Remembering 9/11

That day, long ago,  Extremist tried to destroy America-THEY  failed. That day, long ago,  AMERICAN TERRORISM won.


Whatever the terrorist hoped to do failed, regardless of the poison coming out of  people like Donald Trump we continued to embrace others, we are far from perfect but we reject the hatred that would have us turn on people that on that  day long ago watched in horror as the towers came down because a small cluster  of killers used their religion as an excuse for mass murder.

They failed. Unfortunately opportunistic American  politicianvultures used the tragedy, not to protect us but to hijack our freedoms—the very freedoms the Extremists tried to destroy. The victims of  9/11 were the last Americans to live and die in  the “AMERICA”  that strived to  uphold the freedoms the founding fathers envisioned. We owe it to them not to become insular, Xenophobic, hateful, we need to live for them as much as for ourselves.

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