How HUFFPO Lost And Won!


IT has bee three years to the date that I posted the video above.  Back then HP;  decided that besides the rampant corporate based censoring, biased moderation staff ( favoring posters based on personal interactions with their staff ) the click and bait format, the endless schemes to monetize ( something that I have no issues as long as it is done within reason)  the out of control CM2 ( Community moderator) System, the ridiculous badge system ( an attempt to brain wash individuals to keep them from straying too far from the conformity of Groupthink ) the automated word censors and one of their MOST useless machinations, forcing the community to connect via Facebook.

The community rebelled. They left the platform en masse; what HP hoped would be a new way to blog turned into the prime example of how websites  alienate their users. HP lost big time, the few paid employees  (Community staff) were ejected, the only thing keeping the place going are the people on the international pages people that for the most part were not aware of the rebellion. This did not need to happen.HUFFPO LOST!

But one has to ask did it really? Look to any website with a comment platform, particular those using Disqus  ( I like Disqus  on small personal blogs, not news aggregator sites ) forums. They seem to have adopted the worst aspects of HP and none of the good. The use of CM2, even worse CM2s with separate community accounts, word moderation and hardly any professional  moderation ( something I feel should be an accredited profession) teams –THIS is prevalent and HUFFPO’s  legacy. HP lost on their turf but won the battle against users outside of their platform. One reason for this is that those sites that took in HP overflow also got the same staff and schemers on board.

So the cycle begins again, the question becomes who will be the next HP and will the community fall for the same trap?


I did a bad job of getting my point across. I think that years after HP the  #1  news aggregator online imploded, mainly because of their own antics, commenting forums are not better off. This was supposed to be a revolution led by the community and instead what has happened is that people have settled for HP clone sites and they have not taken ownership like they did on HP.

This is not particular to HP former members as they have scattered on the internet, I’m talking about comment forums on just about any site—be it an online news paper publication, journal, entertainment magazine. If people put in the time, form communities and help build  those forums, then they deserve a productive medium not hindered by moderation and juvenile tactics to encourage them to post.


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    • Darth says:

      “Green Party candidate Jill Stein and her vice presidential running mate Cheri Honkala were arrested at the Hofstra University debate site today as they protested their exclusion from the second presidential debate.

      Stein and Honkala were jailed for disorderly conduct around 3 p.m. when they were blocked by police officers as they attempted to enter the debate hall, according to Stein’s campaign manager Ben Manski.

      Manski said that it was unclear when they would be released, but they could remain jailed until midnight. The Nassau County Police Department said that it was unclear when Stein and Honkala might be released.

      “The arrest was outrageous and shouldn’t be tolerated in a country that is a leading proponent of democracy,” Manski told ABC News. “They knew that there was the possibility that they would be arrested. Their intention was to enter the premises and bear witness to the mockery of democracy that is tonight’s debate,” he said.

      The Green Party has long complained that the Commission on Presidential Debates attempts to “rig elections” in favor of the two major political parties by excluding third party candidates from debates. Stein and Honkala also planned protests at the first presidential debate in Denver.”

    • fancykat says:

      I hate censorship Jack. Disappointed that PBS did this.

  1. Sub Jack says:

    I feel strong with fluff’s thread killing power.

  2. bebe says:

    The day Mother Teresa passed…people in Calcutta paid homage to her with this song by Rabidranath Tagore…her favorite song ❤

    I need to find the translation..

  3. Sub Jack says:

    Does the little one seem familiar?

  4. Sub Jack says:

    Fancy must be asleep.

  5. Sub Jack says:

    Apparently this is what I saw on my last vacation as there are no sea snakes in the Caribbean.

  6. fancykat says:

    Yuck Jack. Creepy Crawly little creatures. I won’t play with them. Bugs, depending what they are I put outside if they make it in here. Especially lady bugs.

  7. fancykat says:

    I wonder if I would get lonely here or glad not to have neighbors.
    If there ever is an ultimate holiday getaway location, it has to be the island of Elliðaey near Vestmannaeyjar, a small archipelago off the south coast of Iceland, and the enchanting little house on it.

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