requires a valid phone so I doubt I can post it here.

  14. ALOE VERA says:

    Sec. Clinton said:
    “From my perspective, it matters what we do more than what we say… I have clearly said… whether you call it radical jihadism or radical Islamism, I’m happy to say either. I think they mean the same thing.”
    “I’m happy to say either. I think they mean the same thing.”

  15. ALOE VERA says:

    Wear BLUE Day 2016:
    Friday, June 17th
    “Whether it is your friend, brother, dad, boyfriend, spouse, or boss, show them you care about them and their health by wearing blue. If Friday of Men’s Health Week doesn’t work for you then pick any other day of the year and start a fun Wear BLUE day at work.”

  16. Jack says:

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