Happy National Dog Day!



Man’s (WOMIN too! 😉  ) best furball. They come in all sizes, color configurations and temperaments. Maybe it’s selective breeding but just maybe it’s the nature of things reminding  us that besides the percentage differences in genes that separate us as species, we’re not all that different—If you ever met my uncle Felix you would understand.

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456 Responses to Happy National Dog Day!

  1. bebe says:

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO so wrong !!!!!!!!!!!

    No happening they are my friends to…whose stupid decision is that ???

    • Jack says:

      And there you have it! The radicalization of the Democratic party. From Democrats to Neolibs to Neocons.

      • bebe says:

        Oh come on these are all Republicans and Trump is the instigator.
        I am for No Trump ever.

        • Jack says:

          It no longer matters “WHO” any one of us is for; the Democratic party is no more. Currently we have a NEOLIBERAL party masquerading as democratic party, people are hopelessly lost in vain partisanship that they WILL reject the truth.

          One can be anti-Trump I am, one can reject the Republicans, I certainly do. but we SHOULD also call out our own party’s hypocrisy, I always did—now I’m done supporting a party that the constituency refuses to hold leadership accountable, to the Democratic party all I gotta say is Kabutar Ja Ja Ja…Kabutar Ja! For those of you who are so sadly captive by American culture that means—Go, go, go pigeon (as in far away! )

          • bebe says:

            Oh I know well what that means no translation s needed ..you are too funny…and know more than I assumed 😀

            Okay..one step at a time..first I need to make sure Trump loses . Secondly all politicians are hypocrite even the ones you support. I like Dr. Jill from what little i know of her.
            But my vote will go for ” NO TRUMP” Vote Hillary with no regrets

            • Jack says:

              I don’t fault your logic…mine is a yin, yang thing. WE ARE getting Hillary, that outcome is set in stone ( I would love a surprise that puts a progressive in the White House over those two disasters we have running) so for me getting people not to fall for the Obama effect is more critical than who is the actual POTUS.

              I know enough about many things 😀

          • MSolomon2 says:

            1 neo-feudal corporate-fascist party with 2 bickering factions, but they both set aside their “arguments” when it matters! – When the money calls them to serve on bent-knee!

  2. fi says:

    The Vatican has announced their new Director of Communication.

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