Happy 4th Of July!!!

Independence is WORTH celebrating or when it comes to the US the illusion there of. Burn some BBQ, watch a ball game, toss back a few cold ones, follow whatever ritual you have set aside for this day–maybe avoid blowing up a finger or two with fireworks, be safe–But remember that independence has a transitory nature, one must fight for it constantly.

The onslaught against independence  doesn’t always come at the pointy end of the bayonet or the relentless march of a redcoat army, sometimes it comes from societal forces, the apathy of a select few elites coupled with rampant ignorance are more explosive than gun powder and leave longer lasting wounds. Independence demands that WE move away from our own long standing chauvinisms, we need to see the truth in front of us to be truly independent.

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  3. Fancy Jack says:

    So it has come to this?

    Bahamas Issues Travel Advisory To Citizens Travelling To US, Young Males Asked To Exercise Extreme Caution


    Not that I blame them.

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